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27 March 2015
Rabobank Releases 2015 World Seafood Trade Map
GLOBAL - China is expected to remain a leading seafood exporter, with a total value of $20 million, and will also become an important importer of high-value seafood,...
26 March 2015
Punitive Trade Barriers Hit European Exports
ANALYSIS - Significant trade and investment barriers are being built by Europe’s leading trading partners....
25 March 2015
Weekly Overview: Marine Harvest Investigates Using Coniferous Trees for Fish Feed
ANALYSIS - Norwegian salmon farming company, Marine Harvest, is investigating the potential to use coniferous trees as a fish feed....
Antimicrobial Resistance – Who is Responsible?
ANALYSIS - Misuse and overuse of antimicrobials has been linked to the emergence and spread of organisms resistant to them, rendering treatments obsolete and threatening...
24 March 2015
Agriculture Must Adopt Better Water Management to Ensure Sustainable Food Supplies
GLOBAL - As people around the world celebrated World Water Day 2015 on Sunday 22 March, the United Nations released a new report predicting major water shortages...
23 March 2015
Chefs from Leading Restaurants to Serve the “Perfect Protein”
GLOBAL - Leading chefs from aroundd the world are joining Oceana’s campaign and pledge to serve and highlight anchovies and other small fish at their restaurants...
19 March 2015
100% Scholarships Now Available for University of St Andrews Sustainable Aquaculture Postgraduate Diploma/MSc
GLOBAL - The University of St Andrews has announced that it has secured ten 100 per cent scholarships for its Postgraduate Diploma/MSc course in Sustainable Aquaculture....
IFPRI: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico Home to Half World’s Hungry
GLOBAL - Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Mexico may be rising economic powerhouses, but these five fast-growing, middle income countries are still home to nearly...
18 March 2015
Agriculture Bears Major Brunt of Disaster Impacts
GLOBAL - Nearly a quarter of damages wrought by natural disasters on the developing world are borne by the agricultural sector according to initial results from...
17 March 2015
First Ever Socio-Economic Global Salmon Industry Report Released
GLOBAL - The first-ever socio-economic report on the global salmon farming industry has been released. The report notes how the industry is providing 14.8 billion...
16 March 2015
Asian Countries Continue Sustainable Intensification of Aquaculture
ASIA - Six countries in Asia are taking the lead in collaboration with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization to deliver “blue growth” – a regional initiative...
13 March 2015
Leading Fishery Experts Deliver Actions to Secure Global Seafood Supplies
GLOBAL - Several of the world’s leading food distributors, environmental NGOs, food science institutes, and seafood industry experts have joined together to call...
11 March 2015
Strengthening the Direct Link Between Small-Scale Farmers and Public Institutions
AFRICA - An innovative partnership spanning five African countries is providing important lessons on how governments can procure food for public institutions, such...
10 March 2015
Weekly Overview: New Breeding Research to Benefit Sole Aquaculture
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, researchers at IMARES Wageningen UR, Netherlands, announced that they have managed to select the best conditions for farming sole...
09 March 2015
Nutriad Across the Globe
GLOBAL - There’s a world of difference between poultry farming in Siberia and Brazil. The same might be said of shrimp production in Thailand and Honduras. If...
06 March 2015
Shark Fin Trade Declining While Another Endangered Species Suffer
GLOBAL - While shark’s fin soup has long been a revered delicacy for the Chinese, trade in shark has recently declined, notes a new study from WorldFish scientist...
05 March 2015
Aquaculture the Most Promising Method of Meeting Food Needs
GLOBAL - Aquaculture, including salmon farming, is going to be an essential part of feeding the world's growing population, said a top representative of the UN Food...
Fish Oil Market to Reach $1.7 billion by 2018 Driven by China's Aquaculture Sector
GLOBAL - A new report reveals that the global fish oil market will reach US$1.7 billion by 2018 due to the flourishing aquaculture industry in China....
03 March 2015
Friend of the Sea Certification Available for GLOBAL G.A.P Aqua Producers
GLOBAL - GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Aquaculture producers can now gain an additional consumer label for their products thanks to a collaboration with Friend of the Sea....
Weekly Overview: Work On-going to Determine Virus Y Relationship to New Trout Disease
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has released more information on the new disease, which was detected in freshwater rainbow trout...
02 March 2015
Pan-Africa Project to Develop Fish Trade in Africa
AFRICA - A new pan-African project has been launched to strengthen the continent’s great potential for increased trade in fish. ...
26 February 2015
New Traceability Standard Caters to Restaurants, Fishmongers and Fresh Fish Counters
GLOBAL - The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has revised its requirements for seafood suppliers, processors and vendors....
24 February 2015
Weekly Overview: RMS Shrimp Disease Could Lead to Shortfall Next Year
ANALYSIS - The shrimp disease, Running Mortality Syndrome (RMS), has recently been detected on shrimp farms in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, India, reported the...
Agricultural Production 'Not Suitable' for Food Challenges of the 21st Century
GLOBAL - While the numbers of the chronically hungry have been reduced by 100 million over the past decade, 805 million still go without enough to eat on a regular...
20 February 2015
Three Supermarket Groups Head Animal Welfare Benchmark Table
GLOBAL - Three European supermarket groups have been given top marks in a global annual farm animal welfare Business Benchmark report....
18 February 2015
What are Your Views on the Critical List of Antibiotics?
ANALYSIS - Agricultural use of antimicrobial medicines produces a source of resistant bacteria that can spread to humans....
Salmon Farms Working Towards Sustainability Goal with ASC
GLOBAL - The Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) salmon certification programme continues to grow steadily since its launch in summer 2012. In less than three...
17 February 2015
Weekly Overview: Falsely Labelled FAD Free Canned Tuna Thought to be Circulating EU Market
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, consumers are being told to watch out for canned tuna that has been falsely labelled FAD (fish aggregating device) free tuna, writes...
12 February 2015
ASC Takes Over Seriola and Cobia Standard
GLOBAL - The Seriola and Cobia Standard was handed over to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) by the Seriola and Cobia Aquaculture Dialogue last week. This...
10 February 2015
Weekly Overview: US Oysters, Mussels Found to Have Low Levels of Disease, Parasites
ANALYSIS - A new study from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has found the occurrence and severity of disease and parasite infections...
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