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01 July 2014
Climate Change Could Stop Fish Finding their Friends
AUSTRALIA - Like humans, fish prefer to group with individuals with whom they are familiar, rather than strangers. ...
19 June 2014
New Research Finds Fish Have Good Memories and Can Feel Pain
AUSTRALIA - Do you still believe that fish are dumb and cannot feel pain? That we do not have to worry much about how they are cared for or caught? Think again,...
13 February 2014
Fish Living Near Equator 'Will Not Thrive' in Warmer Oceans
AUSTRALIA - According to an international team of researchers, the rapid pace of climate change is threatening the future presence of fish near the equator....
21 November 2013
World Fisheries Day: Australian Seafood is the 'Best Choice'
AUSTRALIA - If you are going to eat sustainable and healthy seafood, 'Australian is the source of choice'­ was the key message from the Commonwealth Fisheries Association...
14 August 2013
Lamprey Fish Still Parched Following Drought
AUSTRALIA - The Lamprey fish has no jaw, a sucker-like mouth and it swims between the estuary of the Coorong and the fresh water of the lower Murray to complete...
12 June 2013
Plunging Fish Numbers Linked to Dam Releases
AUSTRALIA - A significant decline in the numbers of native fish in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin may be linked to released dam water being too cold for breeding....
15 January 2013
Lost Fishing Nets Threatening Marine Biodiversity
AUSTRALIA - CSIRO scientists are working with GhostNets Australia and Indigenous rangers to identify hotspots where lost fishing nets are threatening marine biodiversity....
30 November 2012
Research Underway to Rapidly Reveal Fish Age
AUSTRALIA - A new A$500,000 project will see food and fisheries scientists across Australia collaborating on world-first research that will help to rapidly estimate...
08 November 2012
Mangrove Removal Restricted for Fish Habitat Protection
AUSTRALIA - The Queensland Government has issued a reminder for coastal communities that Queensland's mangroves are protected against removal or damage in order...
25 October 2012
Illegal Blast Fishers Convicted, Boats Destroyed
AUSTRALIA - Three Indonesian fishers have been convicted for illegal fishing after two boats were caught ‘blast fishing’ with explosives inside Australian waters...
23 August 2012
Cuttlefish gets a Boost From Olympic Dam Delay
AUSTRALIA - The shelving of BHP Billiton's A$30 billion Olympic Dam mine expansion in South Australia has caused disappointment for some, but for others it's brought...
20 August 2012
Winter Survey Finds Gladstone Fish Healing
AUSTRALIA - Fish sampling conducted in June and July has found fish health in Gladstone waters is continuing to improve, even in the tougher conditions of winter....
14 August 2012
Focus on Fish Quality Brings Better Animal Welfare
AUSTRALIA - The Aquatic Animal Welfare Working Group (AAWWG), which operates under the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS), has established a set of overarching...
17 July 2012
Know Fishing Rules at Mt Crosby Weir or Risk Fines
AUSTRALIA - People looking to enjoy a spot of freshwater fishing in the southeast are reminded to familiarise themselves with rules around where they can and can't...
11 June 2012
Marine Fish Habitat Scholarships Announced
AUSTRALIA - Young Queensland researchers are boosting our knowledge of fish habitats thanks to the assistance of a Queensland Government scholarship programme....
08 June 2012
Have Your Say on Marine and Freshwater Pests
AUSTRALIA - The Victorian Government is seeking public comment on the way it manages marine and freshwater pests, as part of its broader approach to invasive species...
09 May 2012
Additional Closure to Enhance Cuttlefish Protection
AUSTRALIA - The State Government has announced an extension to the closure area currently in place in Spencer Gulf in a move to further protect the iconic Giant...
30 April 2012
Gladstone Fish Health Monitoring Expanded
AUSTRALIA - Fisheries Queensland has expanded its investigation into fish health issues in Gladstone with an enhanced sampling programme that is examining fish health...
24 April 2012
Tests Fail to Find Dredging Link to Sick Fish
The State Government says its testing shows dredging is not causing sick fish in Gladstone Harbour, off central Queensland....
30 March 2012
Future Fish Stocks Secured with New Treaties
AUSTRALIA - The Gillard Government continues to demonstrate its international leadership on sustainable fisheries management by ratifying two international treaties...
16 February 2012
AFMA Projects on Track to Reduce Bycatch
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), with funding from the Federal Government’s Caring for Our Country initiative, has commenced a...
Further Investigation into Gladstone's Sick Fish
AUSTRALIA - The State Government has ordered another investigation into what is causing fish diseases in Gladstone harbour in central Queensland....
10 February 2012
Short-Term Fishing Closures Extended
AUSTRALIA - New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) has extended some of the short-term fishing closures for ocean waters off north and mid-north...
30 January 2012
Short-Term Closures to Protect Fish Following Floods
NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA - NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) has declared short-term fishing closures for ocean waters off seven north coast rivers...
24 January 2012
Positive Signs for Gladstone Fish Health
AUSTRALIA - Latest results from fish sampling in Gladstone in December have shown encouraging signs of improvement in fish health....
06 January 2012
Gladstone Update: Cause Of Death Unknown
AUSTRALIA - A spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Resource Management has told TheFishSite that the department has investigated the new findings of...
14 December 2011
New Fish Test Results For Gladstone Released
AUSTRALIA - Preliminary toxicology testing of fish collected as part of the Gladstone Harbour investigation has found no evidence that organic chemicals or metals...
07 December 2011
When The Heat's On, Fish Can Cope
AUSTRALIA - Australian scientists have discovered that some tropical fish have a greater capacity to cope with rising sea temperatures than previously thought –...
24 November 2011
More Dodgy Dredging Data For Gladstone Harbour
AUSTRALIA - The latest October water test results from Queensland’s Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) indicate that dredging is linked to...
04 November 2011
Latest Test Results In Gladstone Fish Investigation
AUSTRALIA - The latest test results on further marine life samples taken from Gladstone have confirmed a parasitic flatworm as the cause of cloudy eyes in barramundi,...
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