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29 July 2016
AquaBounty Starts AquAdvantage Salmon Trials in Brazil, Argentina
US - AquaBounty Technologies has released its interim results for the first half of 2016, reporting a net loss for the first six months of US$3.9 million....
25 July 2016
Only Half of Consumers Aware of Food Waste Problem
US - Even though American consumers throw away about 80 billion pounds of food a year, only about half are aware that food waste is a problem. ...
Sustainable Fishery Projects get $10 million Funding
US - Approximately $10 million in funding for projects focusing on sustainable fisheries and coastal fishing communities has been made available by NOAA Fisheries....
21 July 2016
Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management Programme Recognised by GSSI
US - The GSSI (Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative) Steering Board has announced its recognition of the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification...
Is a Fishing Ban the Only Option Left for Pacific Bluefin Tuna?
US - The Pacific bluefin tuna fishery has been fished down more than 97 per cent and with overfishing continuing, The Pew Charitable Trusts is calling for a two...
19 July 2016
Sockeye Salmon Makes a Comeback in Bristol Bay
US - Alaskan Salmon Harvests outside of Bristol Bay are having a difficult season, with catch totals well below season estimates, report Rob Reierson and Kyla Ganton...
US, Vietnam Reach Agreement on Shrimp Imports
US - The United States and Vietnam have signed an agreement to resolve two longstanding World Trade Organisation (WTO) disputes over imports of Vietnamese shrimp...
18 July 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Sea Share Programme Growth Continues
US - The decades-old ‘bycatch to food banks’ program has grown far beyond its original Alaska beginnings. Today, only 10 percent of the fish going to hunger...
GMO Labelling Bill Passed in US
US - New legislation designed to offer consumers more information about genetically engineered ingredients in their food passed in the US House of Representatives...
15 July 2016
Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Predicted Smaller Than Last Year's Record
US - NOAA and its research partners have predicted that western Lake Erie will experience a less severe bloom than the record-setting one experienced last year during...
12 July 2016
Shrimp Landings a Challenge for Buyers
US - Fishermen are predicting a decline in this year's pink shrimp catch compared with last year, but it could be a good catch compared with the long-term history...
11 July 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Alaskan Fisheries in Full Swing
US - Salmon takes centre stage each summer but many other fisheries also are in full swing from Ketchikan to Kotzebue....
07 July 2016
New Study Attaches Economic Value to Ocean Ecosytems
US - What is the value of the open ocean? While commercial fisheries may be one of the most obvious sources of economic value the ocean provides, they are not the...
05 July 2016
Atlantic Cod Continues to Come Up Short
US - Speculative projections for Atlantic Cod indicate strengthening raw material pricing and production space for twice frozen products booking up in the Fall,...
04 July 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Will Brexit Harm Alaska's Seafood Exports?
US - The United Kingdom’s recent exit from the European Union – dubbed Brexit - has turned seafood trading on its head....
01 July 2016
China Fishery Group Files for Bankruptcy Protection
US - China Fishery Group and its owner Pacific Andes have filed for bankruptcy protection in New York....
29 June 2016
Annual Report Emphasises Impact of Global Collaboration on Tuna Management
US - The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) has released its 2015 annual report which outlines tuna sustainability progress and achievements...
Upcoming Fishing Weeks Critical Indicator for Alaska Salmon Fisheries
US - Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon had a slow start since it's opening on June 8, but seems to have picked up in the past weeks. Sockeye landings in Bristol Bay this...
27 June 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Eco-entrepreneurs Turning Crab Shells into New Products
US - Turning crab shells into every day products is becoming a reality for the Tidal Vision team of eco-entrepreneurs from Juneau....
24 June 2016
Albacore Tuna Inventories are Bone Dry
US - A poor winter fishery for Pacific Albacore Tuna has left inventories bone dry, in the weeks leading up to this year's season opener, reports Robert Reierson...
20 June 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Putting Herring Back on the Menu
US - There’s much more to Alaska herring than roe and bait. To prove that point, nearly 40 of Seattle’s finest restaurants and retailers will celebrate Northwest...
16 June 2016
Argentine Hake Continues to Come up Short
US - Argentine Hake continues to come up short in the market, as buyers offer smaller sizes with precommitments selling weeks before containers even land in North...
13 June 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Boaters Rewarded for Protecting Salmon
US - Boaters from Homer to the Mat-Su valley can help protect salmon and other aquatic creatures and get discounts from popular businesses by doing so....
07 June 2016
Coho Salmon Pricing on the Rise Amidst Puget Sound Fishery Closure
US - Discussion between State and Tribal Fishery Managers has closed fishing in the Puget sound for Salmon and Steelhead since 1 May, and it could still be another...
06 June 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: 'Mighty Ships' Programme Features Alaskan Fishing Boat
US - Alaskan fishermen have raised the bar for big fishing boats with the F/V Northern Leader of Kodiak, and Discovery Canada producers of the popular “Mighty...
03 June 2016
US Saltwater Fishing Generated $214 billion in 2014
US - Commercial and recreational saltwater fishing in the United States generated more than $214 billion in sales and supported 1.83 million jobs in 2014, according...
01 June 2016
Pacific Cod Pricing on the Rise With No End in Sight
US - Pacific Cod pricing has been on the rise since January and there doesn’t look to be an end in sight, reports Rob Reierson in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market...
31 May 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Salmon Fishery Braces Itself for Possible Lay-Offs
US - The budget impasse with Alaska legislators is wreaking havoc on salmon fisheries across the state, and the industry is bracing for the possibility of a complete...
26 May 2016
Landings, Pricing and Expectations Following Oregon Shrimp Fishery Delays
US - After nearly 5 weeks of delays, The Pacific Oregon Shrimp Fishery finally resumed fishing, reports Rob Reierson in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight....
23 May 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Thousands of Salmon as Season gets Underway
US - Alaska’s salmon season officially got underway on May 16 with the arrival of thousands of sockeye and king salmon at the Copper River near Cordova, and high...
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