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23 February 2017
Weaker Lobster Landings, Growing Demand Forcing Prices Up
US - Current lobster prices on the North American market are at the highest they have been in ten years. A combination of weak landings and higher demand has pushed...
21 February 2017
NOAA Sea Grant Hopes to Boost US Aquaculture with $10 million in Funding
US - Depending on appropriations, NOAA Sea Grant expects to have available a total of $10,000,000-$12,000,000 across fiscal years 2017, 2018, and 2019 for a national...
20 February 2017
American Aquaculture’s Image Makeover is Good for Growth
US - In the USA the public perception of aquaculture has suffered from an image problem over the years. While the industry has taken huge steps to address this,...
16 February 2017
Sea to Table’s Supply-Chain Makeover
US - Driven by conscious consumers such as university student bodies, fish distribution in North America is switching to a more local, more sustainable model. Rachel...
14 February 2017
Alaska Boats Not Dropping Nets for Cod
US - Many boats in Alaska are not dropping their nets for Pacific Cod as they continue to target Pollock instead, reports Rob Reierson in the Tradexx Foods 3-Minute...
13 February 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: Framework for Alaskan Mariculture Expansion Takes Shape
US - Shellfish, sea cucumbers, geoduck clams, seaweeds and biofuels are crops envisioned by a group of Alaskans who are crafting a framework for a statewide mariculture...
06 February 2017
USDA Suspends Development of Standards for Grades of Catfish
US - The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has announced that it will suspend work related to the development of voluntary...
Alaska Fish Factor: Salmon the Heart of Alaska's Fisheries
US - Salmon is the heart of Alaska’s fisheries – it almost singlehandedly spawned the push for statehood nearly 60 years ago. A new Alaska Salmon Fellows programme...
31 January 2017
Exclusive Info on the 2017 Halibut Quota
US - The International Pacific Halibut Commission was here in Victoria B.C. last week discussing the catch limits for the 2017 Halibut fishery, reports Rob Reierson...
30 January 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: More Pacific Halibut Will be Hitting the Markets
US - More Pacific halibut will be going to market this year due to an overall boost in the harvests for the West Coast, British Columbia and Alaska. The coast wide...
27 January 2017
Hawaii Oceanic Technology Shuts Its Doors After Almost Ten Years in Business
US - Hawaii Oceanic Technology Inc., a Honolulu-based open ocean fish farming technology company, has shut down after nearly a decade in business....
24 January 2017
Sockeye Pricing Remains Firm During Low Salmon Inventories
US - Limited supply of wild salmon species continues to strengthen Sockeye Pricing in the new year, reports Kyla Ganton in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight....
President Donald Trump Withdraws US from Trans-Pacific Partnership
US - US President Donald Trump has signed an executive action to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. The move by Mr Trump has been met...
23 January 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: Candied Salmon Ice Cream, Poke Snack Kits and Salmon Bisque Baby Food
US - Candied salmon ice cream…poke snack kits…salmon bisque baby food… fish skin tote bags and pet oils. Those are among the more than 20 new items to be revealed...
20 January 2017
Sonny Perdue Named New US Agriculture Secretary
US - President-elect Donald Trump has selected former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to be the US Agriculture Secretary in the incoming Trump administration....
19 January 2017
Commerce Secretary Declares Fisheries Disasters for Nine West Coast Species
US - The US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker has determined there are commercial fishery failures for nine salmon and crab fisheries in Alaska, California and...
AquaBounty Completes NASDAQ Listing, Raises $25m for Commercialisation of GM Salmon
US - AquaBounty Technologies has completed the listing of its common shares on the NASDAQ Stock Market and finalized the equity subscription from Intrexon....
18 January 2017
More Funding for UK Antibiotic Resistance Action
UK - Funding for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) Alliance has more than tripled this year in support of a new business plan which will help...
17 January 2017
Pollock “A” Fishing Season to Begin - Expected Pricing and Trends
US - A Season Pollock Fishing begins this Friday in the Gulf of Alaska, opening up discussions and projections for pricing this year, reports Kyla Ganton in the...
16 January 2017
Diversification Key to Resilient Fishing Communities
US - Fishing communities can survive - and even thrive - as fish abundance and market prices shift if they can catch a variety of species and nimbly move from one...
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishing Industry Hopeful of No Further Budget Cuts
US - As lawmakers convene this week in Juneau, Alaska’s fishing industry sees a glimmer of hope that its budget won’t be gutted again....
12 January 2017
New #EatMoreSeafood Initiative Offers Extra Incentive to Eat Seafood
US - A leading seafood provider is rewarding the public with gift cards and other incentives for heeding sweeping new federal guidelines that call on Americans to...
11 January 2017
New Shrimp Farm to Open in Iowa
US - A new shrimp farm is to open in Sigourney, Keokuk County, Iowa. ...
10 January 2017
Pacific Cod Fishery Now Underway - Everything You Need to Know
US - The Pacific Cod fishery opened on January 1 in the Gulf of Alaska and some processors have already begun offloading fish from their smaller boats, reports Kyla...
05 January 2017
Where Are All The Salmon Inventories?
US - Many West Coast vendors speculate strong inventories of Headed and Gutted sockeye salmon heading into the new year, reports Kyla Ganton in the Tradex Foods...
03 January 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishing Picks and Pans for 2016
US - The start of 2017 marks the 26th year for this weekly column that targets news for and about Alaska’s seafood industry. The goal is to make all readers more...
30 December 2016
Video Series Helps Seafood Industry Understand FDA’s Fish, Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed a video series, designed to assist the seafood industry and federal and state regulators in better understanding...
20 December 2016
Investing in Fisheries Management Improves Fish Populations
US - New research by researchers from the University of Washington and California Environmental Associates suggests that successful fisheries management can be best...
Alaskan & Russian Pollock - Quotas, Catches, Pricing and Expectations
US - Quotas for the 2017 Alaska Pollock fishery set last week indicate steady pricing and normal product output for the New Year, reports Rob Reierson in the Tradex...
19 December 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Sea Share Donating Bycatch to Hunger Relief Programmes
US - Giving to the less fortunate is the true meaning of the Christmas season, and giving Alaska seafood has never been easier....
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