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A Guide to Smoking for Fish Preservation
For many fishermen and fish farmers, especially in Africa, smoking fish is one of the most important and efficient ways of preserving fish when refrigeration...
Assessment and Management of Seafood Safety and Quality - Current Practices and Emerging Issues
This FAO technical paper compiles the state of knowledge on seafood safety and quality with the aim to provide a succinct yet comprehensive resource book...
Maximizing the Contribution of Fish to Human Nutrition
Hunger and malnutrition are the world’s most devastating problems and are inextricably linked to poverty. A total of 842 million people in 2011-13, or...
Fisheries in Transition: Food and Nutrition Security Implications for the Global South
Fisheries and fish supply are undergoing a fundamental structural transition, as indicated by a ten country analysis. Aquaculture now provides around half...
Flatfish Conditioning for Stock Enhancement
For stock enhancement, the ideal end product is an individual that can survive in the wild until maturity. Conditioning fish for stock enhancement can...
Effect of Different Sources and Levels of Some Dietary Biological Additives on:III- Body Composition of Nile Tilapia Fish
In part three of three, A.M. Abdelhamid, Mansoura University, Egypt, aims to investigate the effect of dietary graded levels of Aqua Superzyme, Garlen...
Innovations in Capture Fisheries are Imperative for Nutrition Security in the Developing World
This article examines two strands of discourse on wild capture fisheries; one that focuses on resource sustainability and environmental impacts, another...
What Causes Melanin Pigmentation in Salmon Fillets?
A PhD project carried out at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science has examined the unwanted discoloration, or melanin "black spots", of muscle fillets...





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