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10 Myths about Marine Aquaculture
Not all aquaculture is created equal, but aquaculture in the United States operates within one of the most comprehensive regulatory environments in the...
Labelling Fish for EU Export – What is in a Name?
Labelling for export can be a complicated process - not only do you have to ensure that you adhere to the minefield of legislation, but you also want to...
Eco-Label Conveys Reliable Information on Fish Stock Health to Seafood Consumers
Concerns over fishing impacts on marine populations and ecosystems have intensified the need to improve ocean management. One increasingly popular market-based...
US Seafood Naming Rules: Do They Provide Real Guidance for the Seafood Industry?
Reports of product mislabeling are a constant story in the global seafood industry, with many advocating for more strict enforcement of naming requirements....
Aqua Nor 2013: The Growth of Organic Fish Production
There is a growing demand for organic seafood around the world. While some will question the economic feasibility of producing organically, organisations...
Why Fish is So Good for You?
Scientists of Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Jena University Hospital have decoded the antihypertensive impact of omega-3 fatty acids on a systemic...
Feed Study Examines Effects Of Fishmeal Storage
A study led by Dong-Fang Deng, Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, USA has investigated the effects of storage temperature and duration on the quality of finished...
Attitudes of UK Consumers to Farmed Seafood
With aquaculture providing half of seafood eaten and the industry continuing to grow, research done by Emiko Phillips and Lyn Newton, University of West...





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