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12 February 2016
Feeding Fish Sustainably with Flies
SOUTH AFRICA - With the world’s population ever on the increase, the demand placed on food sources, particularly protein, is already at record levels. Meat such...
10 February 2016
Workshop Promotes Farming of Endangered Fish
INDIA - A national workshop on conservation of native freshwater fishes held at the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies has urged the State government...
09 February 2016
Weekly Overview: New US Seafood Traceability Programme a Step Towards Tackling IUU Fishing
ANALYSIS - A new proposal for creating a US seafood traceability programme has been announced, aiming to ensure that global seafood resources are sustainably managed...
08 February 2016
Hepatopancreatitis Reported on Australian Prawn Farm
AUSTRALIA - Two outbreaks of hepatopancreatitis have been reported on prawn farms in Queensland....
04 February 2016
New Funding Opportunity Available for Aquaculture Feed and Diagnostic Projects
SCOTLAND, UK - The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) has issued an open call for expressions of interest on feed and diagnostic projects....
03 February 2016
Weekly Overview: Coalition Aims to Increase Availability of Aquaculture Medicines in the EU
ANALYSIS - With the availability of veterinary medicinal products, including vaccines, for use in farmed aquatic animals being very low in the EU, a new coalition...
01 February 2016
New Coalition Aims to Increase the Availability of Aquaculture Medicines in the EU
EU - A new coalition has been established to try and increase the greater availability of authorised veterinary medicinal products for aquaculture on the market...
29 January 2016
Study Finds Toxic Pollutants in Fish are Falling
US - A new global analysis of seafood found that fish populations throughout the world's oceans are contaminated with industrial and agricultural pollutants, collectively...
Antibiotics and Safeguarding Animal Health: ‘As Much as Necessary, as Little as Possible’
GLOBAL - Following the landmark resolution made at the World Economic Forum in Davos to tackle antibiotic resistance, HealthforAnimals has renewed its call to promote...
26 January 2016
SAIC Calls for Rapid Diagnostics Projects for Aquaculture
SCOTLAND, UK - The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) has issued an open call for expressions of interest (EOIs) on rapid diagnostics solutions for aquaculture....
25 January 2016
ISA Reported on Ørnstolen Salmon Farm
NORWAY - An outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) has been reported at sea site 11088 Ørnstolen Rødøy municipality, Nordland county. ...
Norwegian Veterinary Institute Leads Research into Cardiomyopathy Syndrome
NORWAY - Cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) is a disease which kills young farmed salmon and is a growing problem in the aquaculture industry....
22 January 2016
Cryopreservation: A Valuable Tool for Aquaculture and Wild Fish Stocks
GLOBAL - Cryogenetics is helping to increase fish numbers through its milt preservation and fertilisation technology, and also through its diverse gene bank. These...
21 January 2016
Fatty Acids from GM Oilseed Crops Could Replace Fish Oil
UK - Oil from genetically modified (GM) oil seed crops could replace fish oil as a primary source of the beneficial Omega 3 fatty acid EPA - according to new research...
19 January 2016
Nofima Identifies Genetic Markers for PD Resistance
NORWAY - In cooperation with R&D partners, Nofima has identified and validated genetic markers for resistance to Pancreas Disease (PD) in Atlantic salmon....
14 January 2016
Groups Call for Use of Virus to Rid Australia of Carp
AUSTRALIA - A unique coalition of anglers, farmers and conservationists in Australia have declared that a virus that kills carp should be used to help rid the country's...
13 January 2016
Optimal Feed Could Reduce Salmon Mortality by Half
NORWAY - Research undertaken by Nofima at fish farms during natural outbreaks of the salmon diseases Pancreas Disease (PD) and Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation...
12 January 2016
Weekly Overview: New Research to Improve Farmed Aquatic Species Health
ANALYSIS - The UK's University of Exeter and the Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (Cefas) are leading a £1.97 million BBSRC-Newton...
08 January 2016
Shellfish Farmers Fear Ocean Acidification May Affect Harvests in 2016
CANADA - Shellfish farmers in British Columbia (BC) are fearing ocean acidification may affect their harvests in 2016 as it did in many places last year....
Research on Arctic Salmon Farming Granted Millions
NORWAY - The Research Council of Norway’s regional fund Northern Norway has awarded NOK 3 million to research on effects on health feed for salmon farmed in arctic...
07 January 2016
Study Finds Piscine Orthoreovirus Not Linked to HSMI
CANADA - A controlled laboratory study that has challenged Atlantic and Sockeye salmon with a fish virus known to be endemic to western North America has found the...
£1.97M Research to Develop Novel Techniques to Fight Aquaculture Diseases
GLOBAL - New research being undertaken at the UK's University of Exeter and Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (Cefas) to help reduce...
06 January 2016
Budget Increased for Chilean Fisheries, Aquaculture Research
CHILE - After much work, the Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Subpesca) and the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) have defined the work portfolio...
04 January 2016
Oceana: Ten Priorities for Oceans in 2016
GLOBAL - Oceana has listed 10 key ocean issues that should be prioritised in 2016, and calls on decision-makers to set ambitious policies for tackling them. ...
30 December 2015
Anti-Diabetic Drug Found to Cause Intersex in Male Fish
EU - A new study has found that a widely prescribed anti-diabetic, metformin, can cause intersex in male fish....
24 December 2015
Animal Medicines Sector Responds to O’Neill Antimicrobials in Agriculture Report
UK - The UK, European and global animal medicines sector associations have joined forces to respond to Lord O’Neill’s recent Report on Antimicrobials in Agriculture,...
14 December 2015
Researchers Use Bacteriophages as Substitute for Antibiotics
SPAIN - Researchers at Azti-Tecnalia have used bacteriophages as a substitute for antibiotics to eliminate bacteria in fish farms....
11 December 2015
Pentair Introduces Eco-Trap Waste Solids Removal System
US - Pentair has announced the introduction of its Aquatic Eco-Systems’ Eco-Trap, an exclusive highly-optimized dual drain waste collection system that allows...
09 December 2015
Brook Trout Study Finds Top Climate Change Pressure Factor
US - Results from a 15-year study of factors affecting population levels of Eastern brook trout in the face of climate change show that high summer air temperatures...
08 December 2015
New Revolutionary Aquaculture Ship to Move Farming Further Offshore
NORWAY - It could be the start of a sustainable revolution for the Norwegian salmon farming industry following the design of an aquaculture ship that will move salmon...
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