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Category: Catfish / Pangasius



Producing Better Catfish The Hybrid Way
In order to help the performance of US catfish farmers, scientists at the USDA Agricultural Research Service are examining breeding, nutrition, genetics,...
Effects of Sangrovit on the Performances of Tra Catfish Cultured in Earthen Ponds
Tra catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) is a dominant cultured species in Vietnam in terms of production. Its aquaculture production in 2011 was approximate...
Comparative Quality of Feedstuffs for Catfish Feeds
The catfish industry has experienced a dramatic downsizing in the last several years in large part because of rapidly increasing feed cost. This increased...
Comparative Genomic Analysis of Catfish Linkage Group 8
Comparative genomics is a powerful tool to transfer genomic information from model species to related nonmodel species. Yu Zhang et al, Auburn University,...
Research Links Pond Production Practices To Yellow Coloration In Catfish Fillets
The yellow coloration in catfish fillets caused by carotenoids does not affect flavor, but many consumers see the yellowish fillets as inferior. Taken...
Essential Oils Enhance Fillet Composition Of Channel Catfish
Lab studies with channel catfish and rainbow trout have found that phytogenic feed additives can help improve weight gain, feed conversion and immunity...





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