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How a Box Jellyfish Catches Fish
The first feeding study of tropical Australia's Irukandji box jellyfish has found that they actively fish. They attract larval fish by twitching their...
Zebrafish Help with Larger Scale Gene Function Studies
A relatively new method of targeting specific DNA sequences in zebrafish could dramatically accelerate the discovery of gene function and the identification...
Differences in Metabolic Rates of Exploited and Unexploited Fish Populations
In a paper published June 3, 2015 in the online journal PLOS ONE, University of Connecticut researchers Jan-Michael Hessenauer and Jason C. Vokoun, both...
Fish Born in Larger Groups More Sociable
A new study from The University of Cambridge shows that cichlid fish reared in larger social groups from birth display a greater and more extensive range...
Mate Competition Weeds out GM Fish from Population
Purdue University research has discovered that wild-type zebrafish consistently beat out genetically modified Glofish in competition for female mates,...
How to Control Microsporidian Parasites in Shrimp Farms
A type of microsporidian parasite is severely affecting aquaculture in Asia. This report by Dr Stephen Newman addresses best practice in reducing the pathogen....
Warm-Blooded Fish Swim Further and Faster
Fish species capable of warming their body core are able to swim two and a half times faster than those whose body temperature does not change, according...
Effect of Stocking Large Channel Catfish in a Biofloc Technology Production System
The stocking rate of channel catfish in aquaculture can affect production, but what effect does it have on the development of off-flavours in fish flesh?...





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