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09 March 2017
Delta Raw Shrimp Prices Soar
VIET NAM - Prices of raw shrimp have been increasing rapidly in the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta since early February when shrimp processors returned to work soon after...
08 March 2017
Work on Trà Vinh’s First High-tech Shrimp Breeding Centre Begins
VIET NAM - Thông Thuận Group started the construction of a high-tech shrimp breeding centre in the southern Trà Vinh Province’s Trường Long Hòa Commune...
07 March 2017
Viet Nam Targets Shrimp, Catfish Export Products in 2017
VIET NAM - Viet Nam targeted shrimp and catfish as two key seafood export products in 2017, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)...
03 March 2017
UBM Launches Aquaculture Viet Nam 2017
VIET NAM - UBM, the organizer of Aquaculture Viet Nam 2017 launched the event at a press conference in Can Tho on 22 February. To be held 25-27 October at the Can...
17 February 2017
Frozen Shrimp Exports to Korea Must Undergo Quarantine
VIET NAM - Frozen shrimp exported to the Republic of Korea (RoK) from member countries of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) must undergo quarantine checks before...
13 February 2017
Ministry Urges Australia to Permit Shrimp Imports Again
VIET NAM - Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh has called on the Australian Government to allow the import of prawns and uncooked shrimps again soon....
09 February 2017
US to Maintain AD Duties on Vietnamese Shrimp Export
VIET NAM - The US Department of Commerce said the revocation of anti-dumping (AD) order on certain frozen warmwater shrimp from Việt Nam would likely lead to a...
30 September 2016
Vietnamese Fine Foods Company Achieves Sustainable Aquaculture Certification
VIETNAM - Black tiger prawn from Fine Foods Company fish farm, located in Ca Mau province of Vietnam, has been certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea....
07 September 2016
New Tax Rate on Artemia Imports Hurting the Shrimp Breeding Industry
VIETNAM - Artemia egg importers and shrimp breeder producers have lodged a complaint to the Prime Minister about the imposition of the five per cent import duty...
17 August 2016
Vietnam's Seafood Exports Continue to Grow Despite Challenges
VIETNAM - Despite problems with drought and salinity in the first half of 2016, Vietnam’s seafood export turnover in the second quarter of 2016 registered growth...
26 July 2016
Seanamico to Hit Sales of VND780 billion in 2016
VIETNAM - Organic shrimp farming company Seanamico has set a sales target for 2016 of VND780 billion and is expecting the production of finished products to be 2,550...
13 July 2016
Nutriad at VietShrimp in Vietnam
VIETNAM - VietShrimp International was successfully held in Bac Lieu (Vietnam) from June 24-26. The theme was “Converge to develop Vietnam Shrimp Industry.”...
13 June 2016
Trả lời điều tra bệnh vi bào tử trùng (EHP) (Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei) trúng thưởng
VIETNAM - Giải thưởng bao gồm: pin sạc dự phòng, đồng hồ thể thao thông minh, thẻ nhớ USB và áo thun...
13 April 2016
Saline Intrusion Forces Farmers to Halve Shrimp Production
VIETNAM - High salinity in the Mekong Delta is causing many shrimp farmers to cut their production by half until the rainy season arrives....
26 February 2016
Viet Nam-Korea Free Trade Agreement Helps Shrimp Trade
VIET NAM - Thanks to the free trade agreement between Viet Nam and South Korea in effect from 20 December 2015, businesses in some sectors are pushing exports to...
24 February 2016
Vietnamese Shrimp Leading in Japanese Market
VIET NAM - Viet Nam's shrimp exports to Japan - the second largest shrimp market of Viet Nam – recorded US$584 million in 2015, rising 21.4 per cent compared with...
15 January 2016
Vietnamese Shrimp Farms First to Acheive BAP Group Certification
VIET NAM - Stapimex is the world’s first shrimp operation, and the second across all species, to successfully complete the new Global Aquaculture Alliance Best...
11 December 2015
Viet Nam Remains Japan's Biggest Shrimp Supplier
VIET NAM - Statistics from the International Trade Center (ITC) showed that Vietnam remained the leading frozen raw shrimp supplier to Japan. It was followed by...
24 November 2015
Weak Demand, High Prices Hurting Vietnam Shrimp Exports
VIETNAM - Weak demand in main markets, coupled with low export prices and fierce competition has squeezed Vietnam shrimp exports in the first 10 months of this year....
15 September 2015
Viet Nam Shrimp Exports to US Projected to Grow
VIET NAM - Shrimp exports from Viet Nam to the US are expected to grow following the final results of the ninth anti-dumping duty administrative review by the US...
28 July 2015
Viet Nam Improves Shrimp Quality, Productivity
VIET NAM - New measures and techniques have been applied to enhance productivity and quality of shrimp farming....
14 July 2015
Viet Nam's Shrimp Exports to UK Rising
VIET NAM - The UK is the focal point of Vietnamese shrimp exports to the EU, and the UK has maintained high growth for many months, even when other markets tended...
03 July 2015
Vietnamese Shrimp Exports Up in May
VIET NAM - Vietnam shrimp exports in May 2015 reached US$242.7 million, up 9 per cent compared to the previous month....
12 June 2015
Opportunities Seen for Viet Nam Shrimp Exports to US
VIET NAM - Data from General Customs shows that in the first 4 months of 2015, Viet Nam earned $164 million from shrimp exports, and the markets are showing positive...
11 May 2015
Vietnamese Shrimp to Make Use of Tax Free Deal with South Korea
VIET NAM - A new Free Trade Agreement between Viet Nam and South Korea, which will bring big opportunities to the shrimp sector, has now been signed....
07 May 2015
Whiteleg Shrimp Leading Exports for Viet Nam
VIET NAM - Whiteleg shrimp was still the main export item of Viet Nam in QI/2015, despite its 29.3 per cent year-on-year reduction in export value....
28 April 2015
Price Plunges Cause Sharp Fall in Viet Nam Shrimp Exports
VIET NAM - Shrimp exports from Viet Nam fell during the first quarter of 2015 as global prices tumbled....
09 March 2015
US Lowers Anti-Dumping Tax on Vietnamese Shrimp
VIET NAM - On 3 March 2015, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) announced preliminary results of of the ninth anti-dumping duty administrative reviews on certain...
26 January 2015
Viet Nam Shrimp Exports to Japan Slowing Down
VIET NAM - In 2014, Viet Nam's shrimp exports to Japan slowed down while exports to other major markets reported positive growth....
20 January 2015
Viet Nam Commits to Reduced Shrimp Disease, Improved Safety in 2015
VIET NAM - The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) says it aims to reduce disease affected shrimp areas by 50 per cent in 2015....
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