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18 April 2016
Marine Harvest Reports Better Than Expected Harvest Volumes
NORWAY - Marine Harvest has reported a total harvest volume of 97,000 tonnes for the first quarter of 2016. This is higher than the predicted volume of 93,000 tonnes....
05 April 2016
Norwegian Government Approves World's First 'Offshore' Aquaculture Project
NORWAY - The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries has approved Norway's first development concession enabling Ocean Farming AS, supported by Kongsberg Maritime...
17 February 2016
Nofima Looks into Free Trade Agreement Benefits for Salmon
NORWAY - Nations such as Chile and Scotland have a big competitive advantage thanks to free trade agreements with major salmon markets. Researchers are now going...
27 January 2016
Cod Quota Bonus Working as Intended
NORWAY - Never before have such large quantities of cod been held in live storage in Norway. Scientist Øystein Hermansen from Nofima said that this demonstrates...
08 January 2016
Number of Norwegian Fishermen Fell in 2015
NORWAY - At the end of 2015 there were 11,139 fishermen and 5,914 fishing vessels registered in Norway. ...
19 November 2015
More Norwegian Aquaculture Companies to Reduce Salmon Production
NORWAY - The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FSA) has ordered five salmon farming companies to decrease their production at specific sites due to the continued...
09 November 2015
Lerøy to Reduce Salmon Production Following Sea Lice Issues
NORWAY - The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FSA) has warned Lerøy that it must reduce its salmon production at four locations within Møre and Romsdal county...
24 August 2015
Norwegian Farmed Fish Pass Safety Tests
NORWAY - In 2014, 13,180 farmed fish were investigated for illegal and unwanted substances by Norway's National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES),...
20 August 2015
Aquaculture Partnership Agreed Between Canada, Chile, Norway, Scotland
NORWAY - Fisheries Ministers from Canada, Chile, Scotland and Norway met at the Aqua Nor event and agreed the four nations would work together to promote and grow...
12 August 2015
Improvements Must Be Made if Aquaculture Industry to Grow
NORWAY - The aquaculture industry is eager to expand, and governments of all political colours support this desire. A new research report shows, however, that public...
08 July 2015
Suspected PD Outbreak on Norwegian Salmon Farm
NORWAY - There is a suspected outbreak of Pancreas Disease (PD) at a farm in Humulene, Vikna municipality....
24 June 2015
Norway Launches Project to Develop Ghana's Aquaculture Sector
NORWAY - A joint initiative has been announced for the transfer of Norwegian fish farming knowledge and technology to Ghana, to strengthen the industry and fish...
19 May 2015
Norwegian Government Under Fire over White Paper Threat to Aquaculture
NORWAY - A Norwegian seafood and aquaculture firm has hit out at the Norwegian Government’s threat to potentially eliminate the current scheme for interregional...
27 March 2015
Norwegian Report Shows Increased Resistance to Sea Lice Drugs
NORWAY - A new report from the Norwegian National Veterinary Institute shows a serious situation in regards to sealice as they are showing more resistance to sealice...
11 March 2015
New Tool Documents Sustainability in Cod and Haddock Fishing
NORWAY - A three-year WhiteFish project, involving industry organisations and 15 researchers from all over Europe, has led to the development of a new method and...
14 January 2015
FSA Recommends AGD Not be Listed on National Disease List
NORWAY - The Food Safety Authority (FSA) has recommended to the industry and Fisheries Ministry that infection with amoebic gill disease (AGD) not be listed in...
28 November 2014
Norway ISA Outbreak Reported in Troms
NORWAY - An outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) has been reported in Troms, Norway....
06 October 2014
Pancreas Disease Confirmed on Norwegian Farm
NORWAY - A case of pancreas disease (PD) has been confirmed in locality 10256 Bondøya in Vikna municipality, Norway....
24 September 2014
Norway Sees Potential in Fish Exports to India
NORWAY - With over one billion people and an economy in expansion, the Norwegian Seafood Council sees an increased opportunity for selling fish to India....
05 September 2014
New Gyrodactylus Salaris Outbreak Detected in Norway
NORWAY - A new outbreak of Infection with Gyrodactylus salaris has been reported in Rana river, Nordland....
19 August 2014
Norwegian Seafood Council Boosts Activities Following Russian Import Ban
NORWAY - The Norwegian Seafood Council is boosting its marketing activities in other important markets for Norwegian seafood after the Russian import ban....
12 August 2014
Russia's Import Ban Unreasonable, says Norway
NORWAY - Following the announcement that Russia will block imports of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products from Norway, the Norwegian government has...
07 August 2014
Farmed Fish Losses Tracked in New Survey
NORWAY - The extent and causes of loss of salmon and rainbow trout in fish farms are now being mapped into a nationwide project by the Food safety Authority (FSA)....
13 May 2014
ISA Outbreak Confirmed on Norwegian Salmon Farm
NORWAY - An outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) has been confirmed on a salmon farm in Bø, Nordland....
Suspected Pancreas Disease on Norwegian Salmon Farm
NORWAY - There is strong suspicion of Pancreas Disease (PD) at a site in Nærøy municipality in Nord-Trøndelag....
06 May 2014
Suspicion of ISA on Nordland Fish Farm
NORWAY - An outbreak of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) is suspected at in Bø municipality of Nordland. The site is owned by Egil Kristoffersen & Sons AS....
Will Norway Develop its Own Sustainable Seafood Certification?
NORWAY - An increased focus on sustainable seafood has created a market for third-party sustainability certification. However, many people believe that it would...
20 March 2014
More Information Released on New Trout Disease
NORWAY - The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has released an update on the new trout disease that has been detected in Norwegian hatcheries. ...
06 March 2014
New Offshore Cage Design to Lead Growth of Sustainable Aquaculture
NORWAY - SalMar is to proceed with its pioneering project "offshore aquaculture" which is hoped will lead sustainable growth in aquaculture....
19 February 2014
Norway to Begin Bluefin Tuna Fishing Trial
NORWAY - The Norwegian Fisheries Ministry has decided to open up a bluefin tuna fishing trial in 2014, after the International Commission for the Conservation of...
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