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11 April 2017
Ruling welcomed by US aquaculture industry
US aquaculture producers should be able to transport live fish across state boundaries without the prospect of inadvertently triggering draconian penalties, following...
10 November 2016
Dainichi: The Face of Japan's Clear Sea
JAPAN - Dainichi Corporation is one of Japan's main seafood and aquaculture firms. Located by the Uwa Sea in Ehime prefecture, it employs 140 people in three cities...
13 September 2016
The Big Impact of Wasted Fish on the Poor
GLOBAL - Despite fish waste being a global problem, post harvest losses most affect poor people in developing countries, who depend on fish for food, nutrition and...
02 June 2016
Marine Harvest and Deep Sea Supply to Establish Aquaculture Shipping Joint Venture
NORWAY - Marine Harvest and Deep Sea Supply PLC have entered into a Heads of Agreement to establish a 50/50 owned aquaculture shipping joint venture that is to build,...
17 May 2016
Smart Fish Labelling to be Presented at Aquaculture UK
UK - Researchers from Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Finland are working on a joint project called Smart-Fish that will be presented at the Aquaculture UK conference...
22 March 2016
Low Fuel Prices Help Improve UK Fishing Fleet’s Economic Performance
UK - The latest fleet economic performance data, published annually by Seafish, estimates that most of the UK’s fishing fleets remained profitable in 2014 and...
10 March 2016
StofnFiskur Becomes First Salmon Breeding Company with OIE Compartment Standard Approved by Sernapesca
ICELAND - StofnFiskur hf in Iceland has been approved by the Chilean Fisheries and Aquaculture Authorities, Sernapesca in accordance with the OIE Compartment standard...
29 February 2016
Overcoming Transportation Challenges in the Aquaculture Industry
NORWAY - LeanLogistics, global provider of transportation management systems, will be running a half day and evening event specifically for the aquaculture industry....
08 December 2015
New Revolutionary Aquaculture Ship to Move Farming Further Offshore
NORWAY - It could be the start of a sustainable revolution for the Norwegian salmon farming industry following the design of an aquaculture ship that will move salmon...
03 August 2015
Scotland to Find Alternative Seafood Transportation Routes
SCOTLAND - The Scottish Government is holding a meeting to launch urgent joint work between processors and transporters to identify alternative routes to market...
30 April 2015
New Software Could Cut Fishing Vessel Fuel Costs
SPAIN - New software developed at the AZTI technology centre in Spain allows the crew of a fishing vessel to view instant fuel consumption displays, allowing them...
09 March 2015
US Researchers Find Fishing Boat Wastewater is Potentially Harmful
US - Wastewater emptied from commercial fishing boats is an overlooked source of marine pollution, a new US study shows. The researchers suggest that this type...
22 August 2014
Vacuum Pumping Moves Trawl-Caught Cod More Gently
NORWAY - Experiments in collaboration with Nergård Havfiske AS show that pumping from the trawl’s cod-end is gentler for the fish than lifting the complete catch...
04 August 2014
New Regulations on Seafood Exports to Mexico
VIET NAM - All fisheries products exported to Mexico from countries including Viet Nam must now comply with new quarantine regulations....
25 April 2014
Single Health Certificate to Control Importation of Fish
BRAZIL - In order to develop a single model health certificate for imports of fishery products, the Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin (DIPOA)...
16 April 2014
Changes in Fish Processing, Handling Could Reduce Injuries
US - Handling frozen fish caused nearly half of all injuries aboard commercial freezer-trawlers and about a quarter of the injuries on freezer-longliner vessels...
28 March 2014
Want to get Rid of Waste Fishing Nets and Rope?
NORWAY and THE NETHERLANDS - It is estimated that each year 640,000 tones of useless nets and ropes are discarded or lost in the sea, which is a serious threat to...
19 March 2014
Plans for Renewal of Fresh Fish Trawlers
ICELAND - Icelandic fishing company HB Grandi and the Turkish shipyard Celiktrans Denis Insaat Ltd. have reached an agreement for Celiktrans to fully design and...
Transportation Plan in Place for Drought Effected Salmon
US - Millions of young salmon in California may be migrating to the ocean next month via tanker trucks....
06 March 2014
Aquaculture America 2014: Developing Rested Harvest Protocols for Rainbow Trout
US - Speaking at Aquaculture America 2014, Dr Jesse Trushenski, Southern Illinois University, discusses the use of electrosedation as a rested harvest technique...
17 February 2014
Farm Animal Welfare Committee Publishes Opinion on the Welfare of Farmed Fish
UK - The Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) has published its Opinion on the Welfare of Farmed Fish. This considers fish during their time on the farm, while a...
14 February 2014
Aquaculture America 2014: Transporting Live Shrimp Without Water
US - With good market demand for live shrimp in the market place, researchers from Virginia Tech University have studied the transporting of fish in water-less conditions,...
28 January 2014
Whooshh Innovations Launches New Fish Transport System
US - Washington-based Whooshh Innovations has launched an entirely new system to move fish at the processing plant, farm site, hatchery, or dam through its patented...
30 December 2013
PPS East Customers Report Increase in Fresh Fish Quality
UK - PPS East has received exciting and positive feedback from fresh fish customers, who have introduced PPS’s wide range of reusable plastic whole fish and salmon...
25 November 2013
Research Company Investigates Improvement of Mackerel Catch Value
ICELAND - Over the last few years, mackerel has been seen – and caught – around Iceland in ever increasing amounts, resulting in the speedy development of processing...
14 November 2013
Stowaways Threaten Fisheries in the Arctic
DENMARK - The increased sea temperature expected in 2100 will in itself mean that the potential number of species introduced by ships will increase more than sixfold...
08 May 2013
Researchers Calculate Global Highways of Invasive Marine Species
UK - New research has mapped the most detailed forecast to date for importing potentially harmful invasive species with the ballast water of cargo ships....
08 April 2013
Bringing Fish Processing Back to Norway
NORWAY - Researchers aim to make it just as economic to process fish in Norway as to send them to China....
04 April 2013
Chilean Salmon Shipped with No Oxygen Technology
GLOBAL - Global Fresh Foods has shipped fresh salmon from Chile to the west coast of the US without using ice, environmentally harmful polystyrene foam packaging,...
25 February 2013
New Project Evaluates Snow Crab Fishing Vessel Offloading
CANADA - A new project funded through the Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Programme will evaluate offloading practices aboard crab vessels. The project’s...
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