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25 May 2017
Fresh awards to be launched at Aquaculture UK Conference
One of the highlights of next month’s inaugural Aquaculture UK Conference is set to be the relaunch of the former Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards....
22 May 2017
£1m available for aquaculture innovation
A £1 million innovation fund aimed at small to medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the aquaculture supply chain in the Highlands and Islands is now open to applications....
15 May 2017
Stage set for inaugural Aquaculture UK Conference
A comprehensive insight into the state of the British aquaculture industry, the research that underpins it and how it compares with the rest of the global aquaculture...
21 April 2017
Alaskans assess state's mariculture potential
Alaska’s mariculture industry could be worth as much as $1 billion a year within three decades....
Shellfish growers poised for lagoon show
Prospects for cultivating mussels, oysters, scallops, clams, cockles and seaweed in the proposed Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon (TLSB) are promising, according to a new...
07 April 2017
Leading the polycultural revolution
Bren Smith’s plan to roll out a series of integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA) farms down the eastern seaboard of the US, and beyond, is gaining both momentum...
04 April 2017
Scots to run Crown assets
Powers over the revenue and management of the Crown Estate’s Scottish resources – including 750 marine aquaculture leases – were transferred from Westminster...
09 March 2017
Croatian fish processors invest, re-launch exports to Russia
Croatian fish processors Cromaris and Sardina are investing in upgrading and expanding their facilities, and they were recently allowed to re-launch exports to the...
03 March 2017
Aquaculture Growth Backed by Newly Appointed Group Manager
NEW ZEALAND - With recently appointed Group Manager Dr Serean Adams at the helm, the Cawthron Aquaculture Group is set to go from strength to strength....
08 February 2017
Tassie Recycler Converts Aquaculture's Plastic Waste into Building Materials
AUSTRALIA - A Tasmanian company recycling the state's farming and fishing industry's plastic waste is looking to expand its operations interstate....
30 January 2017
Oyster Farm is First to Gain ASC Certification in France
FRANCE - Huitres Favier Earl has become the first farm in France to achieve ASC certification. ...
16 December 2016
San Francisco Oyster Deaths Linked to Atmospheric Rivers
US - Atmospheric rivers contributed to a mass die-off of wild Olympia oysters in north San Francisco Bay in 2011, according to a study led by the University of California,...
09 December 2016
Australian Government Addresses Critical Shortage of Pacific Oyster Spat
AUSTRALIA - The State Government and industry are working together to ensure the continual supply of juvenile Pacific Oysters and help safeguard South Australia’s...
05 December 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Bering Sea Fish Stocks Booming
US - Bering Sea fish stocks are booming but it’s a mixed bag for groundfish in the Gulf of Alaska....
Innovative Oyster farming Baskets Find Foothold in Premium Markets
AUSTRALIA - Oyster baskets that improve farming efficiency while growing a higher quality product are helping an Australian company penetrate international markets....
30 November 2016
Japanese Retailer Launches Responsibly Sourced Processed Oysters
JAPAN - One of the largest retail chains in Japan, Kasumi Co. Ltd., which operates 178 stores in the north region of Kanto Plain, has introduced certified responsibly...
25 October 2016
Could Biorefinery By-Products Be a New Feed Source for Farmed Juvenile Oysters?
UK - Hatchery production of bivalves requires unicellular algae-based feed. Producing the algae for feed can be costly, labour intensive, and tricky. In the future,...
05 October 2016
International Cooperation to Advance Scotland’s Shellfish Industry
UK - The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) is to work with New Zealand’s largest independent science organisation, the Cawthron Institute, to explore...
21 September 2016
AquacultureEurope 2016: What Can Satellite Data Do for Aquaculture?
UK - The BBSRC and NERC-funded ShellEye project is helping shellfish farmers manage threats from harmful algal blooms and E. coli bacteria that lead to losses equaling...
16 August 2016
Government Halts Tassal's Aquaculture Expansion Plan
AUSTRALIA - Plans for Tassal to expand its farm near Triabunna is now pending an independent assessment by the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel under the Great...
28 July 2016
Oyster Disease Outbreaks Reported in Croatia
CROATIA - Outbreaks of bonamia exitiosa has been reported on a saltwater oyster farm in Medulinski and Malostonski, Croatia. ...
08 July 2016
EU Market Importing Fewer Bivalves
GLOBAL - The world bivalve market has been impacted by currency changes, including the relatively lower value of the euro against the US dollar, reports FAO Globefish....
27 June 2016
Contagious Cancers Spreading Among Several Shellfish Species
US - Direct transmission of cancer among some marine animals may be more common than once thought, suggests a new study published in Nature by researchers at Columbia...
22 June 2016
Study Finds Native Olympia Oysters More Resilient to Ocean Acidification
US - Native Olympia oysters, which once thrived along the Pacific Northwest coast until over-harvesting and habitat loss all but wiped them out, have a built-in...
20 June 2016
European VIVALDI Project to Examine Diseases in Molluscs
SPAIN - A new European project is examining how to prevent diseases in molluscs and, in particular on the control of the herpes virus in farmed Pacific oyster. ...
15 June 2016
Polystyrene Microplastics Negatively Affect Oyster Feeding, Reproduction and Offspring
EU - Oysters exposed to polystyrene microplastics produced fewer offspring, which were also smaller and slower growing than offspring from unexposed oysters, according...
01 June 2016
Chesapeake Bay Health Improves in 2015
US - The overall health of Chesapeake Bay improved in 2015, according to scientists at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. ...
31 May 2016
Scientists Find Sustainable Solutions for Oysters
US - Oysters are keystone organisms in estuaries around the world, influencing water quality, constructing habitat and providing food for humans and wildlife. Yet...
10 May 2016
New Albany Shellfish Hatchery to Drive Growth
AUSTRALIA - The Liberal National Government has reaffirmed its support for Western Australia’s emerging aquaculture industry in the 2016-17 State Budget with a...
Study Gives New Insight on Oysters Shell Formation
CHINA - Researchers know that several proteins are involved in oyster shell formation, but how expression of these proteins is controlled is not well understood....
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