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Microcells, Mega-science and Bivalves – Biology, Legislation and Epidemiology of Important Diseases of Shellfish
Shellfish aquaculture in its current form has come a long way from the early days of relaying harvested animals from the sea and from practices extending...
The Impact of Costal Acidification to the Aquaculture Industry
The aquaculture industry is undergoing a significant change, and one that presents a tough challenge to overcome. In Canada, fisheries along the west coast...
Are Chemicals used to Maintain Mussel Farm Wood Rafts Potentially Toxic to Mussels?
At the Galician coast, mussels are cultured on vertical ropes attached to floating rafts, which are cleaned in situ with tars or waterproof paints. The...
Molluscs vs. Bacteria: A New Finding on Marine Natural Products Biosynthesis
The gastropod mollusc Scaphander lignarius — a marine invertebrate found in North Atlantic and Mediterranean water— is the first organism, besides...
Updated Technologies Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs For Mussel Seed In Brazil
Helcio Luis de Almeida Marques, Fishery Institute of São Paulo State Agricultural Department, et al, conducted research to improve the uptake of seed...
Mussels Cramped by Environmental Factors
The fibrous threads helping mussels stay anchored – in spite of waves that sometimes pound the shore with a force equivalent to a jet liner flying at...
Pollutants Released by Seafloor Trawling Affect Marine Life
Commercial bottom trawling, the technique of pulling fishing gear across the seabed to catch fish and other seafood, releases pollutants trapped in the...
The Vietnamese Seafood Sector: A Value Chain Analysis
The Asian region is a major supplier of fish products to the EU market. Over the period 2005-2010 in particular, the aquaculture sector in some Asian countries...





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