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Effect of Different Sources and Levels of some Dietary Biological Additives on: IV- Immunity and Haematology of Nile Tilapia Fish
This study by A. M. Abdelhamid et al, Al-Mansourah University, Egypt, aimed to investigate the effect of dietary graded levels of three pre-and probiotics...
Tissue-Specific Fatty Acids Response to Different Diets in Common Carp
Fish depend on dietary fatty acids (FA) to support their physiological condition and health. Exploring the FA distribution in common carp (Cyprinus carpio),...
Substitution of Dietary Fish Oil with Plant Oils is Associated with Shortened Mid Intestinal Folds in Atlantic Salmon
Torfinn Moldal et al, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, investigated the intestinal health in Atlantic salmon fed with different vegetable oils as partial...
Fishmeal-Free Feeds for Hybrid Tilapia
A series of experiments showed that fishmeal is not an essential ingredient in tilapia feeds and that plant protein-based diets can yield results similar...
Effect of Pawpaw Seeds Powder in Nile Tilapia Diet
The objective of the present study was to determine the effects of dietary inclusion of different levels of pawpaw seeds powder (PSP) at different periods...
Dietary Potassium Diformate (KDF) Improves Performance of Milkfish from Mariculture in the Philippines
The milkfish is the most important cultured fish species in the Philippines. In 2011, almost 373,000 t milkfish were produced there (FAO, 2013), around...





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