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Assessment and Management of Seafood Safety and Quality - Current Practices and Emerging Issues
This FAO technical paper compiles the state of knowledge on seafood safety and quality with the aim to provide a succinct yet comprehensive resource book...
Effects of Slaughtering Methods on Protein Denaturation of Frozen Pacu Fillets
In order to gain more understanding of the link between slaughtering and meat quality, M. M. Viegas et al, University São Paulo, evaluated how different...
How Does Slaughter Affect Fish Welfare?
The sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture is becoming a much talked about issue, but how often do we think about how fish is slaughtered? Hannah...
Post-Harvest Handling of Freshwater Prawns
This factsheet by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) gives information on the post-harvest handling of freshwater prawns....
Research Links Pond Production Practices To Yellow Coloration In Catfish Fillets
The yellow coloration in catfish fillets caused by carotenoids does not affect flavor, but many consumers see the yellowish fillets as inferior. Taken...
Reducing Lead Content in Tilapia and Mugil During Preparing and Cooking of Fish
A.M. Abdelhamid, H.M. Emara and Mona A.M. Pekhet, Mansourah University, Egypt, have evaluated the effect of fish treatment with ethylene diamine tetra...
How to Optimise Colour in Tuna?
The high value of fresh tuna is largely attributed to the red colour and firm but tender texture of the thin pieces of raw flesh served as sushi or sashimi....
Use of Antimicrobials to Extend Shelf Life in Fresh Catfish Fillets
Extending the shelf life of fresh catfish fillets would make it possible for catfish producers to increase the length of time in the supply chain and make...





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