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Cod, Haddock and Whiting: A Guide to Handling and Quality
The aim of this guide from the Irish Sea Fisheries Board (BIM) is to provide practical and contemporary guidelines on the handling and quality of cod,...
Atlantic Cod Actively Avoid CO2 and Predator Odour, Even After Long-term CO2 Exposure
The rising atmospheric CO2 level is continuously driving the dissolution of more CO2 into the oceans, and some emission scenarios project that the surface...
Salt Stratification Determines the Fate of Fish Stocks in the Baltic Sea
In the Baltic Sea, two cod stocks evolve independently. Also the juveniles of two economically important flatfish species, flounder and plaice, live there...
Catching, Handling and Transport: The Implications for Fish Welfare
For many farming practices, the capture, handling and transport of fish is an essential requirement; however with each of these activities found to be...
Breeding Cod More Adapted to Aquaculture
Terrestrial livestock are so different that they often have nicknames, but thousands of farmed fish look so similar that many are surprised to learn that...
Lobster, Cod Benefit from Small-scale Northern Marine Protected Areas
Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasingly implemented as tools to conserve and manage fisheries and target species. Because there are opportunity...
The Regulation of Puberty and Maturation in Cod
FSH and LH are two important hormones which regulate the processes of puberty and maturation. These hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland and are...
Wild-Caught Cod – the Juveniles of the Future in Cod Farming
During earlier trials involving wild cod in captivity, scientists at Nofima have experienced problems getting the cod to eat pellet feed. Nofima, in collaboration...





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