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Underwater ROVs Making a Splash in Aquaculture
A new remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, has been unveiled that could help reduce costs and improve operational efficiency and yields in aquaculture. Canadian...
AQUA NOR 2015: What to Think About When Setting up a Fish Farm in a Foreign Country
If you want to start a fish farm in another country there are a variety of factors you must think about. Speaking at the Aqua Nor 2015 conference in Trondheim,...
Results of the English Channel Scallop Management Workshop 2014
On 15 And 16 April, 2014 a two-day workshop on the future management of the scallop fishery in the Channel was held in Brixham, England. The workshop was...
Meeting Biofouling and Biosecurity Challenges in Aquaculture
The advent of new legislation in Scotland to protect the marine environment is compelling fish farmers and marine specialists to adopt measures to prevent...
Immunomodulation Properties of Bacterial Meal Grown on Natural Gas Against Soybean Meal-Induced Enteritis in Salmon
The increased use of plant proteins as replacements of fish meal (FM) in aqua feeds may have adverse effects on nutrient digestibility, growth performance...
Improving Biosecurity Through Prudent and Responsible Use of Veterinary Medicines in Aquatic Food Production
The current trend towards increasing intensification and diversification of global aquaculture has led to its dramatic growth, thus making aquaculture...
Boston Seafood Show: A Healthy Future for US Seafood Emerging from Challenges?
Seafood is among the most traded food commodities in the world, and growing, writes Øistein Thorsen, trie principal consultant....
Questions and Answers on the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy
The overall objective of the Commission's proposals for a modern and simpler Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is to make fishing sustainable - environmentally,...





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