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Below is a list of publications that may be downloaded from TheFishSite. These downloads are in addition to the 1000's of articles archived on the site. The list can be sorted by publisher, subject, and where (or by whom) the document was published. Just click on the relevant links.

Manual for the Commercial Pond Production of the African Catfish in Uganda
Author(s): Dr Nelly A. Isyagi, Karen L. Veverica, Rashid Asiimwe, and Dr William H. Daniels
Download FileFrom: No Advertiser
Origin: United StatesUnited States
When: 2009
Language: English
This manual from US AID provides information on how to set up a commercial African catfish farm.
Subsistence Fish Farming in Africa: A Technical Manual
Download FileFrom: No Advertiser
When: 2015
Language: English
The objective of this manual from ACF International is to explain how to build facilities that produce fish using minimal natural resources and minimal external supplies. These fish are being produced for the purpose of subsistence.
How to Set Up a Tilapia Farming in the Solomon Islands
Author(s): CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems
Download FileFrom: No Advertiser
Origin: Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands
When: 2013
Language: English

A fish pond provides nutritious fish for the family. Before you start to think about how much fish your family needs to eat, whether you will also have extra fish to sell, where to sell your fish and whether you can sell them at a profit. Visit other people who are farming fish and find out what they think.

What you need to begin:

Making your pond
Preparing your pond
Managing your pond

Better Management Practices for Seaweed Farming Eucheuma and Kappaphycus
Author(s): Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA)
Download FileFrom: No Advertiser
Origin: GlobalGlobal
When: 2012
Language: English
This practical manual "Better management practices for seaweed farming" is produced by the Philippines national team under the ASEAN Foundation supported project "Strengthening capacity of small holder ASEAN aquaculture farmers for competitive and sustainable aquaculture" implemented by NACA in five ASEAN countries. The long-term objective of the project was to assist ASEAN small- scale aquaculture farmers improve their livelihoods by being competitive in markets and improving farm management practices to deliver quality and sustainably produced aquaculture products.
Self-Use Manual on Group Formation and Group Certification of Small Scale Aqua-Farmers
Author(s): Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA)
Download FileFrom: No Advertiser
Origin: GlobalGlobal
When: 2012
Language: English
This manual is expected to assist small scale aqua-farmers in the region by providing guidelines to implement BMPs through a cluster/group management approach and access markets through participating in group certification programs of their choice. This can also be used by the field extension officers and certifiers who are directly involved in the process and other parties who are interested in being informed about the concepts and practice of aqua-farmer group formation, group functioning and certification.

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