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Factors Influencing Ostreid Herpesvirus Mortality of Pacific Oysters
Mortalities of oyster Crassostrea gigas seed associated with ostreid herpesvirus have been observed in many oyster-producing countries since 2008. This...
The Impact of Costal Acidification to the Aquaculture Industry
The aquaculture industry is undergoing a significant change, and one that presents a tough challenge to overcome. In Canada, fisheries along the west coast...
Bonamia Parasites: A Rapidly Changing Perspective on a Genus of Important Mollusc Pathogens
This review focuses on the recent advances in research on genetic relationships between Bonamia isolates, geographical distribution, susceptible host species,...
Epidemiology of Bonamia in the UK, 1982 to 2012
Bonamiasis, caused by Bonamia ostreae, was confirmed in native flat oysters Ostrea edulis L. in England in 1982. This paper reports on the controls and...
Influence of Food Supply on the Response of Olympia Oyster Larvae to Ocean Acidification
Increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide drive accompanying changes in the marine carbonate system as carbon dioxide enters seawater and alters ocean pH....
Risk Factors Associated with Increased Mortality of Farmed Pacific Oysters in Ireland during 2011
The Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, plays a significant role in the aquaculture industry in Ireland. Episodes of increased mortality in C. gigas have...
Oyster Hatchery Techniques
This factsheet by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) gives information on oyster hatchery techniques....
Oyster Culture In Recirculating Systems
David D. Kuhn et al Viginia Tech, have evaluated oysters cultured in a recirculating aquaculture system with zero water exchange for several months. Survival...





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