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26 August 2016
Sustainability Issues Still Remain in Fish Oil, Fish Meal Fisheries
GLOBAL - The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has found in its annual sustainability overview of reduction fisheries for 2016 that only 3.8 per cent of the...
25 August 2016
Cypriot Farmed Seabass, Seabream Certified Sustainable
CYPRUS - Seabass and seabream farmed by Kimagro Fishfarming Ltd in Limassol, Cyprus, has now been certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea....
18 August 2016
New Study to Improve Breeding, Health in Sole Aquaculture
SPAIN - A new research project has been launched which focuses on improving breeding and disease control in the cultivation of sole from aquaculture....
16 August 2016
Westcoast Rockfish Market Update
US - West Coast processors indicate smaller catches of Pacific Rockfish as Hake continues to come in strong, reports Kyla Ganton in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute market...
15 August 2016
Vancouver University Selling Farmed Canned Sturgeon
CANADA - The International Centre for Sturgeon Studies (ICSS) has partnered with local retail shops and restaurants to offer canned cans of smoked sturgeon and fresh...
08 August 2016
New Fish Virus Identified in Wisconsin
US - A new fish virus has been found in Pine Lake in Wisconsin's Forest County....
04 August 2016
Portuguese Companies to Launch New Aquaculture Investment
PORTUGAL – Portuguese retail giant Jerónimo Martins and local company Marisland-Madeira Mariculture have signed a deal to jointly launch an aquaculture investment...
27 July 2016
Study Shows Impact of Ocean Acidification on Reproductive Behavior in Fish
ITALY - Ocean acidification could have a major impact on the reproductive behaviour of fish living in affected waters, a new study shows. Research conducted close...
26 July 2016
Lumpfish: Cleaning Up Sea Lice in Salmon Aquaculture
GLOBAL - Sea lice are naturally occurring parasites that have become an increasing concern for salmon aquaculture, costing global salmon farming more than $500 million...
22 July 2016
Bangladesh Likely to Review Ban on Hilsa Exports
BANGLADESH - The Bangladesh government is likely to review ban on hilsa export after the fish are normally available in local markets this season, officials said....
21 July 2016
Anglesey Aquaculture Seeking New Investment
UK - Anglesey Aquaculture Limited, Europe’s largest marine recirculating aquaculture facility, is now seeking new investment....
19 July 2016
New Seabass Nodavirus Vaccine Begins Commercial Field Trials
UK - Commercial field trials are now underway for a new generation aquaculture vaccine from Benchmark....
11 July 2016
Researchers Discover First Sleeper Goby Cavefish in Western Hemisphere
MEXICO - Researchers have described a new genus and species of cavefish from Mexico - the Oaxaca Cave Sleeper....
30 June 2016
New £2.2 million Sea Lice Control Project Commences
SCOTLAND, UK - The drive to control sea lice through non-medicinal approaches has taken another step forward with the start of a new £2.12m lumpsucker project,...
29 June 2016
Fisheries Unite for World’s First MSC Certified Recreation, Commercial Fishery
AUSTRALIA - A monumental milestone in fisheries management has been achieved following a collaborative effort from community based organisation, Recfishwest and...
28 June 2016
Marine Scientist Appointed to Boost Fish Stock Conservation
UK - In a landmark development, the representative association for Scotland’s mackerel and herring fishermen has appointed a Chief Scientific Officer to spearhead...
Experts Make Breakthrough With Red Snapper Breeding
PHILIPPINES - Aquaculture experts in the Philippines have successfully managed to breed the high-value fish maya-maya (red snapper) in captivity....
20 June 2016
Faroese Mackerel Fishery Gets Sustainable Certification
FAROE ISLANDS - Faroese fisheries landing over half a million tonnes of oily fish each year have been MSC certified as sustainable and well-managed fisheries....
Alaska Fish Factor: Putting Herring Back on the Menu
US - There’s much more to Alaska herring than roe and bait. To prove that point, nearly 40 of Seattle’s finest restaurants and retailers will celebrate Northwest...
17 June 2016
Mackerel Bring Surprising New Business Opportunities for Greenland
GREENLAND - In recent years, mackerel have appeared in Greenland waters, and in their wake new and economically important fisheries have emerged....
16 June 2016
Argentine Hake Continues to Come up Short
US - Argentine Hake continues to come up short in the market, as buyers offer smaller sizes with precommitments selling weeks before containers even land in North...
06 June 2016
SAIC-Supported Cleaner Fish Project Scoops Innovation Award
UK - Scottish Sea Farms was last night crowned winner of the Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Award for Innovation for its pioneering approach to sea lice control...
24 May 2016
The Challenges for Solomon Islands Milkfish Aquaculture
SOLOMON ISLANDS - The human inhabitants of Solomon Islands, like many Pacific islands, are heavily reliant on coastal fisheries for food. With increasing human population,...
19 May 2016
Why do the Japanese like Norwegian Mackerel?
NORWAY - What is quality? And what makes it good? Or bad? These are difficult questions that Nofima scientists have decided to tackle when it comes to seafood....
13 May 2016
Shrinking Groundfish Quotas Shift Flounder Supply Chain
US - Last week's Groundfish Quota announcements are set to shake up the East Coast market in spite of scientific research showing decent biomass estimates, reports...
12 May 2016
Cooke to Purchase Icicle Seafoods
US - The Cooke family has signed a definitive agreement for the purchase of Icicle Seafoods, Inc. Once closed, the deal will enhance the family’s investments in...
Thai Union on Track for Another Record Year
THAILAND - Thai Union Group PCL (TU) reported 2016 first quarter consolidated sales of THB 31,257 million, up 9.3 per cent from THB 28,606 million from the same...
10 May 2016
Herring Genome Proides Insight on How Species Adapt to Environment
SWEDEN - How species genetically adapt to their environment is a central question related to the evolution of biodiversity. In a new study scientists at Uppsala...
09 May 2016
Stickleback Fish Adapt Vision in the Blink of an Eye
CANADA - Stickleback fish are able to adapt their vision to new environments in less than 10,000 years, a blink of the eye in evolutionary terms, according to new...
05 May 2016
Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome Detected in Wild Smallmouth Bass
SOUTH AFRICA - An outbreak of epizootic ulcerative syndrome has been detected in wild smallmouth bass in South Africa....
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