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Category: Fish Welfare


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Inflammatory Responses in Primary Muscle Cell Cultures in Atlantic Salmon
The relationship between fish health and muscle growth is critical for continued expansion of the aquaculture industry. The effect of immune stimulation...
Underwater Vehicle Navigation Systems for Net Inspection in Salmon Aquaculture
With a need to guarantee complete coverage of fish cages during an inspection to prevent escapees through damaged net, Per Rundtop et al, SINTEF, have...
Catching, Handling and Transport: The Implications for Fish Welfare
For many farming practices, the capture, handling and transport of fish is an essential requirement; however with each of these activities found to be...
High Level of Cross Reactivity Between Different Strains of Salmonid Alphavirus Demonstrated in Study
Authors Dr David Graham and Dr Marian McLoughlin have commented on a recent study conducted by the Fish Diseases Unit (FDU) of the Agri-food and Biosciences...
Effects of Salinity and Exercise on Atlantic Salmon Postsmolts Reared in RAS
Speaking at Aquaculture Europe 2013, T. Ytrestøyl et al, Nofima, Norway, discussed the effects that salinity and exercise have on the performance and...
Effects of Slaughtering Methods on Protein Denaturation of Frozen Pacu Fillets
In order to gain more understanding of the link between slaughtering and meat quality, M. M. Viegas et al, University São Paulo, evaluated how different...





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