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Category: Breeding and Reproduction



Elevated CO2 Affects Embryonic Development and Larval Phototaxis in a Temperate Marine Fish
As an effect of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, the chemistry of the world’s oceans is changing. Understanding how this will affect marine organisms and...
Adjusting Water Discharge Can Boost Salmon Productivity
By adjusting water discharges in ways designed to boost salmon productivity, officials at a dam in central Washington were able to more than triple the...
Effect of Some Commercial Feed Additives on the Structure of Gonads and Microbiology of Nile Tilapia
Tilapia is a popular food fish all over the world and in Egypt it has been raised as food for human consumption for a long time. A field study was conducted...
Maturation and Spawning in Fish
Both male and female gonads undergo marked cyclic morphological and histological changes before reaching full maturity and becoming ripe. This is called...
Producing Better Catfish The Hybrid Way
In order to help the performance of US catfish farmers, scientists at the USDA Agricultural Research Service are examining breeding, nutrition, genetics,...
Escaped Sea Bream, Seabass from Mediterranean Farms: Implications for Sustainable Aquaculture
Sea bream and sea bass aquaculture is already widely established in the Mediterranean basin, mainly reared in coastal net-pen facilities. The rapid increase...





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