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16 May 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishermen Optimistic as Salmon Season Starts
US - Alaska’s salmon season has gotten underway with lots of optimism, a far cry from the bleak feelings of a year ago....
09 May 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Salmon Fishermen Offered Rebates on Pingers for Whale Protection
US - Alaska salmon fishermen can get rebates on pingers aimed at keeping baleen whales away from their gear. The six inch, battery operated tubes are tied into fishing...
03 May 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishermen to Cover Costs of Going Fishing
US - In the face of Alaska’s multi-billion dollar budget shortfalls, state policy makers are putting the onus on fishermen to cover the costs of going fishing....
27 April 2016
Number of Overfished US Stocks Remains Near All-Time Low
US - The number of domestic fish stocks listed as overfished or subject to overfishing remain near all-time lows, according to the 2015 Status of US Fisheries report...
25 April 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Alaska's Fisheries Facing Finacial Cuts
US - Cuts affecting Alaska’s fisheries will be spread across all regions and species, depending on the final budget that is approved by state legislators....
20 April 2016
EU Delegation Visits China, Japan to Promote Agri-Food Trade
EU - Phil Hogan, the EU's Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, is visiting China and Japan in the coming days accompanied by a business delegation...
19 April 2016
FDA Issues Import Alert on Shrimp,Prawns from Peninsular Malaysia
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an import alert allowing its District Offices to detain, without physical examination, imports of shrimp...
18 April 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Increasing Acidity Raising Red Flags for Bering Sea Crab Stocks
US - Increasingly corrosive oceans are raising more red flags for Bering Sea crab stocks. Results from a first ever, two year project on baby Tanner crabs show that...
11 April 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Senator Dan Sullivan Standing Up for Fisheries Issues
US - Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan has scored seats on nearly every Congressional committee that deal with issues on, over and under the oceans. That fulfills a commitment...
08 April 2016
USDA Makes $1.2 million Available for Aquaculture Research
US - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced more than $1.2 million in available funding to support the development of environmentally and economically...
05 April 2016
West Coast Governments Taking Action Over Increasing Ocean Acidification
US - The ocean chemistry along the West Coast of North America is changing rapidly because of global carbon dioxide emissions, and the governments of Oregon, California,...
04 April 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishermen Urged to Hook Up to New Lifeline
US - Alaska fishermen can send an SOS call directly to the Coast Guard, but many are not hooking up to the new lifeline....
23 March 2016
US Federal Fisheries Meet FAO Guidelines for Sustainability
US - US-based NOAA Fisheries’ self-assessment of US federal fishery management found that overall, the fisheries could be considered biologically sustainable and...
15 March 2016
Improving US Aquaculture Health through Programme Standards
US - Having healthy fish is at the core of a successful aquaculture operation. With this in mind, the National Aquaculture Association (NAA) alongside USDA’s Animal...
14 March 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishing Permit Values Plummet
US - Fire sale salmon prices last year and a dim outlook for the upcoming season have caused the value of Alaska fishing permits to plummet....
09 March 2016
US Ratify International Effort to Combat Illegal Fishing
US - The United States has brought added momentum to global efforts targeting illegal fishing by adhering to a FAO-brokered international pact....
08 March 2016
AQUACULTURE 2016: Health Regulations Costing US Fish Farmers
US - Aquaculture is a business and farmers must make sure they are not only environmentally sustainable but also economically sustainable, said Dr Carole Engle from...
07 March 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fish Stomachs Help Solve Halibut Size Mystery
US - Fish stomachs could help solve the mystery of why Alaska halibut are so small for their age. Halibut weights are about one-third of what they were 30 years...
03 March 2016
NOAA Releases Draft National Strategy to Reduce Bycatch
US - NOAA is inviting public comment on its draft National Bycatch Reduction Strategy. The proposal continues the nation’s momentum on reducing bycatch....
25 February 2016
AQUACULTURE 2016: US Still Waiting for Organic Aquaculture Standard
US - Despite 17 years of work to bring an US organic aquaculture standard into play, the industry is still waiting. Speaking at Aquaculture 2016 in Las Vegas, US,...
22 February 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Continuing Headwinds for Alaska Salmon
US - Early signs point to continuing headwinds in world markets for Alaska salmon....
15 February 2016
Inland Fisheries More Crucial to World Food Supply than First Thought
US - Inland capture fisheries are much more crucial to global food security than realized, according to the first global review of the value of inland fish and fisheries....
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishing Lives and Wives to Hit US TV Screens
US - Fishing lives and fishing wives are set to be showcased for a national audience; one as a documentary and the other, on reality television. The first, an hour-long...
08 February 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Research Bycatch Feeds Hunger Relief Programmes
US - Needy Alaskans are enjoying a rare taste of sablefish, thanks to a science project that kept research fish from going over the rails....
05 February 2016
New US Seafood Traceability Programme a Step Towards Tackling IUU Fishing
US - A new proposal for creating a US seafood traceability programme — the next step the government is taking to ensure that global seafood resources are sustainably...
01 February 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Halibut Stocks Showing Signs of Improvement
US - Alaska’s halibut stocks are showing signs of an uptick and fishermen’s catches will not be slashed for the first time in 15 years....
25 January 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Chinook Salmon Worth More than Oil
US - A single Chinook salmon is worth more than a barrel of oil. The winter kings being caught by Southeast Alaska trollers are averaging 10 pounds each with a dock...
21 January 2016
US on Mission to Boost Food Exports to Chile, Peru
US - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will lead a trade mission March 14 to March 18 to expand export...
18 January 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishing Issues to Take a Back Seat
US - Fishing issues will take a back seat to budget cutting when the Alaska legislature convenes on January 19 for its 90-day session, but two early fish bills (and...
13 January 2016
NOAA Expands US Aquaculture Opportunities
US - NOAA has filed a final rule implementing the nation’s first comprehensive regulatory program for aquaculture in federal waters. ...
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