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Effects of Temperature, Digestion on the Swimming Performance of Juvenile Chinese Bream
To test whether digestion affected swimming performance in an active forager and whether the possible effects varied with temperature, Jing Peng et al,...
European Seabass Perform Better in Cages With a Big Volume
Although the effects of fish density on the performance of fish have been widely studied, there has been little work done into the effect of cage size...
Farmed Milkfish as Bait for the Tuna Pole-and-line Fishing Industry in Eastern Indonesia: A Feasibility Study
Pole-and-line fishing is considered to be a sustainable method for catching tuna. However, the reliance on baitfish, which are commonly very variable in...
Quantification of Intestinal Trophism in Sole Fed Mussel Meal Diets
The evaluation of intestinal trophism, mainly the mucosal layer, is an important issue in various conditions associated with injury, atrophy, recovery,...
Transcriptome Profiles Associated to VHSV Infection or DNA Vaccination in Turbot
DNA vaccines encoding the viral G glycoprotein show the most successful protection capability against fish rhabdoviruses, write Beatriz Novoa et al, Instituto...
A Sheltered Start Breeds Evolutionary Success: Why the Urge to Find ‘Nemo’ has Helped Fish Diversify
New species are more likely to evolve if parents guard their offspring than if they allow them to drift away on ocean currents to make it on their own...
Identifying Yellow Perch Gender to Improve Production
A plentiful supply of yellow perch was once available in the US Great Lakes region, but that changed in the 1990s. Populations of this Midwest fish-fry...
Sociality Modulates the Effects of Ethanol in Zebra Fish
New findings published by researchers at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering are helping to unravel the complex interplay between...





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