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Fish kiosks will now sell fresh Himalayan trout

30 November 2005

INDIA - Fresh Himalayan trout from the river waters of Himachal Pradesh will soon be available in major Indian cities, and for an affordable price. This has become possible with the central government funding a Rs.10 million plan for trout revival in the state. "The Himachal Pradesh Aqaculture Fishing & Marketing Society has received half this amount. This will considerably reduce the cost of shipping trout to Delhi and other markets," Fisheries Minister Harsh Mahajan said here. "Under the plan the state government will spend the money on building fish kiosks, aqua shops, ice plants and insulated vehicles so that the fish reaches the market in perfect condition at cheaper rates," Mahajan told IANS. Till now farmers were totally dependant on expensive private agents for transporting their produce and were able to make around Rs.250 per kg of trout sold to five star hotels in New Delhi and other places. Under the new scheme, farmers can double their savings to Rs.500 per kg, say officials here. Source: NewIndExpress

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