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Improving Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide Use in Microalgal Cultivation
This article focuses on approaches to improve ammonia and carbon dioxide utilization in algal cultivation practices to reduce loss of valuable nutrients...
Management of Aquacultural Effluents from Ponds
This factsheet published by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) gives information on the management of aquacultural effluents from ponds....
A Numerical Comparison of Two Approaches to Commercial-­Scale Aquaponics
Dr Mark McMurtry's comparison of the two schools of aquaponics shows that the media-based, 'flood/drain' approach outperforms, by a wide margin, the...
Pollutants Released by Seafloor Trawling Affect Marine Life
Commercial bottom trawling, the technique of pulling fishing gear across the seabed to catch fish and other seafood, releases pollutants trapped in the...
Ranaviruses: Detection, Differentiation and Host Immune Response
Ranaviruses cause systemic infection in fish, amphibians and reptiles. Disease outbreaks associated with ranaviruses have been reported worldwide, and...
Aquaponics: Recycling Fish Waste
Using effluent from fish farming ponds to feed plants while retreating the water naturally is the basic principle of aquaponics. It is also behind an ambitious...
Optimising Returns On Animal By-Products
Protein meal should be allowed back into animal feeds to improve the financial returns on animal by-products in the UK, writes TheFishSite senior editor,...
Biofuels, Biosecurity and Seafood Safety
Danette Olsen of Cawthron Institute in New Zealand explains how research there is improving our knowledge of how algae impact food safety issues in shellfish,...





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