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Coastal flooding set to double
The frequency and severity of coastal flooding throughout the world will increase rapidly and eventually double in frequency over the coming decades even...
Why Polish workers are among the European fish industry’s most valuable assets
The prevalence of Polish workers in Western Europe as a cheaper substitute for local labour is a myth – at least within the fish processing sector. As...
Secrets to staying ahead: finding additional ways to innovate
At a time when environmental headwinds and economic uncertainty are leading some companies to slow their support for R&D, INVE Aquaculture, part of Benchmark...
Breakthrough for US aquafeed industry
The recent FDA approval of the use of manufactured taurine in aquafeeds should allow the country's aquaculture industry to grow despite finite fishmeal...
Fish shortage looms large
The decision by Ghana’s Ministry of Fisheries to declare a ‘closed season’ on the country’s industrial fisheries from 1st February to 31st March...
Study backs value of no-take zones
New research suggests the the creation of marine reserves can cause fish to adapt their behaviour in a way that makes them less likely to stray from areas...
New Environmental Focus for Legislation – Plastics
Regulations around seafood packaging are naturally strict due to the speed of its decomposition. Seafood quickly and easily deteriorates due to factors...
Potential Use of Phototrophic Algae as Protein and/or Lipid Source in Aquafeeds
In aquaculture, producers commonly rely on formulated feeds to ensure optimal growth, health and quality of the farmed animal. Fish meal and fish oil from...





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