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03 March 2015
Friend of the Sea Certification Available for GLOBAL G.A.P Aqua Producers
GLOBAL - GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Aquaculture producers can now gain an additional consumer label for their products thanks to a collaboration with Friend of the Sea....
02 March 2015
Pan-Africa Project to Develop Fish Trade in Africa
AFRICA - A new pan-African project has been launched to strengthen the continent’s great potential for increased trade in fish. ...
24 February 2015
Weekly Overview: RMS Shrimp Disease Could Lead to Shortfall Next Year
ANALYSIS - The shrimp disease, Running Mortality Syndrome (RMS), has recently been detected on shrimp farms in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, India, reported the...
20 February 2015
Three Supermarket Groups Head Animal Welfare Benchmark Table
GLOBAL - Three European supermarket groups have been given top marks in a global annual farm animal welfare Business Benchmark report....
18 February 2015
What are Your Views on the Critical List of Antibiotics?
ANALYSIS - Agricultural use of antimicrobial medicines produces a source of resistant bacteria that can spread to humans....
Salmon Farms Working Towards Sustainability Goal with ASC
GLOBAL - The Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) salmon certification programme continues to grow steadily since its launch in summer 2012. In less than three...
17 February 2015
Weekly Overview: Falsely Labelled FAD Free Canned Tuna Thought to be Circulating EU Market
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, consumers are being told to watch out for canned tuna that has been falsely labelled FAD (fish aggregating device) free tuna, writes...
12 February 2015
ASC Takes Over Seriola and Cobia Standard
GLOBAL - The Seriola and Cobia Standard was handed over to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) by the Seriola and Cobia Aquaculture Dialogue last week. This...
10 February 2015
Weekly Overview: US Oysters, Mussels Found to Have Low Levels of Disease, Parasites
ANALYSIS - A new study from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has found the occurrence and severity of disease and parasite infections...
New Initiative to Improve Responsible Aquaculture
GLOBAL - A new initiative to finance a range of projects to further responsible aquaculture and ultimately increase the availability of certified seafood production...
06 February 2015
FAO Granted $75 000 for Shrimp, Groundfish Management on Guianas-Brazil Shelf
SOUTH AMERICA - The shrimp and groundfish fisheries of the Guianas-Brazil shelf provide employment to at least 150 000 fishers and many more in auxiliary jobs (processing,...
Call for Concrete Proposals in World Trade Talks
GLOBAL - A new paper from the World Trade Organisation on the latest stage of the Doha round of the global trade talks has shown that just one country might have...
05 February 2015
Feed Industry Discuss Critical Issues at 8th International Feed Regulators Meeting
GLOBAL - The 8th International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM) organized by IFIF in cooperation with the FAO brought together a record number of feed industry representatives...
04 February 2015
What Role do Retailers Play in Reducing the Use of Antibiotics on Farms?
ANALYSIS - More resistant bacteria means more pressure on producers, veterinarians, and, as consumer awareness grows, retailers....
03 February 2015
Weekly Overview: EU Discard Ban Sanctions Delayed
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, EU fishermen will now have two years before sanctions for failing to comply with the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) discard ban...
02 February 2015
Slight Increase for 2015 Halibut Total Allowable Catch
CANADA and US - The 2015 halibut total allowable catch limit has been set at 29.223 million pounds, reports Kyla Ganton, Tradex Foods, at the 91st Annual International...
30 January 2015
Aqua-Spark Investments to Help Create a More Sustainable Aquaculture Industry
GLOBAL - Aqua-Spark, an Investment Fund for Sustainable Aquaculture, is helping pave the way towards a more sustainable, clean and healthy aquaculture industry....
29 January 2015
New iSharkFin Allows Species Identification from Fins
GLOBAL - New software allows for the easy identification of shark species from the fins....
Aquaculture Improvement Projects Launched in Indonesia, China and Thailand
GLOBAL - The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), with funding from the Walmart Foundation is launching Aquaculture Improvement Projects in Indonesia, China,...
28 January 2015
Do You Feel Well Informed about Conditions to Use Antibiotics on Farms?
ANALYSIS - Concern has been growing among farming, veterinary and political communities as well as the public at large over the over-use of antibiotics....
Food Insecurity in Conflict Areas Must be Addressed
GLOBAL - Agriculture and food security must be treated as essential components of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, said FAO Director-General José Graziano...
27 January 2015
Weekly Overview: Oman Aquaculture Projects to Boost Production to 7,330 Tonnes
ANALYSIS - Aquaculture production in Oman is set to rise from 353 tonnes to 7,330 tonnes annually thanks to three new projects, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor....
26 January 2015
Webber Naturals Krill Oil Certified Sustainable
NORTH AMERICA - Webber Naturals krill oils from Antarctic krill (Euphasia superba) is now carrying sustainable Friend of the Sea seal of approval....
20 January 2015
Weekly Overview: Marine Harvest, AquaChile Merger Aims to Improve Salmon Farming Sustainability
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, Marine Harvest is to merge its Chilean salmon farming operations with Empresas AquaChile, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor....
14 January 2015
Wide Range of Investors Join in Launch of New Fish 2.0 Business Competition
GLOBAL - More than 15 corporate industry leaders, investors, and philanthropists, including Pentair, CEI, Google Oceans Program, and RSF Social Finance, have joined...
13 January 2015
Weekly Overview: Intensive Raceway Shrimp Production System to Benefit US Aquaculture
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, Texas A&M University has licensed its patent for a super-intensive raceway system for shrimp production in the US market to the US...
06 January 2015
Weekly Overview: 2015 Marks Start of Discard Ban Implementation
ANALYSIS - The start of 2015 also marked the commencement of the first phase of the discard ban for some fishing fleets, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor....
23 December 2014
Marcos Moya To Oversee BAP Facilities Development
GLOBAL - Marcos Moya will be joining the Global Aquaculture Alliance as manager of the BAP facilities development business unit, effective 1 January, 2015....
18 December 2014
Iglo Group Rolls Out MSC Label in Europe
EUROPE - The New Year will see Iglo Group, Europe’s largest frozen foods business, roll out the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) blue ecolabel on pack for...
16 December 2014
Weekly Overview: New Trout Species Discovered in Turkey
ANALYSIS - A new species of trout has been discovered in Turkey. The new species Salmo kottelati belongs to the Salmonidae family, which includes salmons, trouts,...
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