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11 October 2016
AquacultureEurope2016: New Feed Helps Reduce Post-Transfer Losses
EUROPE - The period of transfer from the hatchery to the sea cage, is a challenging time for marine fish fry. Young fish are more prone to disease and stress after...
30 September 2016
ACCH2016: Addressing Knowledge Gaps for Lumpfish Production
CANADA - The use of cleaner fish such as lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) to control sea lice in aquaculture is rapidly emerging as an effective alternative to medicinal...
26 September 2016
AquacultureEurope2016: Are Coupled Aquaponic Systems Good for Catfish Welfare?
UK - Aquaponic systems offer many benefits but the impact it has on the welfare of fish is generally unknown, explained Bjoern Bassmann, University of Rostock, in...
23 September 2016
World Leaders Agree Action to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance
GLOBAL - World leaders have signalled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistant to antimicrobial medicines, in a pledge...
09 September 2016
G20 Challenged to Fight Antibiotic Resistance
GLOBAL - A paper challenging global business leaders to recognise the complexity of the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) challenge in humans and animals and the role...
04 August 2016
Fishermen Share Tips on Reducing Ghost Gear
UK - A new short film featuring fishermen in Wales, working as part of the Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Initiative, shares top tips on how fishermen can reduce...
28 July 2016
New Study to Develop Tool for Safe Movement of Salmon to Seawater
UK - An innovative new test for seawater readiness, co-funded by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC), could boost Scottish exports – both of farmed...
27 July 2016
Study Shows Impact of Ocean Acidification on Reproductive Behavior in Fish
ITALY - Ocean acidification could have a major impact on the reproductive behaviour of fish living in affected waters, a new study shows. Research conducted close...
26 July 2016
Lumpfish: Cleaning Up Sea Lice in Salmon Aquaculture
GLOBAL - Sea lice are naturally occurring parasites that have become an increasing concern for salmon aquaculture, costing global salmon farming more than $500 million...
14 July 2016
New Project to Bring Fish Welfare Measures Onto Farms
NORWAY - A new research project named FISHWELL aims to gather and update our knowledge on fish welfare in Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout, putting it together...
07 July 2016
Research Finds Baby Fish Lose Protectors in Acidified Oceans
AUSTRALIA - A common close partnership which sees baby fish sheltering from predators among the poisonous tentacles of jellyfish will be harmed under predicted ocean...
Will Ablation-Free Shrimp Become a Reality?
GLOBAL - The eyestalk ablation procedure is used to induce reproductive maturation in crustaceans, but at the same time shortens the molting cycle, jeopardizes growth...
06 July 2016
Industry Insights: Increased Production, Improved Animal Welfare Meet Global Needs
ANALYSIS - The growing population, increases in household income and water scarcity are key drivers for the protein industry, and technology that can increase production...
04 July 2016
Steel Plant Confirmed as Cause of Vietnam's Mass Fish Deaths
VIETNAM - The Vietnamese government has announced that the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp was the cause of mass fish deaths in the country....
22 June 2016
Study Finds Native Olympia Oysters More Resilient to Ocean Acidification
US - Native Olympia oysters, which once thrived along the Pacific Northwest coast until over-harvesting and habitat loss all but wiped them out, have a built-in...
15 June 2016
Polystyrene Microplastics Negatively Affect Oyster Feeding, Reproduction and Offspring
EU - Oysters exposed to polystyrene microplastics produced fewer offspring, which were also smaller and slower growing than offspring from unexposed oysters, according...
14 June 2016
Average Sized 'Dead Zone' Predicted for Gulf of Mexico
US - Scientists forecast that this year's Gulf of Mexico dead zone--an area of low to no oxygen that can kill fish and marine life - will be approximately 5,898...
08 June 2016
Fish Courtship Pheromone Uses the Brain's Smell Pathway
JAPAN - Research at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan has revealed that a molecule involved in fish reproduction activates the brain via the nose. The pheromone...
Azti Wins Key Contract in ICCAT's Tuna Tagging Programme
SPAIN - The Basque expert technology centre (AZTI) specialising in marine and food innovation will lead the first-phase tagging activities in the eastern Atlantic...
07 June 2016
Novel Methods to Evaluate Fish Response to Stress
EU - Farmed fish are submitted to many stressors that have an important impact on their health and can even lead to their premature death. The COPEWELL project has...
06 June 2016
Microplastic Particles Found to Threaten Fish Larvae
SWEDEN - In a new study researchers from Uppsala University found that larval fish exposed to microplastic particles during development displayed changed behaviors...
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Organism May Affect Fisheries
US - The toxic dinoflagellate, Alexandrium fundyense, is a photosynthetic plankton--a microscopic organism floating in the ocean, unable to swim against a current....
01 June 2016
'Canaries' of the Ocean Highlight Threat to World's Ecosystems
UK - Fifty-nine finfish species have 'disappeared' from fishermen's catches in the world's most species rich and vulnerable marine region, new research has shown....
31 May 2016
New Research Shows Negative Effects of Nanoplastics
SWEDEN - Plastic accounts for nearly eighty per cent of all waste found in our oceans, gradually breaking down into smaller and smaller particles. New research from...
Scientists to Identify Climate Change Consequences for Europe's Aquaculture, Fisheries
NORWAY - Scientists around the world are now pooling their knowledge and capacity in order for the European fisheries and aquaculture industry to tackle climate...
27 May 2016
Fish Can Adapt to Warmer Oceans, but Heat Waves Can Still Kill Them
NORWAY - Fish can adjust to warmer ocean temperatures, but heat waves can still kill them, a team of researchers from Sweden, Norway and Australia reports in an...
18 May 2016
Salmon Smolts Find Safety in Numbers
CANADA - Using tags surgically implanted into thousands of juvenile salmon, UBC researchers have discovered that many fish die within the first few days of migration...
17 May 2016
New Research and Innovation Offers Hope for Wild Salmon
CANADA - The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) has welcomed news from Hunter Tootoo, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), that wild Atlantic salmon stand to benefit...
05 May 2016
New Advances in Zebrafish Made at The University of Sheffield
UK - Zebrafish (Danio rerio) have been maintained at the University of Sheffield since 1997. Today, the Bateson Centre Zebrafish Facility (BCZF) has the capacity...
04 May 2016
Do Fish Survive in Streams in Winter?
Most stream-resident fish stay throughout winter despite the ice. This has been shown by Christine Weber, previous researcher at Umeå University, by tagging trout...
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