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Plant-Based Catfish Feeds
This research report contains a brief look at the current status of catfish feeds and is primarily intended for catfish producers and feed formulators...
Fish Nutrition, Aquafeeds and Companion Animal Nutrition in Ontario: Building on Half a Century of Tradition and Cutting-Edge R&D
Over the past 50 years, the University of Guelph has gained an enviable reputation, nationally and internationally, for its innovative research programs...
Mycotoxins and their Economic Impact on Aquaculture
The use of plant-based proteins as alternatives to fishmeal raises the risk of mycotoxin exposure, with possible repercussions on the bottomline, writes...
Effects of Two Environmental Best Management Practices on Pond Water, Effluent Quality and Growth of Nile Tilapia
The trajectory of aquaculture growth in sub-Saharan Africa has necessitated closer attention to the use of environmental best management practices (BMPs)....
Visual Thresholds for Feeding and Optimum Light Intensity for Larval Rearing of Asian Seabass
This study by Yukinori Mukai, International Islamic University Malaysia, and Leong Seng Lim, University Malaysia Sabah, examined the retinomotor responses...
Effect of Incorporating “OXYDOL®” in White Shrimp Farming Ponds Over Production and Physical-Chemical Parameters
Marcelo Atehortua Herrera , Zootechnical Veterinarian Doctor (BIOPHARM S.A. ) looks at the effect of incorporating “OXYDOL®” in white shrimp farming...





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