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Effects of Feeding Fish Dried-Treated Sewage Sludge Part 1: Growth Performance, Feed Utilisation and Chemical Composition
A.M. Abdelhamid et al, Egypt, look at the possible effects of feeding Nile tilapia, silver carp, common carp and African catfish with dried treated sewage....
Replacement of Fishmeal with Microalgae on Common Carp Weight Gain, Meat, Composition and Survival
The use of blue green algae Spirulina in aquaculture has several potential advantages over the production of fish, writes Nasreen M. Abdulrahman and Hawkar...
A Linkage Map of Transcribed Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Rohu Carp and QTL Associated with Resistance to Aeromonas Hydrophila
Nicholas Robinson et al, Nofima, Norway, genotype full-sibling families using an Illumina iSelect array containing SNPs found in transcribed genes, in...
Tissue-Specific Fatty Acids Response to Different Diets in Common Carp
Fish depend on dietary fatty acids (FA) to support their physiological condition and health. Exploring the FA distribution in common carp (Cyprinus carpio),...
A Short Guide to Ornamental Koi Carp
Speaking at the 150th Annual AVMA Convention in Chicago, US, Nicholas Saint-Erne, DVM PetSmart, Phoenix, Arizona, gave an insight into ornamental koi carp....
Infections of Common Carp with Ciliated Protozoans Parasites from Ainkawa Fish Hatchery in Kurdistan Region, Iraq
During Aquaculture Europe 2013, Kamaran S. Mama and Shamall M. A. Abdullah, University Salahaddin, Iraq, presented their study on the ciliated protozoans...
How to Treat Cutaneous Ulcers in Koi Carp
Cutaneous ulcers in koi are one of the most common complaints for which the fish practitioner is called upon, writes Julius M. Tepper, DVM Long Island...
Cryopreservation of Silver Barb Spermatozoa Using Skimmed Milk as a Cryoprotectant
Cryopreservation is a process to maintain genetic material (such as spermatozoa) in subzero freezing. Abinawanto Zuraidah and Retno Lestari, University...





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