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Tompkins takes a stand against Salmon Industry in Chile

02 September 2005

CHILE - U.S. businessman and ecologist Douglas Tompkins has launched a campaign to freeze further developments in Chilean salmon farming, resulting in ridicule from industry leaders and authorities. “[The salmon industry] is worse than the smog of Santiago,” Tompkins announced. “It’s silent and insidious, because no one can see exactly what’s going on underwater. No one apart from the divers can see the damage at the bottom of the sea. It’s a dead zone. “We’re in favor of a moratorium on any expansion of this industry until the public has a proper opportunity to know what’s really going on.” His attack comes two weeks after Parque Pumalín, a reserve of 289,000 hectares, was declared a national nature sanctuary (ST, August 19). The park is owned outright by Tompkins and will become national property after his death. Tompkins has expressed concerns that the ecology of Region X, including Pumalín, is being increasingly threatened by salmon farming. Parliamentarians and local authorities swiftly rebutted his remarks. Source: Santiago Times

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