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30 July 2015
Extreme Weather Conditions Posing a Big Threat to Salmon Fisheries
US - Warming waters and extreme weather conditions are causing severe problems for salmon fisheries, reports Rob Reierson in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight....
28 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Grim 50 cents a Pound for Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Fishermen
US - Shock and dismay were heard from Bristol Bay fishermen when they finally got word last week that major buyers would pay 50 cents a pound for their sockeye salmon....
24 July 2015
Bait, Tackle Retail Generates Billions for US Economy
US - Independent marine recreational bait and tackle retail stores provide a big boost to the US economy, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)...
21 July 2015
Mid-Summer Seafood Industry Round-Up
US - Atlantic harvest volumes have been poor this year. Pollock pricing remains steady. Haddock pricing has dropped 54 per cent and is expected to stay at this level....
20 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Sockeye Salmon Landings Break Record
US - The world’s biggest sockeye salmon run at Bristol Bay went from “bust” to “unbelievable” in one week. Landings last week broke records every day for...
'Operation Roadhouse' Cracks Down on Illegal Paddlefish Trafficking
US - Three men from Colorado have pleaded guilty to illegally trafficking in paddlefish caviar after being caught in an undercover operation in the Warsaw, Missouri...
14 July 2015
Tough Start to Alaska Salmon Season
US - It has been a tough start to Alaska's salmon season. Barely one million chum salmon were caught over the duration of last week's run and a similar trend has...
13 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Big Alaska Marine Debris Cleanup Begins
US - Kodiak volunteers were scrambling with front end loaders and dump trucks to ready 200,000 pounds of super sacks for the first pick up of a massive marine debris...
10 July 2015
Aquaculture Importance Discussed at Sustainable Seafood Week
US - Seafood accounts for 16.6 per cent of global animal protein consumption and plays an essential role in food security, providing over 3 billion people with 20...
09 July 2015
Seafood Traceability a Hot Topic During NYC Sustainable Seafood Week
US - Sustainable Seafood Week (SSW) in NY began with a bang. The Industry Lab, an invite-only event intended to spark conversation about seafood sustainability,...
07 July 2015
Good Year Expected for Pink Salmon Fishery
US - This year is looking to be a good one for Pink salmon, both in Russia and here in North America. In the Prince William Sound, fishing will actually start a...
Fish Vet Group Achieves USDA APHIS Approval
US - Fish Vet Group – the world’s largest aquaculture health provider – is pleased to announce the laboratory services offered by their facility in Portland,...
06 July 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Tidal Vision “Upcycling” Seafood Byproducts
US - “Upcycling” seafood byproducts is the business model for Tidal Vision, a Juneau-based company of five entrepreneurs who are making waves with their line...
30 June 2015
Steep Halibut Pricing Expected to Continue
US - As the fresh Halibut season has ended, any product in the freezers should remain high - especially as the boats take a few weeks to transition to Salmon gear....
New $25 million Grants to Improve US Fishing Opportunities
US - NOAA has announced grants of more than $25 million for 88 projects under the 2014-2015 Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program. This is the most significant amount...
29 June 2015
Success for FDA Fish Fraud Fighting Programme
US - The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ongoing integration of forensic science as a way of combating seafood fraud and mislabeling is paying off....
24 June 2015
Bleak Outlook for Collapsed Sole Market
US - The sole market is down to record low levels and long inventories, poor markets, and limited cash flow equate to looming troubles ahead for Chinese processing...
22 June 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Bright Spots Emerging in Bleak Global Salmon Sales Market
US - As Alaska’s salmon season heads into high gear, a few bright spots are surfacing in an otherwise bleak global sales market....
19 June 2015
New Trans Fats Ban will not Apply to Fish Feed
US - The US Food and Drug Administration released the final determination that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are not generally recognized as safe, or GRAS,...
17 June 2015
Call for Improvement in Counter Measure Against Food Poisoning Outbreaks
US - A consumer watchdog body in the US has called on authorities to step up reporting of outbreaks of food-borne illness and improve measures to counter the threat....
16 June 2015
Sockeye Inventories Clean Up In Preparation for Record Breaking Salmon Forecasts
US - The Alaska salmon return for 2015 is posed to set new records - forecasts show harvests of 221 million salmon, equating to about 1 billion pounds, reports Rob...
15 June 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Setnetting May Soon be Banned in Parts of Alaska
US - A one handed clap best describes the reaction to the 43,000 signature drop off by anti-salmon setnet advocates at the Division of Elections last week. It means...
11 June 2015
World’s Largest Rainbow Trout Producer Earns BAP Certification
US - All of Clear Springs Foods's domestic rainbow trout farms have now attained Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification, making it the world’s first rainbow...
09 June 2015
Steady Haddock Pricing Amidst Turbulent Norwegian Biomass Analysis
US - Although Haddock in the George's Bank is relatively abundant and is not currently overfished, this year's harvest will be largely dependent on the ability of...
08 June 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Total Alaska Salmon Catch Pegged at 221 million
US - Salmon fisheries are opening up this month from one end of Alaska to the other. Total catches so far of mostly sockeye, were under one million fish, but will...
02 June 2015
Oregon Pink Shrimp Fishery Well Underway
US - The Oregon pink shrimp fishery is well underway, with larger shrimp dominating the fishery. Good weather is also allowing fishermen to comfortably fish daily,...
Maine Algae Industry to Capitalize on Growing Business Opportunities
US - As demand for seaweed in Maine is starting to out-pace wild harvest supply, the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) has stepped in to provide $50,000 to help form...
01 June 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Salmon Fishermen Face Layoff as Budget Stalled
US - Alaska’s salmon industry is ready to get corked by the inability of state lawmakers to pass a budget....
18 May 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Reduction in Halibut Bycatch Needed
US - The people of Alaska are making their voices heard and are demanding that fisheries practices change to reduce halibut bycatch....
15 May 2015
US Agriculture Predicted to Create Thousands of Jobs in Next Five Years
US - Nearly 58,000 jobs will open annually across the US in occupations involving agriculture and environment over the next five years, according to an employment...
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