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Category: Other Species of Fish



Dietary Potassium Diformate (KDF) Improves Performance of Milkfish from Mariculture in the Philippines
The milkfish is the most important cultured fish species in the Philippines. In 2011, almost 373,000 t milkfish were produced there (FAO, 2013), around...
Flatfish Conditioning for Stock Enhancement
For stock enhancement, the ideal end product is an individual that can survive in the wild until maturity. Conditioning fish for stock enhancement can...
Salt Stratification Determines the Fate of Fish Stocks in the Baltic Sea
In the Baltic Sea, two cod stocks evolve independently. Also the juveniles of two economically important flatfish species, flounder and plaice, live there...
Amoebic Gill Disease Due to Paramoeba Perurans in Ballan Wrasse
Research by Egil Karlsbakk, et al, Institute of Marine Research, Norway, has found that ballan wrasse may host P. perurans infections. Wrasse may therefore...
Mycobacterium Chelonae Associated with Tumor-like Masses in Farmed Russian Sturgeons
Non-tuberculous mycobacteria responsible for piscine mycobacteriosis usually produce visceral granulomas in both freshwater and marine species. In this...
Bluegill Sunfish Production in Missouri
The bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) is a species of freshwater fish that is native to a large region of North America, from Quebec to Northern Mexico. The...





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