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12 April 2016
Virginia Continues to Lead in Clam and Oyster Aquaculture
US - Virginia shellfish farmers sold $48.3 million in clams and oysters in 2015, with hard clam sales of $32.3 million once again leading the nation and $16 million...
05 February 2016
Warming Ocean Likely to Bring Major Changes for US Northeast Fisheries
US - NOAA scientists have released the first multispecies assessment of just how vulnerable US marine fish and invertebrate species are to the effects of climate...
11 December 2015
Australia Home to World's First ASC Abalone
AUSTRALIA - In a world first, Jade Tiger Abalone's Indented Head abalone farm has been recognized for environmental and social responsibility by the Aquaculture...
02 October 2015
Portable Device for Sickness-Causing Toxins a Handy Tool for Fishermen
US - Mussels, oysters, scallops and clams might be ingredients for fine cuisine, but they can also be a recipe for diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP). Now, researchers...
02 September 2015
New Clam Species from Canada's Atlantic Coast Described
CANADA - Canadian scientists have described a new species of giant file clam, originally collected from deep waters off Newfoundland 30 years ago....
17 August 2015
Solway Cockle Fishery Management Report Released
SCOTLAND - The report on the fisheries management trial conducted in Solway Firth cockle fishery has now been published by the Scottish Government....
21 July 2015
Mexico Identifies Additional 20 Million Hectares with Aquaculture Potential
MEXICO - The National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) has identified 20 million hectares with high potential for aquaculture development....
16 July 2015
South African Abalone by Abagold now Friend of the Sea Certified
SOUTH AFRICA - South African abalone producer Abagold has become the first abalone company in the world to be awarded the independently-verified Friend of the Sea...
29 May 2015
Ireland Announces Razor Clam Sustainability Measures
IRELAND - The Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney, has announced the introduction of national management measures for razor clams....
14 May 2015
Scientists, Citizens Collaborate to Investigate Abalone Movements
US - Two fisheries scientists, including a US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) biologist, have been working with citizen scientists to collect...
11 May 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: How Much are Fishermen Affected by Long Term Health Problems?
US - How much are fishermen affected by long term health problems like hearing loss, lack of sleep and high blood pressure? A pilot study aims to find out and researchers...
14 April 2015
Weekly Overview: Contagious Tumor Cells Found to Cause Spread of Clam Leukemia
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, outbreaks of leukemia that have devastated some populations of soft-shell clams along the east coast of North America for decades...
10 April 2015
New Research Finds Clam Cancer Spreads by Cloning
US - Cancerous tumour cells can spread from one clam to another, causing a disease that has devastated soft-shell clam populations along the east coast of North...
09 April 2015
All-Time High Sales for Virginia's Shellfish Aquaculture
US - Virginia's shellfish farmers sold $55.9 million in oysters and clams in 2014, an increase of 14 per cent total revenue for clam growers and 33 per cent for...
27 February 2015
Shellfish at Risk as Ocean Acidity Expected to Rise
GLOBAL - By the end of the century it is predicted that levels of acidity in the oceans will have a pH value of around 7.8 on average, and this will bring with it...
26 February 2015
Study Outlines Threat of Ocean Acidification to Coastal Communities in US
US - Coastal communities in 15 states that depend on the $1 billion shelled mollusk industry (primarily oysters and clams) are at long-term economic risk from the...
27 January 2015
Weekly Overview: Oman Aquaculture Projects to Boost Production to 7,330 Tonnes
ANALYSIS - Aquaculture production in Oman is set to rise from 353 tonnes to 7,330 tonnes annually thanks to three new projects, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor....
26 January 2015
Oman Aquaculture Projects to Boost Production to 7,330 Tonnes
OMAN - The Ministry of Housing has signed three agreements which will help boost aquaculture production in the country from 353 tonnes (2013) to 7,330 tonnes annually....
10 November 2014
Lanesborough Reopening Following Asian Clam Invasion
IRELAND - Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has confirmed that the hot-water stretch in Lanesborough, Co. Longford has re-opened to angling, under strict bio-security...
05 November 2014
Indian Clams Lead the Way with Sustainable Certification
INDIA - Sustainable fisheries in the developing world take a significant step forward today with the first fishery in India to become certified to the Marine Stewardship...
21 October 2014
Black Market Abalone Ring Cracked in Fisheries Bust
AUSTRALIA - One of the largest fisheries enforcement operations undertaken in Victoria’s history has cracked an alleged seafood trafficking syndicate operating...
14 October 2014
Irish Shellfish Association Celebrates 25 Years
IRELAND - The Irish Shellfish Association will celebrate 25 years working for oyster, mussel, clam and scallop producers at its conference in the Red Cow Hotel,...
30 September 2014
New Packaging to Boost Cockle Export Potential
AUSTRALIA - A new packaging facility could help Goolwa’s pipi (cockle) fishery build new export markets....
03 September 2014
Southern Zone Abalone Fishing Arrangements Updated for 2014-15
AUSTRALIA - Commercial fishing arrangements for the Southern Zone Abalone Fishery have been reviewed and updated for the 2014–15 season to ensure the sustainability...
29 August 2014
Solway Cockle Management Study Concludes Early
SCOTLAND, UK - The Solway Cockle Fishery Management Study has concluded....
08 August 2014
Minister Issues Statement on Abalone Fishing Rights
SOUTH AFRICA - Mr Senzeni Zokwana, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, has been consulted on the expiration of long-term rights in the abalone commercial...
01 August 2014
Shellfish Farmers Concerns Over Inshore Water Quality
IRELAND - The annual national review of shellfish waters for 2014 shows that County Clare came top once again, showing great awareness of the need for good water...
10 July 2014
Advances in Mollusk Parasite Culturing Methods Drives Research
US - Researchers at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences dug into the last 70 years of peer-reviewed publications about protozoan parasites that infest bivalve...
09 July 2014
Mud Cockle Total Allowable Catch Reduced for 2014-15
AUSTRALIA - Commercial Mud Cockle fishing arrangements have been reviewed and updated for the 2014–15 season to ensure the sustainability of the fishery....
02 July 2014
New Education Pack Teaches Children About Fish, Food and Nutrition
UK - A primary school in Port Talbot got a special lesson on the importance of eating seafood during a visit from the Welsh Government’s Marine and Fisheries Department...
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