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Hypoxia and Acidification Have Additive and Synergistic Negative Effects on the Growth, Survival, and Metamorphosis of Early Life Stage Bivalves
Low oxygen zones in coastal and open ocean ecosystems have expanded in recent decades, a trend that will accelerate with climatic warming. Christopher...
Early Exposure of Bay Scallops to High CO2 Causes a Decrease in Larval Shell Growth
Ocean acidification has a variable impact on the growth and survival of marine invertebrates. Larval stages are thought to be particularly vulnerable to...
Spatially Explicit Seston Depletion Index to Optimize Shellfish Culture
Cultivated bivalves rely on natural seston for growth and metabolic processes. Because seston is a limited resource, there is a need to better understand...
Diagnostic Method for Assessing the Shellfish Culture Potential of a Coastal System
In the context of resource management and spatial planning, tools are needed to help decision makers assess the potential of coastal areas for various...
Biological Safety of Fresh and Processed Shellfish
This factsheet by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) gives information on the biological safety of fresh and processed shellfish....
A Guide to Fishing and Farming Yabby
The Australian New South Wales government looks at the prospect of farming yabby. Yabby (Cherax destructor) is the best known of the hundred or so freshwater...





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