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Post-Surgical Analgesia in Rainbow Trout: Is Reduced Cardioventilatory Activity a Sign of Improved Animal Welfare or the Adverse Effects of an Opioid Drug?
This study by Albin Gräns, Erik Sandblom, Anders Kiessling and Michael Axelsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, assessed the effects of an opioid drug,...
Finding a Unique RT-qPCR Assay for Diagnostic Quality Control Assessment of Pathogen Detection in Salmonids
The detection of pathogens at early stages of infection is a key point for disease control in aquaculture. This work by Dagoberto Sepúlveda et al, University...
Biochemical and Molecular Heterogeneity Among Isolates of Yersinia Ruckeri from Rainbow Trout
Enteric Redmouth Disease (ERM), caused by Yersinia ruckeri, is one of the most important infectious diseases in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) aquaculture...
Influence of Developmental Stage and Genotype on Liver mRNA Levels Among Wild, Domesticated, and Hybrid Rainbow Trout
Samantha L White et al, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, examined levels of mRNA in domesticated, wild and hybrid rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) to investigate...
Catching, Handling and Transport: The Implications for Fish Welfare
For many farming practices, the capture, handling and transport of fish is an essential requirement; however with each of these activities found to be...
Improving Fatty acid Composition in Rainbow Trout
Scientists are seeking to improve the health benefits of rainbow trout by using dietary coriander oil along with vegetable oil to improve fatty acid composition...





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