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26 April 2016
Squid Supply Shortage Leaving Squid Inventories Cleared Out & Fishermen Empty
GLOBAL - Global supply shortages continue to strengthen market pricing for all species of Squid, reports Rob reierson in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight....
22 April 2016
ICAR Releases Diagnostic Kit for Indian Fish Farmers
INDIA - The ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has released a virus diagnostic kit specific to betanoda virus that infects marine fish....
12 April 2016
The New Farmed Caviar King is Here
ROMANIA - As a fish farmer, to wait for 17 years for a Huso female (Beluga) or 11 years for a Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii (Osetra) to offer you the treasured caviar...
07 April 2016
South Africa Issues Plan to Protect Clanwilliam Sandfish
SOUTH AFRICA - Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has published the Biodiversity Management Plan for the Clanwilliam sandfish (Labeo Seeberi)....
06 April 2016
Researchers Find New Type of Symbiosis: Bacteria Eat Ammonia in Fish Gills
NETHERLANDS - Microbiologists and fish researchers from Radboud University have discovered that bacteria in the gills of fish convert harmful ammonia into harmless...
Norwegian Seafood Exports Continue to Grow in Value
NORWAY - Norway exported seafood worth NOK 21.3 billion in Q1 2016. An increase of 22 per cent or NOK 3.8 billion compared with Q1 2015. For the month of March alone,...
04 April 2016
Fresh Rockfish Market Picking Up
US - The fresh Pacific Rockfish market typically gets going this time of the year as the weather clears, so anticipate fewer fish hitting the freezers for a few...
30 March 2016
Researchers Make Major Cavefish Discovery in Thailand
Thailand - Researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), US, have identified unique anatomical features in a species of blind, walking cavefish...
14 March 2016
New Latin American Fish Species Identified
BRAZIL - Unidentified since its discovery in 2007, a large fish species from Amazonia has failed to give out enough information about itself, leaving only insufficient...
11 March 2016
Could a New Fatty Mackerel Take Off in Japan?
JAPAN - For the first time, Japan is farming a rare type of fatty mackerel known as suma, or eastern little tuna. Following its first appearance in stores on January...
04 March 2016
Bacterial Disease is Leading Cause of Mortality in Lumpfish
NORWAY - A new study by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) has identified atypical furunculosis as the "worst offender" of bacterial diseases...
02 March 2016
Student Exposes Illegal Release of Alien Fish in Japan
JAPAN - An undergraduate student in Japan has recently exposed the illegal release of bluegill fish which poses a significant threat to the native biodiversity....
29 February 2016
Herring Fishery's Strength is in the Sum of its Parts
US - A wise investor plays the financial market by maintaining a variety of stocks. In the long run, the whole portfolio will be more stable because of the diversity...
23 February 2016
Small Fish Recurrent Theme for Alaska Pollock; Canadian Snow Crab Prices Peak
US - Alaska Pollock has been coming in small across all regions of the North. Historical pricing on the 2-4s show a price dip in the fall as vendors cleared out...
18 February 2016
Nofima Looks at Different Ways to Work With Lumpfish
NORWAY - Lumpfish have become an important weapon in the struggle against sea lice. This means that there are large volumes of it in Norwegian aquaculture. Now the...
First North Atlantic Blue Whiting Fisheries Achieve MSC Certified
EU - Two thirds of the total catch of North East Atlantic blue whiting (Micromesistious poutassaou) has achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for...
Unique Effects of Inulin on Fish Health
GLOBAL - One of the biggest challenges in the world is feeding the growing population in a sustainable way. With aquaculture playing a more prominent role in the...
17 February 2016
ICES Changes Lead to Scottish Herring MSC Certificate Suspension
SCOTLAND, UK - The certifier for the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group (SPSG) West of Scotland herring fishery has suspended the fishery’s MSC certification...
16 February 2016
Ministry Gives Go-Ahead for Asian Seabass Imports
INDIA - The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has issued its final guidelines, allowing private entrepreneurs and enterprises to import Asian Seabass...
15 February 2016
Scientists Call for Alert as Escaped Cobia Spread
PANAMA - Cobia, a promising fish for aquaculture, lives throughout the world's oceans except in the Central and Eastern Pacific. In August 2015, a large number of...
11 February 2016
Top Award for SAIC Wrasse Project
SCOTLAND, UK - A Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) project has won the coveted Innovative Collaboration Award at the Scottish Enterprise Life Science...
08 February 2016
New Research to Help Fishermen Prevent Accidental Sturgeon Catch
US - Researchers at the University of Delaware are one step closer to developing an online map that would help Mid-Atlantic fishermen avoid catching Atlantic sturgeon....
28 January 2016
Processors Disappointed with Pollock Test Fishery
US - The Prince William Sound Pollock test fishery began last week and the first harvests are in. Processors are disappointed as fishing has been slow and most fish...
19 January 2016
Researchers Develop Antihypertensive Treatments From Fish Discards
SPAIN - Researchers at the University of Granada have obtained antihypertensive peptides from low-value species such as sardines or mackerel....
15 January 2016
Largest US Fishery Still Fishing Sustainably
US - The largest fishery in the US and the largest certified sustainable fishery in the world, Alaska Pollock, has again achieved re-certification to the Marine...
14 January 2016
Damsa Sardines, Mackerel Certified Friend of the Sea
MOROCCO - Sardines and mackerel from Damsa, a Moroccan fish cannery belonging to Copelit Group, have now been certified by Friend of the Sea....
13 January 2016
BFAR Implements Sardine Fishing Ban
PHILIPPINES - The fishery ministry of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has implemented a three month closed season for sardine fishing in Sulu Sea...
11 January 2016
Herring Even Better for You Than First Thought
NORWAY - It is well-known that herring is a rich source of the healthy marine omega-3 fatty acids. But now scientists at Nofima have discovered that another fat...
06 January 2016
Researchers Explore Potential of Popular South American Fish in US
US - University of Florida researchers are studying whether it could be viable to bring a popular South American fish - Arapaima - to the United States....
04 January 2016
US Congress Changes Market Name of the Nation’s Largest Fishery
US - Seafood consumers in the US gained more certainty about the source of the seafood they buy as part of a bill that the US Congress passed and President Obama...
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