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Domestic or Imported? An Assessment of Seafood's Carbon Footprints and Sustainability
Research by Anna K. Farmery et al, University of Tasmania, Australia, has found that the distance seafood is transported is not the main determinant of...
Effect of Salting on the Nutritive Value of Catfish
This article by Dr Abdel Raheam H. A. El-Bassir and colleagues from Sudan explores the effects of preserving fish using salt on its nutritional properties....
Tilapia Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa presents a solid marketing opportunity for tilapia producers, processers and traders, particularly in view of the dwindling nature of...
Out of the Frying Pan Into the Air - Emersion Behaviour, Evaporative Heat Loss in Fish
On hot, humid days, you might jump into water to cool down, but for the tiny mangrove rivulus fish, cooling down means jumping out of water, according...
Whale Poop Sheds Light on Similarities Between Carnivorous Whales, Herbivorous Terrestrial Mammals
Scientists looking at the fecal material of 12 Baleen whales of three different species found some surprises. While Baleen whales are carnivores, feeding...
A Long Look Back at Fishes' Extendable Jaws
When it comes to catching elusive prey, many fishes rely on a special trick: protruding jaws that quickly extend their reach to snap up that next meal....
Herring: A Guide to Handling and Quality
The aim of this guide from the Irish Sea Fisheries Board (BIM) is to provide practical and contemporary guidelines on the handling and quality of herring,...
Certified Clarity In Aquaculture - Defined Tiers Could Provide Clearer Framework
Aquaculture certification programs essentially mark milestones on the journey toward more sustainable practices. There is a role for a clearly defined...





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