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Jellyfish and Aquaculture Interactions: Last Year’s Irish Experience
Large jellyfish swarms occur naturally in our oceans but when in contact with a fish farm they can have severe consequences....
Shellfish Aquaculture in Welsh Offshore Wind Farms – The Potential for Co-location
A shellfish aquaculture study regarding co-location with offshore wind farms (OWFs) has recently been completed for the SAGB. Originally developed by Mark...
Large-Scale Assessment of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Effects on Fish Assemblages
In this study, Paolo Guidetti, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Italy, et al investigated the responses to protection of fish assemblages associated...
Improving Productivity and Environmental Performance of Aquaculture
Fish—including finfish and shellfish—are an important item in the human food basket, contributing 17 percent of the global animal-based protein supply...
Streptomyces Alboflavus RPS and its Novel and High Algicidal Activity Against Harmful Algal Bloom Species Phaeocystis globosa
Harmful algal blooms (HABs) have become serious marine environmental disasters, and are spreading all around the world, threatening marine organisms and...
Hypoxia and Acidification Have Additive and Synergistic Negative Effects on the Growth, Survival, and Metamorphosis of Early Life Stage Bivalves
Low oxygen zones in coastal and open ocean ecosystems have expanded in recent decades, a trend that will accelerate with climatic warming. Christopher...





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