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Seafish Offers Guidance on New Fish Labelling Requirements

21 November 2014

EU - From 13 December 2014, the EU will implement new rules on information which must be included on the labelling of unprocessed fish products.

Some fish products must also provide customers with details on the type of fishing gear used to catch the fish and, for some fishing areas (Northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea), a more precise catch location with the name of the sub area or division is required.

These additions build on the existing requirements to provide consumers with the commercial designation, species (including Latin name), production method, catch area, whether the product has been defrosted and the date of minimum durability.

The new changes apply only to unprocessed fishery and aquaculture products falling within the CN03 customs commodity code (although it does include smoked products).

However, small quantities of fish (under €50 per day) that are sold directly from the boat to the consumer will be exempt.

If the fish is not packaged, the information should be displayed on a billboard or posters.

In order to help facilitate changes, Seafish has published a guidance document, which aims to support industry to adapt to key legislative changes around information to be made available to seafood consumers.

Peter Wilson, of the Regulation team at Seafish said: “This new guidance has been produced in response to enquiries and aims to ensure that this legislation is well-understood by industry, in order that they can be fully prepared for these new developments in December.”

Further Reading

You can view the Seafish Guidelines by clicking here.


Lucy Towers

Lucy Towers
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