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New Offshore Cage Design to Lead Growth of Sustainable Aquaculture

06 March 2014

NORWAY - SalMar is to proceed with its pioneering project "offshore aquaculture" which is hoped will lead sustainable growth in aquaculture.

As part of the project, SalMar has developed a revolutionary new cage design that aquaculture has not seen.

With this, farms could be established further offshore and in more exposed and biologically suitable areas than they are today, further away from estuaries.

The new cage construction - based on known technology from the oil industry - will significantly reduce the risk of escapes and sea lice.

SalMar has already received approval for a site in Frohavet for the creation of the first "blue havmerden".

SalMar has been working on the project for over two years and has engaged with internationally leading expertise in naval engineering and design, as well as expertise from the Norwegian oil industry.



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