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Weekly Overview: US, Vietnam Reach Agreement on Shrimp Imports

19 July 2016

GLOBAL - The United States and Vietnam have signed an agreement to resolve two longstanding World Trade Organisation (WTO) disputes over imports of Vietnamese shrimp to the United States.

The agreement also resolves certain outstanding duty claims covering various administrative reviews of the warmwater shrimp antidumping duty order.

According to the Vietnamese newspaper, VietnamNet, the agreement now means that Minh Phu Group will no longer be subject to the antidumping duty order.

However, the antidumping duty order will remain in place for all other exporters of warm water shrimp from Vietnam.

In other news, salmon farms in Norway and Scotland are using and trialling new non-medicinal sea lice treatments.

Norwegian company Stingray Marine Solutions has developed a new method called optical delousing whereby a laser gun is lowered into salmon pens to clear sea lice away by shooting them.

The device is designed as a permanent, preventive installation for salmon pens.

After sea lice are detected on the salmon by a special camera and advanced software, a guided laser pulses directly at the lice, killing them within milliseconds.

The laser works by filling the sea lice with a lot of energy such as photons, coagulating them until they die. The salmon themselves are not harmed because their shiny skin acts as a mirror that reflects the light emitted from the laser. 

In the UK, Scottish Sea Farms has invested over £4 million in purchasing Scotland’s first innovative Thermolicer machine.

The machine uses zero chemicals, making it a simple and environmentally friendly way of getting rid of sea lice.

Sea lice have a low tolerance for changes in temperature and the new machine uses this fact to use water temperatures to eradicate the parasite. 

Lucy Towers

Lucy Towers
News Team - Editor

After graduating from The University of Sheffield, Lucy joined 5M in 2011 as part of the News Desk team. In 2012, she was promoted to editor of TheFishSite. With previous farming experience and a love for the great outdoors, Lucy has a passion for wildlife and the environment.

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