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27 November 2015
JIRCAS: Japan's Fisheries Technology Makes its Mark
JAPAN - The Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, or JIRCAS, is a national institute in Japan working to develop technology for the agriculture,...
24 November 2015
Weak Demand, High Prices Hurting Vietnam Shrimp Exports
VIETNAM - Weak demand in main markets, coupled with low export prices and fierce competition has squeezed Vietnam shrimp exports in the first 10 months of this year....
23 November 2015
Aquaculture Gaining Ground in Gensan
PHILIPPINES - Aquaculture, which was described by a United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization study as the “big future”, is now gaining ground in Gensan...
16 November 2015
Shrimp Prices Soar in Kuwait
KUWAIT - Shrimp prices have shot up in Kuwait due to low supply and excessive demand....
09 November 2015
Nutriad Present EMS Strategies at 10th SWCSNFFS in China
CHINA - The 10th Symposium of the World’s Chinese Scientists on Nutrition and Feeding of Finfish and Shellfish (SWCSNFFS), the biggest aquaculture nutrition event...
03 November 2015
Shrimp Leads Increase in US Seafood Consumption
US - For the second year in a row, Americans are eating more seafood. Health conscious consumers appear to be helping reverse a trend that saw seafood consumption...
30 October 2015
India’s Shrimp Aquaculture Industry Remains Hopeful Despite Onset of Disease
INDIA - India’s shrimp exports dominated the global supply market in 2014, with over 301,000 tonnes of tiger (Penaeus monodon) and whiteleg (Penaeus vanname/Litopenaeus...
29 October 2015
Grow Shrimp Faster and Bigger on Sea Urchin Droppings Diet
US - Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham appear to have found a better way to grow shrimp that is also less expensive, and the new process could...
23 October 2015
Prawns Reveal the Secrets of Innovation
UK - Small and hungry prawns are more likely to be resourceful in the face of adversity than their less desperate counterparts according to new research published...
22 October 2015
Coles Delis Commit to Sustainable, Traceable Seafood
AUSTRALIA - Coles has become the first major supermarket in Australia to offer its customers certified sustainable and traceable seafood in their delis....
New Cloud-Based Mobile App Allows Fish Farmers to Manage Traceability
GLOBAL - National Fish & Seafood (NFS) has launched SourceTrace™, a cloud-based mobile application for fish farmers around the world to manage traceability. ...
20 October 2015
Brazilian Shrimp Producer Awarded Global Aquaculture Innovation & Leadership Award
BRAZIL - Brazil’s Camanor Produtos Marinhos Ltda. has won this year’s Preferred Freezer Services Global Aquaculture Innovation & Leadership Award from the Global...
First Swedish Prawn Fishery MSC Certified
SWEDEN - A Swedish prawn fishery has achieved certification to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainable fishing. Following a rigorous, third-party...
16 October 2015
Washington Pink Shrimp gets Sustainable Certification
US - Washington pink shrimp is the first fishery managed by the state of Washington to achieve certification to the global Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fisheries...
09 October 2015
Indian Shrimp Production Expected to Drop 20 per cent
INDIA - India is expecting a 10-20 per cent drop in its farmed shrimp production this year....
07 October 2015
Mexico Registers Huge Increase in Frozen Shrimp Exports
MEXICO - In the period from January to July 2015 the value of food exports from Mexico to the European Union totalled 581.6 million euros, an increase of 22.6 per...
06 October 2015
Six New Mobile Labs to Help Fish Farmers Combat Disease
INDIA - The Andhra Pradesh fisheries department is introducing six mobile disease diagnosis laboratories as part of a major step towards ensuring disease-free aquaculture....
05 October 2015
Shrimp Farmers Alerted to EHP Disease Spread
INDIA - Indian shrimp farmers have been warned to keep a look out for the spread of Enterocytozoon Hepatopenaei (EHP), a micro sporedean disease....
02 October 2015
Portable Device for Sickness-Causing Toxins a Handy Tool for Fishermen
US - Mussels, oysters, scallops and clams might be ingredients for fine cuisine, but they can also be a recipe for diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP). Now, researchers...
01 October 2015
Fisheries Experts to Hold Workshop on Shrimp Diseases
INDIA - Officials of Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) in association with Department of Fisheries will organise a state-level workshop on ‘Shrimp...
Norwegian Antibiotic Use Low but Growing in Pets
NORWAY - Norwegian antibiotic use is falling in livestock but rising in pets....
24 September 2015
August Shrimp Landings Soar in the Gulf of Mexico
US - Landings data from NOAA for August 2015 indicate that 19.8 million pounds of shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico were harvested last month. This is the most shrimp...
23 September 2015
Peru gets its First BAP-Certified Feed Mill
PERU - Vitapro S.A has become Peru’s first feed mill to attain Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification....
15 September 2015
Where is All The Norwegian Cod Going?
GLOBAL - If the China inspection and Quarantine service lifts the ban on Norwegian fish 30,000 to 40,000 tons of fish would flush into the market, but where is it...
Viet Nam Shrimp Exports to US Projected to Grow
VIET NAM - Shrimp exports from Viet Nam to the US are expected to grow following the final results of the ninth anti-dumping duty administrative review by the US...
14 September 2015
'Head and Shellders' - Waste Prawn Shells Making Shampoo More Environmentally Friendly
WALES, UK - Scientists at Glynd?r University are investigating whether waste prawn shells can make the production of shampoos and laundry liquids more environmentally-friendly....
08 September 2015
Shrimp Imports Depressing Market Prices
US - Wholesale shrimp prices are falling due to cheaper foreign imports that marine experts say could be harmful to human health....
28 August 2015
Ecuador's Shrimp Production to Increase in 2015
ECUADOR - Ecuador’s calendar year (CY) 2015 shrimp production is expected to reach roughly 350,000 metric tons (MT), up 10,000 MT or an increase of nearly three...
27 August 2015
Conviction After US Shrimp Mislabelling Case
US - A North Carolina seafood processor and wholesale distributor faces a felony conviction after Federal prosecutors exposed the company’s shrimp mislabelling...
13 August 2015
Improve Fish/Shrimp Health and Growth With Probiotics
GLOBAL - Maximise yield and increase profitability with water quality enhancing products from Keeton....
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