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05 February 2016
Algae: The Future of Food and Feed?
GLOBAL - From health conscious consumers, to animal feed companies – it seems ‘everyone’ is searching for healthy and affordable sources of alternative protein...
04 February 2016
SPRFMO Keeps Fishing Ban on World’s Largest Fish Factory Ship
GLOBAL - The marine conservation organization Oceana has welcomed the decision made during the last meeting of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization...
03 February 2016
Weekly Overview: Coalition Aims to Increase Availability of Aquaculture Medicines in the EU
ANALYSIS - With the availability of veterinary medicinal products, including vaccines, for use in farmed aquatic animals being very low in the EU, a new coalition...
02 February 2016
SeaWeb Announces Winners of 2016 Seafood Champion Awards
GLOBAL - Seafood leaders chose a retail executive who set the bar for sustainable seafood in the United Kingdom, a Cornwall fisherman who influenced EU policy and...
First Ever Social Responsibility in Fisheries Assessment Tool in Development
GLOBAL - The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch programme, Sustainable Fisheries Partnerships (SFP) and Seafish, the authority on seafood in the UK, are partnering...
26 January 2016
Weekly Overview: Major Economic Benefit to Fishermen Through Abandoned Fishing Gear Removal
ANALYSIS - The term 'ghost fishing' has appeared quite frequently in the news lately as the fishing industry and organisations work together to try and solve the...
21 January 2016
Trying to Increase the Competitiveness of Your Aquaculture Business?
EU - A new European Commission funded project, BlueBRIDGE, is helping aquaculture enterprises become more competitive through the delivery of innovative data services....
19 January 2016
What is Shaping the Future for the Canned Tuna Market?
GLOBAL - Canned Tuna is still the most consumed of all canned seafood items, and for the inexperienced chef it is easy to prepare. However, heightened attention...
18 January 2016
World's Largest and Busiest Fishing Ports Identified in New Study
GLOBAL - A new study, commissioned by The Pew Charitable Trusts, ranks the world’s top 100 ports by volume of commercial fish landed, providing another vital layer...
15 January 2016
NORGHATI: Developing Sustainable Aquaculture in Ghana
ANALYSIS - Ghana’s economy and communities rely heavily on aquaculture, however the sustainable growth of the industry is hindered by poor quality fingerlings,...
12 January 2016
Weekly Overview: New Research to Improve Farmed Aquatic Species Health
ANALYSIS - The UK's University of Exeter and the Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (Cefas) are leading a £1.97 million BBSRC-Newton...
Friend of the Sea Launches New ‘Non-Entangling FADs’ Standard
GLOBAL - Friend of the Sea has recently introduced new criteria for the certification of tuna from sustainable fisheries, requiring the use of non-entangling Fish...
ASC Certified Farms Passes 200 Mark
GLOBAL - The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is proud to announce that more than 200 farms have achieved ASC certification in 28 countries....
08 January 2016
Global Fish Trade Values Contracted in 2015
GLOBAL - After years of rising seafood exports, global trade values are contracting in 2015. There are several reasons for this including the weakening of many key...
07 January 2016
Salt Cod Prices Skyrocket
GLOBAL - A national specialty, salt cod is typically sold dried salted, or frozen de-salted for retail use. Recently, China has begun to produce product that directly...
05 January 2016
Weekly Overview: US Looking to Expand Aquaculture in Northeast
ANALYSIS - As the US looks to expand its aquaculture production, NOAA is focusing on the potential to grow aquaculture in the northeast of the country, which currently...
29 December 2015
11 Lobster Facts That Will Leave You Shell-Shocked
GLOBAL - As may of you sit down to eat lobster over the Christmas Holiday, here are 11 weird and wonderful lobster facts. ...
25 December 2015
18 December 2015
MSC Certificates for Eastern Baltic Sea Cod Fisheries Suspended
EUROPE - The MSC certificates for all five cod fisheries in the Eastern Baltic Sea have been suspended. Independent assessment of the fisheries has shown that eastern...
15 December 2015
Weekly Overview: Japanese University Creates Catfish That Taste Like Eel
ANALYSIS - In Japan, researchers at Kinki University have succeeded in producing a catfish that tastes like eel. This research hopes to move consumers away from...
14 December 2015
Identifying Policy Synergies on Aid for Fisheries and Food Security
GLOBAL - Fisheries play a role in ensuring food security and income. What trade-related support is needed to help secure similar positive outcomes in the face of...
09 December 2015
WTO Decides COOL Retaliation Amounts
GLOBAL - The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has reached a decision on the amount that Canada and Mexico are allowed to claim from the US in retaliatory tariffs,...
08 December 2015
Weekly Overview: Aquaculture Ship to Move Salmon Farming Further Offshore
ANALYSIS - It could be the start of a sustainable revolution for the Norwegian salmon farming industry, following the design of an aquaculture ship that will move...
04 December 2015
Twenty Years of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
GLOBAL - Concerns about global overfishing and the wider ecosystem impacts of fishing activity both within countries economic exclusive zones and the high seas have...
03 December 2015
ASC Releases Revised Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR)
GLOBAL - The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has reached a major milestone with the release of its updated Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR)....
02 December 2015
Hilton to Serve MSC Certified Sustainable Cod Across Europe
GLOBAL - Hilton Worldwide has become the first global hotel company to serve Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) eco-labelled and certified cod in its restaurants in...
01 December 2015
Weekly Overview: India Looks to Antibiotic Free Shrimp Production to Improve Exports
ANALYSIS - The use of antibiotics on some shrimp farms has been identified as one of the main issues holding back India's seafood exports. ...
Health Expert Joins Nutriad Aqua Division
GLOBAL - Global producer of feed additive solutions Nutriad is further strengthening its aqua division, as it announced the appointment of Maria Mercè Isern i Subich,...
26 November 2015
WWF Celebrates Community-Based Marine Conservation
GLOBAL - The WWF has presented the 2015 Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award to Alasdair Harris and Alifereti Tawake for their significant contributions to marine...
25 November 2015
MSD Animal Health Launches High Quality Congress Website to Support Farmers
GLOBAL - MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) has launched of a High Quality Congress website to support producers of aquaculture,...
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