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Diets for Pond-Raised Red Claw Crayfish
Red claw crayfish have numerous attributes that make the species a good choice for aquaculture, including flexibility in feeding that may allow expensive...
Spiny Lobster Farming in Viet Nam and the Role of Probiotics During Production
Among the seven spiny lobster species found in the waters off Vietnam, Panulirus ornatus, P. homarus and P. polyphagus have been selected for farming because...
Soft Shell Crab Shedding Systems
This factsheet by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) gives information on soft shell crab shedding systems....
Lobster, Cod Benefit from Small-scale Northern Marine Protected Areas
Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasingly implemented as tools to conserve and manage fisheries and target species. Because there are opportunity...
Epizootic Shell Disease in American Lobsters in Southern New England: Past, Present and Future
The emergence of epizootic shell disease in American lobsters Homarus americanus in the southern New England area, USA, has presented many new challenges...
Perceptions of Environmental Changes, Lethargic Crab Disease Among Crab Harvesters
Lethargic Crab Disease (LCD) has caused significant mortalities in the population of Ucides cordatus crabs in the Mucuri estuary in Bahia State, Brazil,...
Researchers Unravel Life Cycle of Blue-Crab Parasite
Professor Jeff Shields and colleagues at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science have succeeded in their 15-year effort to unravel the life history of...
Cultured Aquatic Species - Scalloped Spiny Lobster
Information on the culture of the Scalloped spiny lobster from the FAO Cultured Aquatic Species Information Programme....





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