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22 February 2017
Further Outbreak of White Spot Disease Detected in Logan River
AUSTRALIA - A new outbreak of white spot disease has been reported on a giant tiger prawn farm in Logan River, Queensland....
14 February 2017
Aussie Prawn Industry in Turmoil as Disease Spreads
AUSTRALIA - Australian prawn farmers are in turmoil, as yet another outbreak of white spot disease was confirmed Monday, at a farm in Queensland....
10 February 2017
Ag Department Accused of 'Dropping the Ball' Due to Diseased Prawn Imports
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Prawn Farming Association (APFA) has accused the Federal Department of Agriculture of "dropping the ball", following revelations that...
13 January 2017
Australian Authorities Hunt for Source of White Spot Disease Outbreak
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources are continuing to work collaboratively with the Queensland Government to determine...
23 December 2016
Investigation Finds No White Spot Disease in Wild Queensland Prawns
AUSTRALIA - ​​​No further prawn farms in the Logan River area have tested positive to white spot disease. The response is moving into the next phase, which...
21 December 2016
Study Finds Barramundi at Risk From Acid Oceans
AUSTRALIA - Wild barramundi populations are likely to be at risk under ocean acidification, a new University of Adelaide study has found....
16 December 2016
Western Australia Implements Import Restrictions on Queensland Prawns and Worms
AUSTRALIA - Western Australians are being urged to keep to new import requirements to prevent the establishment of white spot disease, following its detection on...
13 December 2016
More Australian Prawn Farms Report White Spot Disease
AUSTRALIA - Following the announcement on 2 December of a white spot disease outbreak, Australian authorities have now confirmed that the disease has been detected...
Weekly Overview: More White Spot Outbreaks Detected in Logan River Prawn Farms
AUSTRALIA - Following the announcement on 2 December of a white spot disease outbreak at a prawn farm, Australian authorities have now confirmed that the disease...
09 December 2016
High Levels of Shell Disease Detected in Bunbury Harbour Crabs
AUSTRALIA - Tests on crabs in the Bunbury area have revealed higher than normal levels of a shell disease....
06 December 2016
Australian Study Examines Impact of Climate Change on Freshwater Species
AUSTRALIA - How might climate change affect the distribution of freshwater species living in rivers, ponds, and lakes? Investigators examined the capacity of species...
02 December 2016
White Spot Detected on Queensland Prawn Farm
AUSTRALIA - ​​​White spot disease, a highly contagious viral disease of prawns, has been detected on a prawn farm in Logan River, south of Brisbane....
11 July 2016
New Research Shows Seaweeds get Sick When Stressed
AUSTRALIA - A variety of normally harmless bacteria can cause bleaching disease in seaweeds when the seaweeds become stressed by high water temperatures, UNSW Australia...
08 June 2016
International Report Confirms More Government Vets are Needed
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) commends the government for its ongoing work in biosecurity but says there is still room for improvement....
08 February 2016
Hepatopancreatitis Reported on Australian Prawn Farm
AUSTRALIA - Two outbreaks of hepatopancreatitis have been reported on prawn farms in Queensland....
14 January 2016
Groups Call for Use of Virus to Rid Australia of Carp
AUSTRALIA - A unique coalition of anglers, farmers and conservationists in Australia have declared that a virus that kills carp should be used to help rid the country's...
15 September 2015
Rare Fish Disease Found in Macquarie Harbour Farmed Salmon
AUSTRALIA - A rare chronic disease called mycobacteriosis that can cause mortality in fish, has been found in farmed salmon in Macquarie Harbour, on Tasmania's west...
09 September 2015
Oyster Breeding Wins Research Award
AUSTRALIA - Years of oyster breeding research by Select Oyster Company farmers has culminated in a disease control breakthrough and national recognition from the...
14 August 2015
Fish go Deep to Beat the Heat
AUSTRALIA - A James Cook University study shows that some fish retreat into deeper water to escape the heat. This finding throws light on what to expect if predictions...
22 June 2015
New Research Finds Suspended Sediments Damage Fish Gills
AUSTRALIA - Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University have discovered that suspended sediment damages fish gills...
18 June 2015
Clean Seas Tuna Sues Skretting Over Feed Quality
AUSTRALIA - Clean Seas Tuna is suing its former feed supplier for economic losses which it says were caused by feed which was allegedly deficient in a key nutrient....
16 June 2015
Online 'Vessel Check' Tool Helps Prevent Invasive Marine Pests
AUSTRALIA - A new online risk assessment tool will help the fishing, shipping and boating industry protect Western Australia’s marine environment from invasive...
05 May 2015
Perkinsus Olseni Outbreak Reported in Australian Oysters
AUSTRALIA - An outbreak of infection with perkinsus olseni has been reported on an Australian oyster farm....
29 April 2015
Fishing Altering Coral Reef Fish Population Structure
AUSTRALIA - Fishing is having a significant impact on the make-up of fish populations of the Great Barrier Reef, according to new research from the ARC Centre of...
13 April 2015
Fish Numbers Diagnose Coral Reef Health
AUSTRALIA - The number of fish living on coral reefs can be used as a test of reef health to inform sustainable fishing decisions, according to new research from...
10 April 2015
Prawn Productivity Improved When Grown With Worms
AUSTRALIA - Growing prawns and worms in the same integrated system can lead to improved productivity and waste management, recent results from a Queensland Department...
01 April 2015
Baby Fish Struggle with Equatorial Ocean Temperature Rises
AUSTRALIA - Scientists have discovered that higher ocean temperatures slow the development of young fish, in a study from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef...
14 November 2014
Australian Vets Raise Awareness on Careful Use of Antibiotics
AUSTRALIAN – The seriousness of antibiotic resistance in animals leading to superbugs has been underlined by the Australian Veterinary Association....
05 November 2014
New Five-Year Plan to Manage Health of Australia's Aquatic Animals
AUSTRALIA - A new five year strategic plan aims to effectively manage the health of Australia’s aquatic animals....
20 October 2014
New Levy to Fight Oyster Mortality Syndrome
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a draft determination proposing to allow Australian Seafood Industries (ASI) to collect...
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