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Farmed Milkfish as Bait for the Tuna Pole-and-line Fishing Industry in Eastern Indonesia: A Feasibility Study
Pole-and-line fishing is considered to be a sustainable method for catching tuna. However, the reliance on baitfish, which are commonly very variable in...
Large-Scale Deployment of Fish Aggregation Devices Alters Environmentally-Based Migratory Behavior of Skipjack Tuna in the Western Pacific Ocean
Fish aggregation devices (FADs) have been used extensively in the tuna purse seine fishery since the 1980s. This long-term modification of natural habitat...
Australian Fisheries Survey Report 2012
This report from the Australian Government presents estimates of the financial and economic performance of the Commonwealth Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery...
How to Optimise Colour in Tuna?
The high value of fresh tuna is largely attributed to the red colour and firm but tender texture of the thin pieces of raw flesh served as sushi or sashimi....
Global Population Trajectories of Tunas and Their Relatives
Tunas and their relatives dominate the world’s largest ecosystems and sustain some of the most valuable fisheries. The impacts of fishing on these...
The Vietnamese Seafood Sector: A Value Chain Analysis
The Asian region is a major supplier of fish products to the EU market. Over the period 2005-2010 in particular, the aquaculture sector in some Asian countries...
Ocean Tuna Ranching in Viet Nam
In 2011, Viet Nam exported almost US$380 million worth of tuna, up 29.4 per cent over 2010, to 87 countries and territories. Growing demand in the world...
Marine Climate Change in Australia 2012: Pelagic Fish Report Card
There has been increasing reports of tropical species in southern waters, indicating that pelagic fish distributions may be expanding south, according...





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