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20 November 2014
South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Commission Moves to Mozambique
MOZAMBIQUE - The Mozambique Minister of Fisheries, Mr Víctor Manuel Borges, and the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Assistant Director-General for Fisheries...
21 April 2014
Mozambican Tuna Company to Start Operating in 2014
MOZAMBIQUE - Mozambican company Empresa Moçambicana de Atum (EMATUM), set up by the government for tuna fishing, is due to start operating this year....
08 November 2012
Mozambique Creates Africa’s Largest Coastal Marine Reserve
MOZAMBIQUE - The Primeiras and Segundas have been approved as a marine protected area in Mozambique making this diverse ten-island archipelago Africa’s largest...
22 August 2012
Production of 200,000 Tons of Fish Expected
MOZAMBIQUE - Mozambique may this year produce around 200,000 tons of a variety of fish as compared to production of 120,000 tons in 2010, Mozambique’s Fisheries...
31 July 2012
Government Studies Causes of Dwindling Shrimp Hauls
MOZAMBIQUE - Mozambique’s Institute for Fishing Research is studying the causes of a drop in shrimp hauls in the country, said the deputy director of the National...
08 December 2010
Joining Forces To Protect Marine Resources
MOZAMBIQUE - The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Mozambique have agreed to work together to boost marine life protection and develop joint mechanisms to better investigate...
30 June 2009
Mozambique Courts US Shrimp Market
MOZAMBIQUE - The authorities in Mozambican are trying to break into the US market to sell shrimp following the decline of the market in the European Union....
19 June 2009
France to Fund Mozambique Shrimp Farms
MOZAMBIQUE – France plans to donate 1.5 million euros to Mozambique to support the shrimp farming sector, under the terms of a funding convention signed by...

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