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19 January 2017
Addressing the Challenges of Shrimp Nutrition
CANADA - Remarks by Alberto Nunes, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil, during the aquaculture breakout session at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver,...
17 January 2017
Weekly Overview: Researchers Develop New Method for Quick Detection of White Spot Disease
GLOBAL - Researchers in India have developed a new method for detecting white spot disease in shrimps, giving on-the-spot results....
Researchers Develop New Method for Quick Detection of White Spot Disease
INDIA - Researchers have developed a new method for detecting white spot disease in shrimps, giving on-the-spot results....
16 January 2017
Disease Threats in Shrimp Farming: Causes and Possible Solutions
CANADA - Remarks by Matthew Briggs, Ridley AgriProducts Pty., Australia, during the aquaculture breakout session at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver,...
13 January 2017
Australian Authorities Hunt for Source of White Spot Disease Outbreak
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources are continuing to work collaboratively with the Queensland Government to determine...
12 January 2017
Low and Stable Shrimp Prices Fueling Demand in the EU and Japan
GLOBAL - Although shrimp supplies remained stable during the first half of 2016, shrimp farmers in most of the producing countries in Asia have been struggling with...
11 January 2017
New Shrimp Farm to Open in Iowa
US - A new shrimp farm is to open in Sigourney, Keokuk County, Iowa. ...
10 January 2017
Weekly Overview: Endangered Sea Cucumber Farming Operation Receives $2.75 million Investment
GLOBAL - A sea cucumber farming operation in Madagascar has received a $2.75 million investment from Aqua-Spark - the sustainable aquaculture investment fund....
New Disease Detected in Vannamei Shrimps
INDIA - A new virus among Vannamei shrimps, in Thailand and Vietnam, has been detected by the department of Marine Living Resources of Andhra University. The virus...
09 January 2017
Australia Suspends Uncooked Prawn Imports
AUSTRALIA - ​The Director of Biosecurity has suspended uncooked prawn imports into Australia in response to information from the Department of Agriculture and...
06 January 2017
Hopes Are High for Torula Yeast in Shrimp Aquaculture
MEXICO - Research in Mexico has shown that torula yeast (Candida utilis) could replace portions of fishmeal in farmed Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)...
04 January 2017
Vannamei Shrimp Key to Export Growth in India
INDIA - Introduction of exotic ‘vannamei’ shrimp into India’s coastal aquaculture system has significantly contributed to maintaining the momentum in the country’s...
03 January 2017
Weekly Overview: Major New Grant to Improve Welfare of Fish Used for Science
GLOBAL - Over the last few weeks, researchers at the University of Lincoln in the UK announced that they have won a major new grant award, worth over £300,000,...
23 December 2016
Investigation Finds No White Spot Disease in Wild Queensland Prawns
AUSTRALIA - ​​​No further prawn farms in the Logan River area have tested positive to white spot disease. The response is moving into the next phase, which...
22 December 2016
EU Trade Agreement to Boost Ecuador’s Shrimp Farming Industry
ECUADOR - A new Trade Agreement negotiated by Ecuador and the European Union is expected to further enhance the relationship between the two trading partners and...
16 December 2016
Western Australia Implements Import Restrictions on Queensland Prawns and Worms
AUSTRALIA - Western Australians are being urged to keep to new import requirements to prevent the establishment of white spot disease, following its detection on...
13 December 2016
More Australian Prawn Farms Report White Spot Disease
AUSTRALIA - Following the announcement on 2 December of a white spot disease outbreak, Australian authorities have now confirmed that the disease has been detected...
Weekly Overview: More White Spot Outbreaks Detected in Logan River Prawn Farms
AUSTRALIA - Following the announcement on 2 December of a white spot disease outbreak at a prawn farm, Australian authorities have now confirmed that the disease...
02 December 2016
White Spot Detected on Queensland Prawn Farm
AUSTRALIA - ​​​White spot disease, a highly contagious viral disease of prawns, has been detected on a prawn farm in Logan River, south of Brisbane....
25 November 2016
Brazil Must Increase its Shrimp Exports, says Minister
BRAZIL - Brazil needs to increase its shrimp exports, said the minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply during his visit to shrimp farming areas in Aracati....
24 November 2016
Egyptian Aquaculturalists Best Management Practice Training Boosts Profits
EGYPT - Best management practice training helps Egyptian aquaculturalists improve their net profits, a new study lead by Dr Malcolm Dickson, Country Programme Manager...
22 November 2016
Latest State-of-the-Art Shrimp Farm a Boost to Nigeria
NIGERIA - Atlantic Shrimpers Limited (ASL), a leader in the Seafood segment in Sub-Saharan Africa, and number one in the Nigerian Fishery sub-sector, has unveiled...
14 November 2016
Latvian Shrimp Farm to Expand, Launch Sales to Scandinavia, Russia
LATVIA - Latvian shrimp farm FishBode SIA has unveiled plans to launch sales to the Scandinavian countries and Russia, and build a new facility to expand the output...
10 November 2016
US Helps Drive Thai Union Record Sales
THAILAND - Thai Union Group reported a 7.7 per cent on-year rise in 2016 third quarter consolidated sales to a record THB 35,128 million (USD 1 billion). This is...
09 November 2016
Saudi Arabia Lifts Pakistani Shrimp Import Ban
PAKISTAN - Saudi Arabia has reportedly lifted its ban on the import of shrimps from Pakistan after extensive deliberations of concerned Ministries and Chairman Pak-Saudi...
04 November 2016
First Thai Shrimp Farm Certified ASC
THAILAND - In an important step toward responsible aquaculture in Thailand, Best Aquaculture Partners (BAP) has become the first Aquaculture Stewardship Council...
13 October 2016
AquacultureEurope2016: Shrimp Biofloc Study Wins Lindsay Laird Award Winner
UK - A study into the effects of white spot in shrimp farming units has won this year's prestigious Lindsay Laird Award....
04 October 2016
Weekly Overview: Where Have All the Sockeye Gone?
ANALYSIS - In fisheries news this week, Tradex Foods celebrated its 300th episode of its 3-Minute Market Insight with a special focus on Frazer river sockeye salmon,...
ASC Certifies its First African Shrimp Farm
MADAGASCAR - Unima, leader in Madagascar’s shrimp production sector, has been awarded Aquaculture Stewardship Certification (ASC) for its aquaculture farm Aqualma...
AquacultureEurope2016: Shrimp Disease Causes Millions in Losses Across Asia
ASIA - Shrimp diseases such as white spot and AHPND have caused devastating losses for farmers across Asia in the last few years. Speaking at Aquaculture Europe...
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