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22 May 2017
Fishmeal substitute passes taste test
Sashimi derived from yellowtail fed a diet containing a novel fishmeal replacement has passed a consumer taste test with flying colours....
10 May 2017
Call for more wild lumpfish research
Understanding the natural behaviour of lumpfish is likely to be the key to devising a strategy for how best to deploy them as cleanerfish in salmon cages....
09 May 2017
Top tips for cleanerfish feeding
Feeds and feeding techniques were amongst the key topics discussed at the International Cleaner Fish Summit in Glasgow today....
Hefty funding for novel marine fish research
A project to advance aquaculture technology for high-value marine fish such as tuna and hirame (Japanese flounder) has received $1.5 million in funding....
08 May 2017
Frozen rockfish in short supply
Poor weather conditions and a strong fresh market have kept frozen rockfish inventories bare, leading up to the busy summer season, according to Kyla Ganton, in...
28 April 2017
Project launched for small-scale Mauritanian pelagics
A fishery improvement project (FIP) for small pelagic fisheries in the West African nation of Mauritania has been launched by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership...
20 April 2017
Dirty words over cleanerfish fishery
A call to halt the supply of live wild-caught wrasse to the salmon aquaculture sector has been issued by the Angling Trust....
19 April 2017
Fish can solve problems collectively
Some fish can pool their experience to solve problems collectively, according to new research from scientists at the University of St Andrews....
18 April 2017
Pacific cleanerfish project proves its worth
Following the successful deployment of a number of species – notably lumpsuckers and ballan wrasse – as cleanerfish in salmon cages in the eastern Atlantic,...
Award for Middle Eastern RAS project
The AquaBioTech Group, has been awarded the Aquaculture Farm Innovation Award for their role in the development of recirculating aquaculture systems (RASs) in the...
13 April 2017
Former farmer makes Forbes listing
Creating a device that could help Asian fish and shrimp producers use 21% less feed has landed a former fish farmer a place in this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia...
12 April 2017
Season set for Kodiak herring
The Kodiak herring sac roe fishery will begin at noon Saturday April 15th, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) has announced this week....
06 April 2017
North Sea herring recertified
Herring caught in the North Sea by vessels belonging to the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group (SPSG) and the Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association (PFA) have been...
03 April 2017
Endorsement for forage fisheries
A new study suggests that catching forage fish probably has a lower impact on predatory species than previously thought, challenging previous research that argued...
01 April 2017
Scots set for first caviar farm
Scottish caviar could be available to purchase in the not-too-distant future, following an application to build a farm capable of producing 1.5 tonnes of the prized...
29 March 2017
Putting octopus on the map
Plans to launch a pioneering project to provide African fishers with a benchmark for sustainable octopus fishing have been announced today....
27 March 2017
Panga producers hit hard
It's not shaping up to be a very good year for Vietnamese pangasius producers, as harsh weather and increased import tariffs strengthen finished goods, according...
Key aquafeed fisheries certified
The North Sea fisheries for three stocks used largely in the production of fishmeal and fish oil have achieved MSC certification....
21 March 2017
Sustainable squid breakthrough
Two squid Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs), which encompass more than 20 squid fisheries, have merged in a bid to pave the way toward a more sustainable global squid...
18 March 2017
Aquafeed double act established
Coppens International, the Dutch aquafeed subsidiary of Alltech, has announced plans to collaborate with Guabi, a leading Brazilian fish feed producer....
16 March 2017
EU still vulnerable to illegal fish imports
Disparities and weaknesses in import controls in key member states of the European Union mean illegally caught fish can still slip through the net and into EU supply...
Entrepreneur sets sights on alternative protein technology
Ten years after making his first investment in aquaculture, David Tze, the founder of the aquaculture investment fund Aquacopia, is looking for a fresh investment...
15 March 2017
Turks seek to expand bass and bream output
Turkish aquaculture industry player Akvatur is planning to raise its output and export sales this year, according to senior company representatives....
14 March 2017
Sustainable shipping standard launched
Friend of the Sea (FoS) is set to include a new sustainable shipping standard in the next update of its sustainability certification criteria, in a bid to ensure...
10 March 2017
Anchovy fishery seeks sustainability upgrade
The Peruvian anchovy fishery, which is the world's largest source of fishmeal and fish oil, has this week launched a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) in a bid...
09 March 2017
Success of AlgaPrime DHA in Aquaculture Market Drives Increased Commercial Distribution
US - TerraVia, Bunge Limited and BioMar Group have announced the expansion of their distribution agreement for AlgaPrime™ DHA - a native, whole algae specialty...
07 March 2017
90% of Predatory Fish Gone from Caribbean Coral Reefs Due to Overfishing
US - Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have found that up to 90 per cent of predatory fish are gone from Caribbean coral reefs, straining...
FEDEACUA, Colombia to Pilot Draft Biosecurity Area Management Standard
COLOMBIA - The Global Aquaculture Alliance and Federación Colombiana De Acuicultores (FEDEACUA) have announced the first pilot of the draft Best Aquaculture Practices...
03 March 2017
Aquaculture Growth Backed by Newly Appointed Group Manager
NEW ZEALAND - With recently appointed Group Manager Dr Serean Adams at the helm, the Cawthron Aquaculture Group is set to go from strength to strength....
Global Pelagics Supply Outlook Improving
GLOBAL - With recent research indicating that North Atlantic mackerel and herring stocks are improving, the outlook for 2017 appears to be strong. In contrast, for...
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