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13 April 2015
Fish Numbers Diagnose Coral Reef Health
AUSTRALIA - The number of fish living on coral reefs can be used as a test of reef health to inform sustainable fishing decisions, according to new research from...
10 April 2015
New Research Finds Clam Cancer Spreads by Cloning
US - Cancerous tumour cells can spread from one clam to another, causing a disease that has devastated soft-shell clam populations along the east coast of North...
Fish Follow Edges of Erratic Dead Zones in Great Lakes
US - Dead zones caused by oxygen depletion can be extremely variable and fast-moving in Lake Erie, but fish tend to cluster around the zone edges, according to new...
07 April 2015
Countries to be Held Liable for Illegal Fishing by their Fleets
GLOBAL - An international tribunal has ruled that countries can be held liable for not taking necessary measures to prevent illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU)...
Fishing Worsens Forage Fish Population Collapses
US - Fishing has exacerbated collapses in forage fish populations, leading to a need for more sustainable management practices, shows a new study from the University...
01 April 2015
Baby Fish Struggle with Equatorial Ocean Temperature Rises
AUSTRALIA - Scientists have discovered that higher ocean temperatures slow the development of young fish, in a study from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef...
Ear Bones Show Black Bream Migration Patterns
AUSTRALIA - Research from the University of Adelaide has shown that black bream fish, which are important for recreational and commercial fishing, vary their migration...
Research Shows Striped Marlins' Favourite Places
US - Researchers have used satellite tagging to track the movements of marlins, revealing their preferred habitats....
31 March 2015
New Humane Society to Protect Animals in Saskatchewan
CANADA - A new humane society has been established in Saskatchewan to take over enforcement of the province's Animal Protection Act, writes Bruce Cochrane for Farmscape....
NOAH Calls for Evidence-based Decisions on Future Legislation
UK - The UK industry body for veterinary medicines, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has called for backing for the EU regulations and changes that will...
30 March 2015
Breeding Cooperative Fish Could Improve Growth Rates
NETHERLANDS - Research at the University of Wageningen has raised possibilities that breeding fish for behaviour could help to improve their growth in aquaculture....
27 March 2015
Industry-Changing Sealice Control Research gets Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre Funding
SCOTLAND, UK - The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) has announced grants worth almost £950,000 to two research projects initiated by the salmon industry....
25 March 2015
Antimicrobial Resistance – Who is Responsible?
ANALYSIS - Misuse and overuse of antimicrobials has been linked to the emergence and spread of organisms resistant to them, rendering treatments obsolete and threatening...
17 March 2015
NZ King Salmon Considers Farm Closure After Fish Mortalities
NEW ZEALAND - Unusually high water temperatures has led to the death of salmon at a New Zealand King Salmon farm....
05 March 2015
Volcanic Activity Prompts Fish Evacuation
CHILE - The National Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sernapesca) is coordinating the transfer of fish from farms that could be affected by volcanic activity in the region...
27 February 2015
Economic Models Give Insights Into Global Sustainability Challenges
US - Combining global economics, geography, ecology and environmental sciences is essential to understanding how changes in trade and natural systems in one part...
25 February 2015
Pew Names Five Marine Conservation Fellows for 2015
GLOBAL - Five distinguished scientists and conservationists from Canada, Australia, Russia, and the United Kingdom are the 2015 recipients of the Pew fellowship...
23 February 2015
Improve Fish Health with UR30 Copper Mesh Aquaculture Cages
GREECE - In 2012, Fitco Metal Works SA acquired from Mitsubishi Shindoh the right to produce UR30 copper alloy wire, which is used to manufacture wire mesh for fish...
12 February 2015
New Review Finds Neonicotinoid and Fipronil Insecticides Harm Fish
EU - Important insecticides, Neonicotinoid and fipronil, have a range of impacts on birds, mammals and fish, according to a new review of scientific literature....
09 February 2015
New Method to Allow Sampling from Live Salmon
NORWAY - EWOS Innovation is developing a new method which makes the sampling of pigment and fat on live Atlantic salmon possible within seconds, whilst keeping the...
02 February 2015
New Injectable Device Makes Tracking Fish Easier
US - Fish no longer need to go under the knife to help researchers understand exactly how they swim through hydroelectric dams, thanks to a new injectable tracking...
26 January 2015
New Strategy to Use Less Fish to Test Chemical Safety
EU - The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has released a new strategy on how to replace, reduce and refine the use of fish in testing of chemicals’ effect on flora...
23 January 2015
An Update on Amoebic Gill Disease in Europe
UK - Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD) is a disease of the gills which is caused by the parasite and free-living amoebae Neoparamoeba perurans and affects marine fin fish...
13 January 2015
Latvian Presidency Urged to Keep Animal Welfare Central to its Priorities
EU - Eurogroup for Animals has launched a Memorandum outlining its position on animal welfare related policies that will be discussed as part of the Latvian Presidency...
06 January 2015
Lumpfish Identified as Possible Reservoir for IPN
NORWAY - Controlled infection experiments by Nofima have shown that lumpfish, which are used to treat sea lice on salmon, can be a reservoir for the infectious pancreatic...
BBSRC to Fund New Animal Welfare Research Network
UK - The BBSRC is to fund a new community-led Animal Welfare Research Network which will be focused on research contributing to the welfare of managed animals. Those...
09 December 2014
Sustainability and Fish Welfare in Aquaculture
UK - Sustainability and fish welfare are inextricably linked....
13 November 2014
EUROTIER: Forum for 21st Century Animal Husbandry
GERMANY - On the first day of EuroTier 2014 in Hanover, the head of the German Agricultural Society, DLG, said the trade show had attracted 2,360 exhibitors from...
07 November 2014
Potential for High Salmon Survival in Future Aquaculture Systems
NORWAY - It may be possible that all farmed salmon can survive in the facilities used for postsmolt production in the future. The key is careful control of the salmon’s...
05 November 2014
UK Vets Say Consumers Should Know about Slaughter Methods
UK - Nine out of 10 vets say consumers should be better informed about slaughter methods, according to a new survey from the British Veterinary Association (BVA)....
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