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Category: Biosecurity and Hygiene


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Tilapia Could Enhance Water Conditions, Help Control EMS in Shrimp Ponds
Anecdotal reports have indicated polyculture and biofloc systems can reduce outbreaks of diseases at shrimp farms. A laboratory study at the University...
Biosecurity on the Farm – Guidelines & Resources for Developing a Biosecurity Plan
Aquatic farmers face enormous pressure from native and exotic disease-causing organisms, or pathogens. Infection and disease can invade from multiple sources–water,...
Risk Factors Associated with Increased Mortality of Farmed Pacific Oysters in Ireland during 2011
The Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, plays a significant role in the aquaculture industry in Ireland. Episodes of increased mortality in C. gigas have...
Whirling Disease Dynamics: An Analysis of Intervention Strategies
Whirling disease (WD), a severe and widespread disease of salmonids, is caused by the myxosporean parasite Myxobolus cerebralis, write Kimbra G. Turner,...
Amoebic Gill Disease Due to Paramoeba Perurans in Ballan Wrasse
Research by Egil Karlsbakk, et al, Institute of Marine Research, Norway, has found that ballan wrasse may host P. perurans infections. Wrasse may therefore...
Efficacy of Anthelmintic Drugs and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plant Extracts to Control Dactylogyrus Vastator
Disease caused by Dactylogyrus vastator has resulted in considerable economic damage in aquaculture, write Xiao P. Zhang et al, Chinese Academy of Sciences....





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