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Joint Programme For Trout Egg Production

09 January 2012

PERU - Sierra Exportadora (SIEX) and the Regional Government of Apurimac, have joined to develop a project which will install and operate the first trout egg production laboratory and breeding programme and a balanced food plan for the species.

It is hoped that the joint programme will increase competitiveness and ensure a greater regional production and national export.

The Executive Chairman of SIEX, Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta and the President of the Regional Government of Apurimac, Elias Ruiz Segovia have signed an inter-institutional agreement aimed at improving economic conditions, production and business.

When the egg production facility is up and running it will also reduce the importation of trout eggs at the national level, thus saving foreign exchange.

During the year 2011 trout eggs were imported from the United States, Spain and Denmark, for a total of $1,899,000.

The trout egg production will also attend the demand of numerous small domestic producers, who will now have access to high quality genetic material at a reasonable price, conditions that will allow them to adapt their production to the international market demands.

According to the agreement signed, SIEX, in coordination with the regional government of Apurimac, will formulate and submit the profile of the project to the National Public Investment System (SNIP).

The installation of the production of monosex eggs (females), equipped with a genetic laboratory, will allow for the improvement of the specimens by weight and meat quality to meet international market conditions.

The plant will produce eggs for monosex fish (females only). Female eggs are more advantagous as healthy specimens, standardised dimensions, firmer flesh and better organoleptic characteristics are created. This allows for better feed conversion and a good market presentation at any time of year.

A variety of the eggs are the "triploid" sterile specimens that generate additional advantages such as improved meat quality and faster growth.

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