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08 March 2017
Urchinomics – Perfect Blend of Aquaculture and Conservation?
GLOBAL - Across the world’s oceans, sea urchins are on the march – and that’s not a good thing. Reports on how a new system of population management can stem...
03 March 2017
Global Pelagics Supply Outlook Improving
GLOBAL - With recent research indicating that North Atlantic mackerel and herring stocks are improving, the outlook for 2017 appears to be strong. In contrast, for...
02 March 2017
Slightly Lower Groundfish Supplies, Weaker Surimi Demand
GLOBAL - The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has recommended a 10 percent decrease in the Barents Sea cod quota for 2017 but a 7 percent...
01 March 2017
Weekly Overview: New Report Outlines Pathway for Scottish Aquaculture Growth
GLOBAL - A new report on the innovation needs of the Scottish aquaculture sector has been launched at the first meeting of the Industry Leadership Group (ILG) in...
Good Pangasius Demand Amidst Tight Supplies
GLOBAL - Approximately 270 000 tonnes of frozen pangasius (both whole and frozen fillets) entered 45 countries during the first half of the year, an 8 per cent increase...
27 February 2017
State of Tuna Stocks Worldwide Assessed in ISSF Report
GLOBAL - Of the total tuna catch in 2015, 76 per cent came from stocks at “healthy” levels, a decrease of one per cent from 2014, according to a February 2017...
Sea Bass, Sea Bream Industry Needs Demand Growth to Absorb Expected Production Boost
After a year of relief in the form of good prices in 2015, this year the farmed seabass and seabream sector have had to deal with a price decline as supply out of...
24 February 2017
New Report Shows First-Ever Global View of Transshipment in Fishing Industry
GLOBAL - Transshipment, the transfer of goods from one boat to another, is a major pathway for illegally caught and unreported fish to enter the global seafood market....
22 February 2017
Smart Reforms Key to Global Fish Recovery
New research has found that climate change will cause dramatic impacts in the world's fisheries, but with effective management most fisheries could yield more fish...
21 February 2017
Weekly Overview: Investment in Research is Essential for Sustainable Growth of Aquaculture in ASEAN Countries
GLOBAL - A new report from WorldFish projects that fish production in ASEAN countries will reach 24 per cent of global output by 2030....
16 February 2017
Giving Oceans a Break Could Generate $83b in Additional Benefits for Fisheries
GLOBAL - Fishing less, and better, could generate an additional $83 billion each year for the fisheries sector, creating a much-needed revenue stream in developing...
10 February 2017
Belarus, Ecuador Discuss JV on Agrarian, Seafood Processing Companies
BELARUS & ECUADOR - Belarus and Ecuador discussed setting up joint companies to process seafood and agricultural products. ...
08 February 2017
Weekly Overview: Rare Ice Age Fish Filmed in Derwent Water
GLOBAL - A rare fish that is thought to be from the Ice Age has been caught on video for the first time at a lake in Cumbria, UK....
31 January 2017
Fish 2.0 Launches 2017 Global Seafood Business Competition
GLOBAL - The Fish 2.0 2017 business competition for sustainable seafood enterprises launched on Wednesday with a new track structure that will build seafood innovation...
Weekly Overview: New Species of Catfish Discovered in Myanmar
ANALYSIS - A new species of catfish has recently been discovered in Myanmar....
30 January 2017
Western Indian Ocean Valued at US$333.8 billion
GLOBAL - A groundbreaking new report finds the ocean assets of the Western Indian Ocean region are valued conservatively at US$333.8 billion but foreshadows significant...
24 January 2017
Weekly Overview: New Zealand Government to Enforce Microbeads Ban From 2018
NEW ZEALAND - The New Zealand government has announced that it will ban the use of microbeads in make-up and other beauty products by 2018 in order to protect the...
Lithuania Fish Catch Almost Halved in 2015
LITHUANIA - In 2015 the total fish catch was 83,705, which included the Baltic Sea, long-distance ocean and inland fisheries. The fish catch in 2015 was 44 percent...
19 January 2017
Sustainable Micro-Algae Feed Company Enters Fish-Free Feed (F3) Challenge
BELGIUM - As the global aquaculture industry works to reduce its use of fish meal and fish oil in aquaculture feeds, one company in particular is hoping that its...
18 January 2017
Global Octopus Landings on an Increasing Trend
GLOBAL - Global octopus landings appear to be on an increasing trend right now. In 2015, landings increased by 6.7 per cent compared with 2014. Increases were registered...
MSD Animal Health Joins Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) to Support Sustainable Salmon Farming
MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the US and Canada) is proud to announce its membership in the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), a leadership initiative...
13 January 2017
Grant Funding Available for Attendance of Young Fish Technologists at World Seafood Congress 2017
GLOBAL - The International Association of Fish Inspectors is reminding World Seafood Congress 2017 visitors that applications for the 2017 Peter Howgate Award are...
Tilapia Demand Firm, Prices Remain Relatively Low
GLOBAL - During the first half of 2016, approximately 170 000 tonnes of tilapia (whole, fillets and breaded) entered the international market. A recent supply shortage...
12 January 2017
Low and Stable Shrimp Prices Fueling Demand in the EU and Japan
GLOBAL - Although shrimp supplies remained stable during the first half of 2016, shrimp farmers in most of the producing countries in Asia have been struggling with...
10 January 2017
Weekly Overview: Endangered Sea Cucumber Farming Operation Receives $2.75 million Investment
GLOBAL - A sea cucumber farming operation in Madagascar has received a $2.75 million investment from Aqua-Spark - the sustainable aquaculture investment fund....
03 January 2017
Weekly Overview: Major New Grant to Improve Welfare of Fish Used for Science
GLOBAL - Over the last few weeks, researchers at the University of Lincoln in the UK announced that they have won a major new grant award, worth over £300,000,...
25 December 2016
23 December 2016
Global Fish Production Growth Expected to Slow Slightly
GLOBAL - Growth in global fish production is expected to slow slightly this year, driven primarily by lower catches of major wild species such as Alaska pollock...
Meeting Paris Agreement Global Warming Target Will Benefit Fish Stocks
GLOBAL - Meeting the Paris Agreement global warming target of 1.5°C will have large benefits to fisheries, finds a new Nippon Foundation-Nereus Program study published...
22 December 2016
Unexpected Sea Bass and Sea Bream Volumes Halt Price Rise
GLOBAL - After a year of slowing production growth and firming prices, an improved outlook has led to some much needed investor confidence in the farmed seabass...
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