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US Seafood Naming Rules: Do They Provide Real Guidance for the Seafood Industry?
Reports of product mislabeling are a constant story in the global seafood industry, with many advocating for more strict enforcement of naming requirements....
High Level of Cross Reactivity Between Different Strains of Salmonid Alphavirus Demonstrated in Study
Authors Dr David Graham and Dr Marian McLoughlin have commented on a recent study conducted by the Fish Diseases Unit (FDU) of the Agri-food and Biosciences...
Boston Seafood Show: A Healthy Future for US Seafood Emerging from Challenges?
Seafood is among the most traded food commodities in the world, and growing, writes Øistein Thorsen, trie principal consultant....
UK Fish Consumption Trends and Predictions
The average UK adult is eating more fish than a generation ago. Trend data from the National Food Survey (NFS) and Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS)...
Streptococcus in Tilapia: Implications for Vaccine Development, Field Experiences from Asia
Neil Wendover, MSD Animal Health, Singapore, uses field experiences from Asia to look at the implications of vaccine development for streptococcus in tilapia....
Florfenicol Depletion in Water, Amine From Fillet Tissue After Feeding Aquaflor to Tilapia
Mark Gaikowski, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, US, determines the depletion of florfenicol (FFC) in water and florfenicol amine (FFA), a...





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