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28 August 2015
Nutriad Opens New USA Plant
US - Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad officially opened its new facility in Hampshire (IL) – USA. The 50,000+ square foot facility includes offices,...
25 August 2015
Fewer Fish Expected From 'Godzilla' El Nino
US - The 'Godzilla' El Nino with record breaking temperatures in 2015 may result in fewer fish, report Rob and Rochelle Reierson in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market...
24 August 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Chinook Salmon Research Suffers Funding Cuts
US - One of the casualties of this year’s budget cuts was funds for a program aimed at discovering why Alaska’s Chinook salmon stocks have been declining since...
18 August 2015
USDA to Purchase Surplus Alaska Canned Sockeye Salmon
US - Surpluses produced by large Alaska sockeye salmon harvests will be eased by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which recently announced existing federal...
What Happened to the Coho Salmon Market?
US - Coho salmon prices have plummeted over the last year, reports Ken Radcliffe in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight....
17 August 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Ups and Downs for Alaska Salmon Season
US - Alaska’s salmon season so far has been characterized by ups and downs, and it will be a stretch for the total catch to make the forecasted 221 million fish....
13 August 2015
Public Comment Opens for NOAA's Marine Mammal Protection in International Fisheries
UK - NOAA has issued a proposed rule to protect marine mammals in international fisheries which would require US trading partners to take measures to limit the incidental...
US Consumers Missing Out on Seafood Benefits
US - While most US consumers eat some seafood, the amounts are inadequate to meet federal dietary guidelines, according to a new study conducted by Agricultural...
12 August 2015
Beaver Street Fisheries, Sustainable Food Partnership Join Forces
US - Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc. (BSF) and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) are partnering to ensure the environmentally and socially responsible and sustainable...
11 August 2015
Small Scale Aquaculture Ventures Must be Carefully Considered
US - For entrepreneurs or those just starting aquaculture production, starting small and adequate planning can reduce risk and improve chances of success....
10 August 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Alaska Salmon Fisheries Await Hearing Outcomes
US - Two hearings this month could change the face of Alaska’s salmon fisheries forever....
07 August 2015
New Yorkers Hooked on Sustainable Seafood Week
US - Ever wonder who caught the fish you just ate? New Yorkers asked this and other seafood traceability questions during Sustainable Seafood Week NYC, part of a...
03 August 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Costco Turns Away From Chilean Farmed Salmon
US - More US food retailers are getting the message that Americans want to know what they are eating. And it’s clear that consumers don’t want their foods tainted...
Consumers Do Not View GMO Labels as Negative 'Warnings'
US - Labelling food containing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) would not act as 'warning' labels and scare consumers away from purchasing these products, according...
31 July 2015
Branding American Aquaculture
As farmers, buyers, suppliers, feed producers or equipment manufacturers you know the state of American Aquaculture inside and out. Better than anyone, you know...
30 July 2015
Extreme Weather Conditions Posing a Big Threat to Salmon Fisheries
US - Warming waters and extreme weather conditions are causing severe problems for salmon fisheries, reports Rob Reierson in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight....
28 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Grim 50 cents a Pound for Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Fishermen
US - Shock and dismay were heard from Bristol Bay fishermen when they finally got word last week that major buyers would pay 50 cents a pound for their sockeye salmon....
24 July 2015
Bait, Tackle Retail Generates Billions for US Economy
US - Independent marine recreational bait and tackle retail stores provide a big boost to the US economy, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)...
21 July 2015
Mid-Summer Seafood Industry Round-Up
US - Atlantic harvest volumes have been poor this year. Pollock pricing remains steady. Haddock pricing has dropped 54 per cent and is expected to stay at this level....
20 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Sockeye Salmon Landings Break Record
US - The world’s biggest sockeye salmon run at Bristol Bay went from “bust” to “unbelievable” in one week. Landings last week broke records every day for...
'Operation Roadhouse' Cracks Down on Illegal Paddlefish Trafficking
US - Three men from Colorado have pleaded guilty to illegally trafficking in paddlefish caviar after being caught in an undercover operation in the Warsaw, Missouri...
14 July 2015
Tough Start to Alaska Salmon Season
US - It has been a tough start to Alaska's salmon season. Barely one million chum salmon were caught over the duration of last week's run and a similar trend has...
13 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Big Alaska Marine Debris Cleanup Begins
US - Kodiak volunteers were scrambling with front end loaders and dump trucks to ready 200,000 pounds of super sacks for the first pick up of a massive marine debris...
10 July 2015
Aquaculture Importance Discussed at Sustainable Seafood Week
US - Seafood accounts for 16.6 per cent of global animal protein consumption and plays an essential role in food security, providing over 3 billion people with 20...
09 July 2015
Seafood Traceability a Hot Topic During NYC Sustainable Seafood Week
US - Sustainable Seafood Week (SSW) in NY began with a bang. The Industry Lab, an invite-only event intended to spark conversation about seafood sustainability,...
07 July 2015
Good Year Expected for Pink Salmon Fishery
US - This year is looking to be a good one for Pink salmon, both in Russia and here in North America. In the Prince William Sound, fishing will actually start a...
Fish Vet Group Achieves USDA APHIS Approval
US - Fish Vet Group – the world’s largest aquaculture health provider – is pleased to announce the laboratory services offered by their facility in Portland,...
06 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Tidal Vision “Upcycling” Seafood Byproducts
US - “Upcycling” seafood byproducts is the business model for Tidal Vision, a Juneau-based company of five entrepreneurs who are making waves with their line...
30 June 2015
Steep Halibut Pricing Expected to Continue
US - As the fresh Halibut season has ended, any product in the freezers should remain high - especially as the boats take a few weeks to transition to Salmon gear....
New $25 million Grants to Improve US Fishing Opportunities
US - NOAA has announced grants of more than $25 million for 88 projects under the 2014-2015 Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program. This is the most significant amount...
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