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11 February 2016
Top Award for SAIC Wrasse Project
SCOTLAND, UK - A Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) project has won the coveted Innovative Collaboration Award at the Scottish Enterprise Life Science...
08 February 2016
New Research to Help Fishermen Prevent Accidental Sturgeon Catch
US - Researchers at the University of Delaware are one step closer to developing an online map that would help Mid-Atlantic fishermen avoid catching Atlantic sturgeon....
28 January 2016
Processors Disappointed with Pollock Test Fishery
US - The Prince William Sound Pollock test fishery began last week and the first harvests are in. Processors are disappointed as fishing has been slow and most fish...
19 January 2016
Researchers Develop Antihypertensive Treatments From Fish Discards
SPAIN - Researchers at the University of Granada have obtained antihypertensive peptides from low-value species such as sardines or mackerel....
15 January 2016
Largest US Fishery Still Fishing Sustainably
US - The largest fishery in the US and the largest certified sustainable fishery in the world, Alaska Pollock, has again achieved re-certification to the Marine...
14 January 2016
Damsa Sardines, Mackerel Certified Friend of the Sea
MOROCCO - Sardines and mackerel from Damsa, a Moroccan fish cannery belonging to Copelit Group, have now been certified by Friend of the Sea....
13 January 2016
BFAR Implements Sardine Fishing Ban
PHILIPPINES - The fishery ministry of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has implemented a three month closed season for sardine fishing in Sulu Sea...
11 January 2016
Herring Even Better for You Than First Thought
NORWAY - It is well-known that herring is a rich source of the healthy marine omega-3 fatty acids. But now scientists at Nofima have discovered that another fat...
06 January 2016
Researchers Explore Potential of Popular South American Fish in US
US - University of Florida researchers are studying whether it could be viable to bring a popular South American fish - Arapaima - to the United States....
04 January 2016
US Congress Changes Market Name of the Nation’s Largest Fishery
US - Seafood consumers in the US gained more certainty about the source of the seafood they buy as part of a bill that the US Congress passed and President Obama...
31 December 2015
Killifish Project Explores Genetic Foundation of Longevity
US - Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have mapped the genome of an unusually short-lived fish, paving the way for scientists to use the...
Camouflaged Cuttlefish Employ Electrical Stealth
US - When you're as soft and delicious as a cuttlefish, evading predators is a full-time job. Not only do these squid-like creatures employ stealthy visual camouflage...
29 December 2015
Cichlid Fish View Unfamiliar Faces for Longer
JAPAN - Fish viewed digital models with unfamiliar fish faces longer and from a further distance than models with familiar faces, according to by Masanori Kohda...
28 December 2015
Fish Competitors Can Pose More of a Threat than Predators
SWITZERLAND - When the biodiversity of an ecosystem is reduced by invasive species, competition for food plays a more important role than has previously been supposed....
17 December 2015
First Italian Fishery Enters MSC Assessment
ITALY - An Italian anchovy and sardine fishery has become the first in the Mediterranean to put itself forward for assessment to the Marine Stewardship Council’s...
10 December 2015
EU/Faroe Mackerel Negotiations Taken Off the Table
SCOTLAND, UK - This year’s EU/Faroe fishing negotiations has placed “unacceptable restrictions” on all concerned and the future level of Faroese access to...
08 December 2015
Weekly Overview: Aquaculture Ship to Move Salmon Farming Further Offshore
ANALYSIS - It could be the start of a sustainable revolution for the Norwegian salmon farming industry, following the design of an aquaculture ship that will move...
04 December 2015
Researchers Show Fish Have Emotions and Consciousness
SPAIN and UK - Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, together with scientists from the universities of Stirling and Bristol (UK), have for the...
26 November 2015
Zero Quotas Proposed for 2016 Black Sea Turbot, Dogfish
EU - The European Commission has proposed its fishing opportunities for the Black Sea in 2016....
25 November 2015
Comittment to Aquaculture Could Save 3000 Lives in Bangladesh
BANGLADESH - A new study indicates that a long-term commitment to the farming of small fish in Bangladesh could save as many as 3000 lives over an 11-year period....
24 November 2015
Researchers Help Seabass, Bream Better Adapt to Aquaculture
FINLAND and GREECE - Researchers from Greece and Finland are collaborating to help gilthead sea bream (Sparus auratus) and European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)...
19 November 2015
Progress Made on Tuna Fisheries Management at Latest ICCAT Meeting
EU - It was good news for some tuna stocks this week as the 24th International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meeting came to a close...
17 November 2015
Temporary Fishing Closures Saved 206,000 tonnes of Juvenile Anchovy
PERU - During the first season of 2015 anchovy fishing (March-July), the Ministry of Production and IMARPE, managed to avoid the capture of about 206,000 tonnes...
16 November 2015
Philippines Fisheries Production Continues to Grow
PHILIPPINES - According to the Department of Agriculture, fisheries produced 1.80 per cent more output in the third quarter of the year, riding on the continued...
13 November 2015
ISF Icelandic Ling Achieves MSC Certification
ICELAND - Iceland Sustainable Fisheries (ISF) has extended its programme of MSC certification by adding Icelandic ling to its growing list of MSC certified fisheries....
09 November 2015
Canadian Herring is First Gillnet Fishery to Achieve MSC Certification
CANADA - The Gulf Nova Scotia Herring Federation and its member associations have become the first ever gillnet herring fishery to achieve the Marine Stewardship...
03 November 2015
Canadian Yellowtail Flounder Re-certified to MSC
CANADA - The Ocean Choice International (OCI) Grand Bank Yellowtail Flounder Fishery has been re-certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fishery Standard...
27 October 2015
Weekly Overview: VHS Virus Reported for First Time in Icelandic Fish
ICELAND - An outbreak of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) has been reported for the first time in Iceland this week. ...
Corfu Sea Farm Achieves Sustainable Certification
GREECE - The Greek company Corfu Sea Farm S.A. has been approved as Friend of the Sea certified for seafood from sustainable aquaculture. ...
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Reported for First Time in Icelandic Fish
ICELAND - An outbreak of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) has been reported in Iceland. This is the first time that VHS has been detected in the country....
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