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06 March 2017
Romania Reports Two Koi Herpesvirus Disease Outbreaks in Bucuresti
ROMANIA - The Romanian veterinary authorities have reported two new outbreaks of koi herpesvirus disease outbreaks in Bucuresti....
02 February 2017
Poland's Fish Catch Increasing, Aquaculture Production Down
POLAND - In 2015 the total fish catch for Poland was 180,717 MT, which included the Baltic Sea and long-distance fisheries....
10 January 2017
Researchers Express Optimism Over Transgenic Chinese Carp
CHINA - Chinese researchers who created a rapidly growing “giant” transgenic carp have expressed cautious optimism it will one day land on dining tables....
20 October 2016
Koi Herpesvirus Outbreak Reported in Romania
ROMANIA - An outbreak of koi herpesvirus has been reported at a carp (Ciprinus carpio) farm in Lugoj....
22 September 2016
India Targets 15 Million Tonnes of Fish Production by 2019-20
INDIA - In order to exploit the scope for development of fisheries and aquaculture in the country, the Government of India has restructured the Central Plan Scheme...
23 August 2016
Farmers Hit By High Salinity Turning to White Shrimp
INDIA - Farmers who have been hit by high salinity waters are now turning towards the culture of white shrimp, a species of prawn that grows in saline water....
13 July 2016
Koi Herpesvirus Disease Outbreak Confirmed in UK Fishery
UK - The outbreak of KHV disease was confirmed at Brockamin Fisheries, Leigh, Hereford & Worcestershire....
17 June 2016
Research Finds Invasive Asian Carp Responds Strongly to CO2
US - Adding carbon dioxide gas to water, a process similar to making carbonated soda water, could help control the movement and behavior of invasive carp in the...
12 May 2016
Aquaculture UK Offers £500 Bursary Towards Sustainable Aquaculture Course
UK - Aquaculture UK has agreed to offer all students a bursary for the May intake of the University of St Andrews Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainable Aquaculture....
06 April 2016
Researchers Find New Type of Symbiosis: Bacteria Eat Ammonia in Fish Gills
NETHERLANDS - Microbiologists and fish researchers from Radboud University have discovered that bacteria in the gills of fish convert harmful ammonia into harmless...
29 February 2016
Invasive Big Head Carp Found in Minnesota River
US - A bighead carp has been caught on the Minnesota River near New Ulm by a commercial angler. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the 25-pound...
14 January 2016
Groups Call for Use of Virus to Rid Australia of Carp
AUSTRALIA - A unique coalition of anglers, farmers and conservationists in Australia have declared that a virus that kills carp should be used to help rid the country's...
06 January 2016
Asian Carp Lake Erie Invasion Could Have Varied Effect on Fish
US - If they successfully invade Lake Erie, Asian carp could eventually account for about a third of the total weight of fish in the lake and could cause declines...
20 November 2015
Research Shows Using CO2 Keeps Young Invasive Carp at Bay
US - University of Illinois researcher Cory Suski has already shown that bubbling high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) into water is a deterrent to invasive...
09 October 2015
Poland's Aquaculture Production Increasing, Fish Catch Decreasing
POLAND - In 2014, Poland's total fish catch was 170,500 MT, which included the Baltic Sea and long-distance fisheries. Fish catch in 2014 was 13 per cent lower than...
24 September 2015
Farmers Trained on Importance of Quality Fish Seed
INDIA - Quality seed is the prime requisite for aquaculture production, but getting them is the major problem faced by farmers in Tamil Nadu, particularly in the...
27 August 2015
“You Can Do An Awful Lot With Water”: Combining Carp and Duck Production
ANALYSIS – An organic, high welfare duck rearing system is incorporating carp to maximise production potential....
21 July 2015
Mexico Identifies Additional 20 Million Hectares with Aquaculture Potential
MEXICO - The National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) has identified 20 million hectares with high potential for aquaculture development....
23 June 2015
Changes Made to Koi Herpesvirus Disease Inspection
UK - From 1 June 2015, fisheries which have had a Koi herpesvirus (KHV) confirmed designation since 2012 - and those designated prior which have experienced a recurrence...
18 June 2015
Scientists Investigate Carp Edema Virus Spread in Europe
EUROPE - Carp edema virus, also known as koi sleepy disease (CEV/KSD), is a special form of sleepy disease affecting koi and common carp. Long known only in Japan,...
14 May 2015
Iconic Indian Fish on Brink of Extinction
INDIA - The legendary humpback Mahseer, one of the world’s most iconic freshwater fish, is on the brink of extinction according to scientists from Bournemouth...
16 February 2015
Thailand International Ornamental Fish Expo to be Held in June
THAILAND - Mr Chavalit Chookajorn, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Dr Jumpon Sanguansin, the Director-General of the...
10 February 2015
Chinese Aquatic Produce Prices Fall this Week
CHINA - The price of major farm produce in China rose last week according to a survey of prices in 36 large and medium-sized cities by the Ministry of Commerce....
01 October 2014
Portable Fish Hatchery Set Up for Tribal Fishermen
INDIA - A portable hatchery unit, installed jointly by the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) and the Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute...
25 September 2014
Disease Resistant Carp Fish Seed to Fetch Good Profits to Farmers
INDIA - The Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) has released disease-free Jayanti Rohu fish seed. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)...
23 September 2014
US Plan to Export Asian Carp to China not that Simple
CHINA - In early September, US scientists came to China to explore ways to prevent the spread of Asian carp in their country and to explore the possibility of exporting...
08 September 2014
New Fish Processing Facility to Bring 100 New Jobs to Mississippi
US - Moon River Foods is locating a new fish processing operation in Baird, Mississippi. The project represents a corporate investment of $3 million and will create...
25 August 2014
Koi Herpesvirus Disease Kills Wild Carps
ROMANIA - The Romanian veterinary authorities have reported a fresh outbreak of Koi herpesvirus disease at a lake in Buzau....
07 August 2014
Jamaica to Tap into Lucrative Ornamental Fish Exports
JAMAICA - The Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton, says the ornamental fish export industry is poised for growth and has the potential...
05 August 2014
South Staffordshire College Fish Hatchery Sales Reach the Five Million Mark
UK - South Staffordshire College’s unique Aquaculture resources, which combine student courses with a commercial business, has hit a milestone with sales from...
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