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03 September 2015
Research Claims to Backs Up EU Deeper Trawling Ban
UK - Scottish researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology have evidence in support of a clearly defined depth limit for deep-sea fishing in Europe....
01 September 2015
Farmers Suffer After Monsoon Flooding in Myanmar
MYANMAR - Heavy monsoon rains have caused widespread flooding in Myanmar, adversely affecting livestock and fish farmers in the region, according to a report from...
31 August 2015
Join TheFishSite for 'Parasites in Focus: Part One' Webinar
GLOBAL - Join TheFishSite and Fish Vet Group's Dr Andy Shinn for the 'Parasites in Focus: Part One' webinar on 29 September 2015....
25 August 2015
Rocky River Trapped Wild Salmon Require Assistance
CANADA - The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) is calling on Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to take immediate action to assist hundreds of trapped wild Atlantic...
18 August 2015
Do Sea Creatures Protect Young More After Ocean Acidification?
UK - Marine organisms living in acidified waters exhibit a tendency to nurture their offspring to a greater extent than those in more regular conditions, according...
14 August 2015
Fish go Deep to Beat the Heat
AUSTRALIA - A James Cook University study shows that some fish retreat into deeper water to escape the heat. This finding throws light on what to expect if predictions...
12 August 2015
Salmon Vulnerable Under Proposed Skeena Estuary Development
CANADA - A proposed controversial terminal to load fossil fuels in the Skeena River estuary has more far-reaching risks than previously recognised, new research...
06 August 2015
New Study Exposes Negative Effects of Climate Change on Antarctic Fish
US - Elevated levels of carbon dioxide and an increase in ocean water temperature has a significant impact on survival and development of the Antarctic dragonfish,...
Plastic Found in a Sixth of Pelagic Fish in Mediterranean
EU - Plastic pollution in the ocean is a growing problem. This study, which is the first to investigate the presence of plastic debris in large pelagic fish in the...
20 July 2015
Last Few Bursaries Remaining for Sustainable Aquaculture Courses
EU - The last few bursaries are still available for students wishing to study on the September 2015 Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture. The course...
26 June 2015
New RSPCA Assured Food Label Enters the Market
UK - To help millions of farm animals a new ethical food label - assured by the RSPCA - has been launched in a bid to help improve the lives of a further 100 million...
25 June 2015
Is Animal Welfare Becoming a Commercial Issue?
ANALYSIS - Large multinational processing companies, retailers and foodservice organisations are starting to define the way that producers view animal welfare and...
23 June 2015
Average-Sized Dead Zone Predicted for Gulf of Mexico
US - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists are expecting that this year's Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone, also called the "dead zone," will...
New UK Research into Improving Sustainable Aquaculture Announced
UK - Twenty one new research projects recently announced in the UK will help to improve understanding of the factors affecting sustainable aquaculture and help build...
19 June 2015
Winning Fish Supply More Energy to Muscles During Fights
CANADA - Researchers who paired Siamese fighting fish in mock fights found that winning fish could supply more energy to their muscles during fights than losing...
18 June 2015
MEPs Extend Animal Cloning Ban to Feed, Food and Imports
EU - A draft law to ban the cloning of all farm animals, their descendants and products derived from them, including imports, in the EU was voted by the Environment...
16 June 2015
Online 'Vessel Check' Tool Helps Prevent Invasive Marine Pests
AUSTRALIA - A new online risk assessment tool will help the fishing, shipping and boating industry protect Western Australia’s marine environment from invasive...
27 May 2015
New Chair Elected to UK Office of Animal Health
UK - Catherine (Cat) Sayer has been elected as Chair of the UK's National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) for 2015, following this year’s AGM in London on 21 May....
24 May 2015
Chilean Outfit Is World’s First Two-Star BAP Mussel Group
CHILE - Chilean mussel farm Pesquera Apiao SA is the world’s first group to achieve two-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) status for mussels, the Global Aquaculture...
21 May 2015
Commission to Conduct Survey on Animal Welfare
EU - The European Commission is to launch a Eurobarometer survey into animal welfare this year....
Seals Threaten Scottish Cod Stock Recovery
SCOTLAND, UK - Predatory seals are constraining the recovery of cod stocks in Scottish West coast waters, research led by the University of Strathclyde suggests....
Court Rules Against Fisheries Department over Transfer of Salmon Smolts
CANADA - A Canadian federal judge has ruled against the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in allowing Marine Harvest to trsansfer sick salmon smolts from their...
12 May 2015
MSD Animal Health Launches Single-Injection Vaccine Protecting Against Three Common Salmon Diseases
EUROPE - MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) has introduced a new single-injection vaccine that protects against the three main...
11 May 2015
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill Passes Final Reading
NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Amendment Bill received unanimous support during its third and final reading in Parliament this week....
08 May 2015
New Models Help Scallop Fisheries Adapt to Climate Change
US - Researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and other organisations have developed a model to help regulators improve the resilience of US scallop...
06 May 2015
Marine Dead Zones Discovered in Atlantic
GLOBAL - Marine 'dead zones' with extremely low oxygen levels have been discovered several hundred kilometres off the coast of West Africa by researchers from Germany...
Sockeye Salmon with Sea Lice Eat Less, says New Study
US - Sockeye salmon highly infected with sea lice are much less successful at consuming food than lightly infected fish, according to new research from Simon Fraser...
01 May 2015
How to Detect Stressed Fish
BELGIUM - Scientists at Ghent University have uncovered a way to detect chronic stress in fish, by using the build up of chemicals in scales as a record of the fish's...
30 April 2015
Investigation of Nova Scotia Winter Fish Kill Completed
CANADA - A Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture staff investigation of aquaculture sites affected by a salmon and trout fish kill earlier this year has concluded...
Mexican Fishery Sustainability Assessed
US - Researchers have put social-ecological systems theory into practice in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, allowing them to assess the sustainability...
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