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Haddock Stocks In The North Sea
One of the most important fish in the North Sea, this report looks at haddock stocks and management....
Use of Vaccines in Finfish Aquaculture
Disease is one of the most important limiting factors in aquaculture. Optimal husbandry and general management - including biosecurity, nutrition, genetics,...
Using X-ray to visualise skeletal deformities
By Dave Cockerill, the Fish Vet Group - In recent years spinal deformity has become an increasingly important condition for salmon producers and especially...
Guidelines For The Land Transport Of Fish
From The USDA's APHIS - These guidelines apply to the following farmed species of fish: salmonids and cyprinids. The guidelines may also apply to other...
The Benefits of Fish Meal in Aquaculture Diets
By R.D. Miles and F.A. Chapman, University of Florida - Fishmeal is recognized by nutritionists as a high-quality, very digestible feed ingredient that...
Fish Fingerlings: Purchasing, Transporting and Stocking
From Michael McGee and Charles Cichra - Finding a source of fish fingerlings (young fish) is the first step towards successful fish production. Following...
Collection and Submission of Samples for Fish-Kill Investigation and Toxic-Substance Analysis
Collection and Submission of Samples for Fish-Kill Investigation and Toxic-Substance Analysis - By Robert A. Pierce, Extension Fish and Wildlife Specialist;...
New EC Proposal on Animal Welfare for Farmed Fish
By the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service - The European Commission (EC) has published a proposal concerning the animal welfare of farmed fish to be adopted...





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